Xbox 360 S really is scratching discs ... (Part 1)

... like Videogameszone's video review of the new Xbox 360 S - part 1 - is showing. The second part of this video you'll find on Cynamite.

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Why o why3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )


you should NEVER move a switched on 360...EVER. Everybody knows this

darthv723019d ago

to try and prove a point, people will go to measures others wouldnt think of.

Common sense is lacking from this video.

LaChance3019d ago Show
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spandexxking3019d ago

my ps1 and ps2 never scratched a disk and used to flip my ps1 upside down all the time.
also this problem usually occurs when people parents or animals move it/knock it over.

Denethor_II3019d ago

What if its standing up and you're playing a Kinnect game. You jump and flay your arms around like an idiot, and the vibrations cause the thing to fall down.

NexGen3019d ago

@den uk:

You probably need to be quite the fatty to do that lol

FlipMode3019d ago

They should have fixed this titling problem with the redesign, the PS3 and Wii don't have this problem Xbox shouldn't either.

Oner3019d ago

If I remember correctly there was some law in Europe that was brought against Microsoft for Disc Scratching that a TV show made for consumer affairs or something to that effect had described in detail...I have to go through some of my links to find it if anyone knows what I am talking about please post it. Either way the 360 being a "MODERN" piece of equipment should not do this in this day and age, especially when your direct competitors product does not scratch discs ~

RedDead3019d ago

Those type of disk trays scratch disks if they're moved. The Ps1 didn't because the disk clicked onto the tray. The Original Xbox definately did and the Ps2 definatly did, the Fat 360 does too.

Theonik3019d ago

Dammit you beat me to it, that was just what i was about to say. It is a basic flaw on all tray based drives. MS should have really learned their lesson after the Original 360 and have went with a trayless design like the Wii and PS3. That way they could also make the console even slimmer.

sikbeta3019d ago

Hmmm... kind of OLD NEWS, we already know that happens...

Why o why3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

deflect more man. You comparing last gen consoles to this gen consoles...LOL @ you man. Its cheap hardware so you just have to be extra careful around it. Stop spinning all the time

darthv723019d ago

There have been many consoles that scratched discs. Especially ones that used trays but there were a few top loaders as well. The ones that didnt were also top loaders but had a spindle hub where the disc would snap onto. Just like a laptop cd/dvd drive or portable cd player.

I have not experienced any scratching from any tray based drive but then again I tend not to try and move my equipment while in motion. People may complain about the scratching a 360 (or any other tray based system) might cause but in all fairness. I would rather that that it be stuck inside a slot load drive.

I have had my share of cd's get stuck in the car but not the wii or ps3 yet. I understand you have to send those units into their respected companies to get the disc out. Is that true? At least with a tray, there is a way to remove the disc.

Kleptic3019d ago

the video proves...the 360...still uses...a ghetto DVD drive...

so I agree its very old news...don't move your 360 when a disc is loaded...does it make it ok?...its nothing new that the 360 had corner cutting measures throughout since the day it was released...and that people still buy it...yeah its ok...

we all know the 360 will go down in history as probably the single worst video game console ever created when it comes to build quality and least for any console that was competitive in its generation...but my 60gb PS3 ylod'd not too long ago, so I can't say I'm thrilled with Sony's reliability either...

the 360 is a chevy cavalier of video game consoles build wise...They are built from crap parts, are loud and annoying, and WILL break...

the early PS3's are 80's Jaguars...they have high end features, are built out of what on the surface looks like quality materials, but also WILL break...

fack both Sony and MS for this...its seems sony worked out the stuff with launch PS3's...and MS with the 360 at least for RROD (although didn't an S pop at E3 and giantbomb got it on camera?) sucks...I hate electronic failure...

vhero3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

First of all the point is you should be able to flip your console between sideways and flat even with a disc in the drive. Otherwise don't design it that way. No Playstation since PS1 has scratched discs when moving like on this video . He only moved it slightly. The PS2 used a disc drawer too! I am not sticking up for playstation here. My wii doesn't do this either as my kids have knocked it over a couple of times being very young it happens. There's nothing you can do it gets nudged or knocked over.

I am not complaining about the 360 in general here I just think when they redesigned it they should have at least redesigned the drive I mean DVD drives are so cheap nowadays there really isn't an excuse..

Also shame on whoever posted this for posting in PS3 section where it clearly doesn't belong unless you are after some sort of reactive from PS3 fans.

irepbtown3019d ago

Why have a tray in the first place Microsoft, xbox is great but that puts me off.

Lachance, I use to flip both my PS1 & PS2, they never scratched.

Why have it vertical in the first place. My PS3 is flat, so it definitely wont get knocked over.

