Playstation 3 - On the Move or a Wii too slow?


That's right, as said at E3 and talk of gamers everywhere. The Move Motion Controller, planed to be released on September 19, 2010 along with the Move Navigation controller, are already being pre-ordered. With Sony making the move to motion control, many ask why Move? It looks like Nintindo's Wii remote. With the motion controllers sphere using RGB LED for visual feedback, Sony is confident the Move will be a more influential controller for motion play than any other motion based controller. With lots of added qualities, Move itself shows it will give Wii a run for its money.

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Dellis3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

PS MOVE is a more modern/technical presentation of the wii
concept, its like watching a VCR and watching DVD of
the same movie.

What makes MOVE win is the fact it isn't trapped on the
casual box, it is an overall motion experience for who ever is interested in that.

Wii is played out already, now Move will dominate

Brasi823041d ago

A well written act of fanboyism. (Lol, is that a word?) I'm not saying Move will fail but to say it will dominate is hugely premature. We will have to see how things play out but as it stand PlayStation Move has to play catchup with the Wii. Sure everyone will say, "But Wii has no games, only shovelware." That's were you are wrong. Wii's market is just crowded with get rich quick games from Publishers and Developers. It's the true gems, (i.e. the games that get the motion control right), that Wii has that the Move will have to stride too.

raztad3041d ago

IMO MOVE is next gen Wii. Not just WiiHD as some like to say.

next gen means thing the Wii is incapable and with MOVE are second nature. In a interview the guy working in MOVe for a decade told how MOVE and 3D compliment each other nicely. Dont forget MOVE acts like a 3D mouse.

Jason1433041d ago

The option for move support in titles is a plus in my eyes. Ill blow through killzone 3 in d 3d, normal and then with move. Win for everybody. And if you havent gone to the store and bought a 3d tv or scene one go now. right this minute go check it out and you will see its the next big thing and not a gimmick at all. Its absolutely insane. If your lucky you can also see left 4 dead 2 on pc in 3d and really get a grasp of the insane detail.

Brasi823041d ago

In my mind 3D will always be a gimmick until there comes a point were everyone owns 3D televisions that do not require you to wear glasses. 3D is not going to be mainstream for along time, due to the simple fact that only 59% of household have a HDTV. Until around 85% of all households have HDTV you will not see a jump in the 3D market. People don't want to have to upgrade there TV every 4 years. By the time that the HDTV numbers are up that high there will be some kind of new technology that will allow people to see 3D without glasses, hell we might even have some kind of holographic televisions by then. Who knows??

Morituri3036d ago

Maybe, just maybe I might think about considering pondering the plausibility of perhaps getting a 3dhdtv in 10 years. Early adopters always lose, except in the case of the ps3 60 gig phat of course, that big boy is the bomb!

turok3041d ago

"talk of gamers everywhere"

Certainly not in my area am i hearing discussion of this. Heck I dont even talk about it much. rather not say anything till Move comes out. till then:

"Gets a chair and starts watching the sunrise"

jneul3041d ago

move is way beyond the wii here is the evidence,
case dismissed move is the ultimate motion controller

Seferoth753041d ago

The only thing that video proves is how clueless you are when it comes to Wii games.
Sorry but that is all your video proved. I didnt see anything in that video that hasnt been done on Wii with the same level of accuracy.

jneul3041d ago

ok yeah we all know the minority report like controls and object modelling and puppet stuff can't be done on wii, so go troll elsewhere and stop owning yourself.

turok3041d ago

ur immature response is itself juvenile and warrants owning oneself. that said I would say wii motion+ not yet fully realized. and since move isn't out yet u cant say something that has yet to hit retail is the ultimate controller. and wii dont need a camera it uses sensors exclusively so id say advantage to wii sensors i feel more futuristic that camera which basiicaly is follow the object combined with sensors. prefer a sensor only controller.

jneul3041d ago

right and you yourself have tried it as well to say wii is better go away, look I am posting positive move showings better shut me up soon, you lot are really stupidly biased, I already own a wii and know how restricted it really is, and yes I have wii sports resorts and love the glitches when the wii-remote goes outside of the tv area (sarcasm).

turok3039d ago

caps make u sound cool? /facepalm. show me one which ps move can do the same.

DAS6923035d ago

We all know that he first computer wasn't the best. We all know that the first television wasn't the best... and just like we know these things, we should also realize the Wii--although it was the first true motion capable system-- IS NOT THE BEST! PlayStation Move is bounds above the Wii technically...

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