The Top Ten Video Games of 2010 (So Far)

It's halfway through the year, so Joystick Division has picked their top ten games of the year so far. Only console games made the list.

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Seijoru3017d ago

Goddamit, another one?

darkcharizard3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

lol, 2010's been such a good year!

But I disagree with his no.1; he didn't even write the aggregate score for it.. maybe because it's 95 :o)

gtsentry3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

jus wait till august comes,thats wen the real onslaught starts...mafia2,halo reach,cod,medal of honor,gt5,littlebig planet,socom4,fable 3,assassins creed brotherhood,dead rising 2,fallout,madden,and thers only more.the game industry must think all gamers are filthy rich

Cenobia3016d ago

I did not think the first one matched the standards of its hype (mostly because of the second half and the fact that I hate the health/eve least let one of them recharge goddammit...), but the second one fell completely flat.

It's the same fudging escort mission for 90% of the game.

RonRico3016d ago

Man I loved Bio1, but you are very right about Bio2. The second one got old real quick and was hard to finish.

DeleteThisxx3016d ago

The lack of MGS: Peace Walker disturbs me.

Aphe3016d ago

This is another generic top 10 list, but it gives me a chance to say that I completed Darksiders the other day and it's in my top 10 of the year. I picked it up for a tenner because I missed out on it when it was released, and it's a stunningly good game. Well worth buying if anyone else has missed out on it.

Reason I didn't buy it sooner was because the demo put me off a bit, but the full game was incredible.

LevDog3016d ago

Modnation for me.. But a game I rediscovered and gave another chance.. Is Demon Souls.. It was soo infuriating and time consuming (especially when you suck) I gave it up.. I got a few tips from someone and that game is amazing.. and insanely addictive...

So Demon Souls even though a 2009 game is my 2010 best game.. (even though that doesnt make sense)

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