DaTruth3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

My friend's brother couldn't bring his 360 to my friend's house because he had train tracks behind his house and the vibrations would scratch disks!

That's some serious reaching you guys are doing! I only had one disk scuff on my PS2 and that was because I knocked it of the shelf and it was hanging by the cord! That disk was easily fixed at my local game store for five dollars(It was Vice City, I couldn't lose that game), unlike the disk scratching in 360's that obliterates the disk surface!

You guys need to face the possibility that MS did it on purpose so when it ruins your favourite game and you repurchase it 3-4 times, MS can say, "We sell more games than teh Sony!" Which they actually don't worldwide(but that is according to VGChartz, so I retract that statement).

Bloodraid3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

To everyone who is claiming that the PS2 scratches discs when moved, you're wrong. So stop spewing shit that you heard someone else say. [See related video]

As for the 'Why would you even want to move your System anyway' bullshit, that's not the point. It's a strawman fallacy, nothing more, nothing less. The point is that this problem should not exist to begin with. Accidents happen and the console may fall over if an animal bumps into it, or you accidentally bump it if it's on the floor, etc.

Anyone who disagrees with this cannot accept facts, and that's sad.

Greek993019d ago

I could care less if it scratches or not. Its not stopping me from buying since my old 360 RROD for the first time. And I seriously doubt others will as much as they wont want to buy it.

Such an inconvenience but oh well. What can we do. I used to play on a upside down PS1. Didnt bug me and neither should this. But each to their own.

Sh!ty hardware from Microsoft, why am i not surprised....why is anyone surprised?

Bloodraid3019d ago

You could care less?

You realize that means that you do, in fact care, right?

PS3istheshit3019d ago

My ps3 once dropped from a 5 story building and I still beat lazaravich in uncharted 2 on expert level. ^^

FrankenLife3019d ago

The old 360 would scratch disks because there was no lens guard. I was curious about if they changed that with the new one, but looks like it uses the same drive.

RedDead3018d ago

@ Bloodraid

Why the Hell are you lying? I've broken a few disk's moving my Ps2 sideways. It usually gets a circle scratch

Hitman07693018d ago


Explain why you were able to play with the PS1 upside down or sideways and it could fall over and smash on the floor and yet your game continued without a problem?

Maybe PS3 and 360 just aren't built as well as the old systems, or PS2 either for that matter. Just saying...

Personally I am very careful with my things these days but when I was a kid with PS1 I was pretty stupid and used to try and get creative with it.

ThanatosDMC3018d ago

I'm curious what the cause is though... must be something sticking out inside. Laptop/desktop cd/dvd drives dont do this.

HSx93018d ago

tried this with my ps3, didn't work.

RedDead3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

PS1 had a little circle thing that held the disk in place. That's why it didn't scratch them. Ps2, Xbox etc don't hold the disk properly, so if its moved crossways or anything,the disk bounces(moves a little out of place) and the little thing that reads the disk scratchs it.

rockleex3018d ago

They move your 360 in order to vacuum that spot.

The thing is, you were playing Halo on it.

Bye bye Halo!

insomnium3018d ago

In addition that means +1 to the sales of Halo :)

Hideo_Kojima3018d ago

today while play a game i actually moved my PS3 and than I remembered... if this was a 360 my game would be gone.

It surely sucks to lose games because you sometimes forget not to move consoles while playing games.

Bloodraid3018d ago

Did you bother watching the video I linked? It clearly shows him putting a disc in, moving the console around quite violently, and showing the unscratched disc at the end.

If you have any issues with your PS2 scratching discs, it was faulty. The PS2 will generally not scratch your disc if you shake it. The 360 on the other hand will break your disc almost every single time.

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red2tango3019d ago

it's funny because i can move my ps3 and it doesn't scratch games lol just shows the cheapness of the hardware.

Bobets3019d ago

My PS3 and Wii don't fuck my disc up when I move them heck even my 10 years old original PS1 doesn't.

maxcer3019d ago

@1.2.1 lol dude the only way i could play my ps1 was upsidedown

logikil3019d ago

Sorry, but this is just a retarded statement. So you can move your console around without it scratching the disc, congratulations but is this something you do regularly, and if so, why exactly? Yes I have seen the arguments about the console falling accidentally, and I still say that if your console is in a place where it could fall accidentally, you may want to rethink where you put it. It doesn't reflect on the cheapness of anything. They were provided a particular type of drive that doesn't handle being moved while in use. Shocking really considering its not a discman or something.

killershadow1173019d ago

The only way that's possible is if the console claps down your disk or the console doesn't read your games.

Biggest3019d ago

I move my PS3 60g because it starts to get hot. When I have it laying flat, which I do because it fits into my entertainment center that way, it will get hot from time to time depending on what I am doing. I have to move it out of the entertainment center and stand it on its side for better cooling (the fan gets retarded loud). I don't think I should have to turn the system off to do such a thing.

ravinash3019d ago

Why would it be acceptable to MS to put in a dive that scratches disks when moved it its a product aimed at families.
Try telling a excited 10 year old not to move the thing.

The Maxx3019d ago

"Try telling a excited 10 year old not to move the thing."

- Maybe instead of trying to tell a 10 year old kid not to move the expensive piece of hardware, you should be monitoring that kid like an adult and ensure the kid doesn't.

pippoppow3019d ago

Just look at MS fanatica defending cheap components in the 360s. There will move times it may get bumped or moved for whatever reason. In todays age optical drives should be able to withstand some movement. 360 fans defend shoddy hardware, online tax and lack of exclusives like it's no big deal. Hope MS treats their fans better next gen.

thewhoopimen3019d ago

Maybe instead of having to monitor your kid every time they play the 360S, You don't buy the slim and you get a PS3. /s

Sez 3019d ago

Here we go with " bu bu bu the ps; don't scratch disk" statement. Guy do some research instead of posting stupid comments. Sony has a special coating on the blu-Ray disk that prevents scratching and breaking of the disk. This is the reason why blu-Ray disk don't break or scratch.

I told this to another guy on this site after he PM me and provided a link to it. First thing he did was start name calling because I made him look retarded. Then told him to do the research.

mantisimo3019d ago

Got any children have you? If you have I would hate to be one of them.

This should NOT happen in this day and age, it is disgustingly shoddy of Microsoft to save literally a few pennies on a cheap, nasty drive when a clip in drive or slot drive that holds your disc is a few pennies more at cost.

BigPenguin3019d ago


Your an idiot. It does not matter why. I live in southern California, we have had 3 earthquakes since the new year. I was playing my PS3 when one of them hit, knocked both my PS3 and 360 over (I have them vertical). What if I had been playing my 360 at the time? Why don't you spout off more of your condescending bullshit. It does not matter the reason the console is moved, the fact is that it should not have a problem at all in the first place.


Stop being a fucking liar. Of course blu-ray has a coating, but guess what retard, PS2 games, DVD video, and PS1 games don't. The PS3 does not scratch those either. I can use a blu-ray disk as a coaster(honestly, fucking women, why would you think its ok to use planet earth as a coaster, I have a god damn glass tabletop, it does not need one in the first place) and it will still work fine. The coating is not there to protect it when it is in a player(PS3 or standalone), its there to protect it when its not. You said you made the other guy look stupid with articles and such, so I issue you a challenge, make me look stupid.

XBL: Icybird penguin
PSN: BigPenguin
I am not a fanboy towards the PS3, I think my 47k gamerscore can prove that. If you look however, I have not been playing much on my 360 lately, at all. It has not had an exclusive worth getting in ages. I played ME2 on my comp, and I played alan wake at a friends, and pass on that game. All multiplats I get on the PS3 now.

I am not a PS3 fanboy, I am a Microsoft hater. Now I am sure some of you may just write that off as the same, but I think it is very different. This issue this article is about, the disk scratching, is merely another note on a long list of bullshit things MS has done to gaming. The shutting down of studios, this hurts gamers. The purchasing of exclusive DLC/timed exclusives/exclusive games paid to go multiplat, this hurts gamers(I can go on and on about this one, but I am really trying to keep this short). People keep saying that competition is good, no matter what. The people who say this never took econ(econ major, UCSD, graduated June), those that have know exactly what I am talking about(no, I wont go into it, I literally wrote a 17 page paper on this subject(competition not always being good)). Competition can hurt the consumers, and often does.

I tell you all this so hopefully there is a bit of perspective on what I am about to say: Microsoft is ruining gaming, and every time one of you trys and defends their business practices, such as making a console that destroys games if you touch it when in use, you help them do it.

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jneul3019d ago

so what happens if you knock it by accident then, one of my kids knocked my ps2 over once while it had FFX in it but it survived (I mean the disk)

logikil3019d ago

Actually they did it on purpose. He states don't try this at home or anywhere else, so they knew what was going to happen. Honestly, big deal. Everyone knows this. Don't do it.

forcefullpower3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

I really dont understand why you defend the 360 for scratching discs. I have had CD walkmans, portable DVD players. Even including my game consoles from years ago that also used the technology never scratches cd or dvds.

Can you explain to me why when one product scratches them you defend it saying you shouldn't move it. You should be be saying that is not except-able and get them to fix the issue.

I think it must be down to the amount expendable cash people have these days that they don't care how well built things are any more. If it breaks just by a new one.

logikil3019d ago

The expendable cash argument goes the other way as well. If you just spent 300 dollars on a console and value your purchase why would you:

1. Put it in a place where it could be knocked, kicked, fall over

2. Put it in a place where it would overheat requiring you to move it while playing so it doesn't die on you (referencing a comment up above)

Consoles are not portables they are not meant to be moved while playing regardless of the reasons anyone chooses to give for why they would. I pay a lot of money for the crap that I buy and I wouldn't move my 360, PS3 or Wii while it was turned on and spinning a game. It's just common sense. Period.

mantisimo3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

If I was to put my consoles in a place where they could not be knocked, kicked or fall they would have to be kept in the attic, hmmmm hang on though, then the bats might bash it.

No, consoles are not portable (except for the portable ones:) but that doesnt mean to say they should F*$* your discs with a small knock or movement.

I don't care who makes this console it should NOT happen.

And I'm sorry to hear that you are having your period,(your last sentence) take some evening primrose oil it helps ones moods.

redsquad3019d ago

Barring tests such as this and bloody minded kids, I don't think that anybody 'plans' to knock over their gaming console - When it happens it is, by definition, an accident and such events should be anticipated in the console design.

spectyre3019d ago

Why would they not have fixed this problem on a box that is "kinect ready"? Okay so they put a warning on the console but they are introducing a device that will have two people running(in place), jumping, dancing, etc. just a few feet away from the console. I can see this as (potentially) another scandal for MS.

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NYPunkster3019d ago

how sad that this is a reality for xbox users but you get what you pay for.


Everybody knows that a disc player shouldn't scratch the hell out of your discs.. right?

Why o why3019d ago

it definitely shouldn't

ghandistash3019d ago

He didn't tilt it fully though... what if you were to accidentally knock the 360 when it's in the upright position? People make mistakes, and they shouldn't have a game completely taken away from them because of it.

Inside_out3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

C'mon now, what's next...the 360 won't play discs with jam on them?

The world has gone mad. I remember reading about a guy who thought it would be a good idea to stick his pecker in a vacuum cleaner...yeah exactly...funny thing, the vacuum cleaner had a device inside that spun and broke up larger bits, of course, it chopped the tip of his dick off...LOL...guess what...he's suing the manufacturer because he claims he didn't know and it's there vault...TRUE STORY.

GarandShooter3019d ago

So when does your lawsuit settle?

DaTruth3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )


I am going to track you so I can give you bubbles again at a later date!

MRMagoo1233019d ago

cez you made a comment that affirms the point ppl are giving about the disc scratching ppl do stupid things be it by accident as is most common or on purpose because there dumb, the whole point is even if its not meant to be moved it will eventually unless you glue it down or something because as they say accidents happen get that into ur head along with the other ppl defending this sh1t its crazy things happen if you want them to or not there fore the solution would be dont install a dvd drive that kills ppls games.

gtamike3019d ago

Earthquake!!! "ah everything is ok ah wait nooooo my disk!"

IdleLeeSiuLung3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

People are grasping at straws again since nobody in their right mind moves a spinning disc, but even then I don't understand why MS just didn't fix this issue?

With that said, this reminds me of the guy that decided it is a good idea to trim his hedges with a lawnmower. Needless to say, the results wasn't good.

BannedForNineYears3019d ago

You don't have to worry about this on the PS3. -_-

DFresh3019d ago

Yeah but that's still no excuse I should be able to move any of my gaming platforms without breaking them.
I do this w/ my PS3, Wii, and PC all the time and no problems.

AAACE53019d ago

I don't care what kind of product it is, you could scratch a disc or throw the eye off track and create another problem.

On a side note, I have owned an Xbox 360 since launch and have had the red C (i'm tired of hearing RROD, so red C will do) twice. I have never had a disc scratched because I don't do stupid sh*t like moving a console around with a disc spinning!

Monk3y3019d ago

What if your dog/kid for example hits the xbox and it moves? this shouldnt happen.. even tho its not that big but it shouldnt happen...

zeeshan8103019d ago

I thought MS said if you only shake your Xbox 360 then your disc will get scratches.

Foliage3019d ago

What a complete POS. They are cutting even more corners.... yikes... they already had a circle.

Heisenberg3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

seeing as doing so scratches discs. But that's not the point, the point is it should not ruin your games when it's moved, at least not so easily. I don't see why people defend this, no other console suffers from this problem, it's preventable, as a consumer you SHOULD demand better, why get defensive about a design flaw. Consoles get moved sometimes, it's a reality.

fatstarr3019d ago

Vflameh Ex
Nintend walka

lol the language barrier
silently laughing.

jjohan353018d ago

I move my portable DVD player, my CD player before Ipods came around, even PS3 around. Why should the 360 be any more fragile than comparable media devices?