Playstation 3 Could Finish 1st This Generation When Dust Clears

GoFanboy writes:

A lot of people might think I’m crazy for saying this, but when you look at the history of the gaming industry and combine that with the long-haul design of the PS3, we could be looking at this generation’s Super Nintendo. That is to say that despite being released slightly later than the competition and lagging behind in sales at the opening gate, the console appears to just be hitting its stride.

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brazilianbumpincher3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

so yes it could potentially happen but we'll be on our playstation 4s and xbox 720s and wiii 2s

Conloles3070d ago

By 'dust clears' does this mean when the next next gen consoles are out?

Aquanox3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

There wasn't a Non Gamer appealing console or device last generation. Things are much different right now and the 120 million argument doesn't apply anymore, big percentage of those users that didn't buy a PS3 are Wii or Xbox 360 owners.

By the way, today is NPD time. Xbox 360 Slim Edition.

UnwanteDreamz3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

"today is NPD time. Xbox 360 Slim Edition"

I remember when games excited gamers. It is sad what the internet has done to you.

Gofanboy are a bunch of http://www.brandidentitygur...

FlipMode3070d ago

Wii is first just deal with it.

Theonik3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

I doubt that will ever happen. It is nearly impossible to do this even in the next gen. The Wii world wide has outsold the PS3 2:1 and assuming Sony supports the PS3 for 10 years after launch that means that they will have to outsell the Wii worldwide by 5.8M units a year. The PS3 can hardly outsell the Wii now in worldwide yearly sales let alone get a 5.8M lead for the next 6 years in which we will already have a PS4 so the sales of the PS3 will be significantly lower.

The only way in which the PS3 may end up in 1st place is if nintendo decided to stop making Wiis.
Beating the 360 is a far more feasible guess.

shoddy3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Damn Wii kids trying to show off sales but have nothing else.

sikbeta3070d ago

Everything have to with Price, The PS3 @ $200 will be Unstoppable, pretty much like the PlayStation and PlayStation 2...

UnwanteDreamz3070d ago

That sounds too intelligent for N4G, but I agree.

Dee_913070d ago

real gamers only care about sales

darthv723070d ago

I love the wording on that. Good choice to use "clears" instead of "settles". Not really knocking the ps3 but that thing is a dust magnet.

As for the subject matter. I would venture a guess that if the other two consoles have moved on then all that would be left for THIS generation would be the ps3. It would seem likely for it to continue to sell within its generation where there would be no competition.

Thus, even if it was the last to complete this generation, it could be the one to top the competition.

FlipMode3070d ago

Lol who are you calling a Wii kid? I don't even own a Wii, but if you check you will see the Wii actually has games.

N4g_null3069d ago

Some thing tells me you'll never see a $200 ps3. Those chips are expensive to fab your self and we all know nvidia does not do discounts example xbox 1.

It's really sad you guys think that the ps3 can only win when the others move on lol. What happened to good games?

Also we all know the next gen will have hd5000 like graphics at a high frame rate. You guys can not be bother with the wii what is going to convince you not not buy a $300 next gen box for a hundred extra?

By that time nintendo will have a better controller and hd graphics etc with multiplat games.

After gt5 and all the sequels what is going to push the ps3?

AWBrawler3069d ago

Well the DS says hi!

It outsold PS2

turok3069d ago

Lets roll back to 2006. "cost conscious customers will never buy new sony products". back then ps3s were too costly whilst ninty was cheapest of all. and still is. cost concious consumers wud right now avoid overpriced which i cant who now since 360s and ps3 are both $299 and the wii at 199$.

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Brewski0073070d ago

I agree...It COULD happen...but realisticly thats the only way it could possibly happen..when we've all moved on and its gathering dust. They'll still ship new ones and it'll be a cheap alternative for others to get their hands on it. The blu-ray and web browser will still be enticing for consumers.

commodore643069d ago


Even the author agrees:
"A lot of people might think I’m crazy for saying this...."


MRJENKINS3070d ago

ugh i hate saying this in every story similar to this one dont get me wrong i would love to see the ps3 make a huge come back but the chance of that is slim to none the wii so far has sold 72.4 million the ps3 35.7 million the wii has outsold the ps3 more than 2-1 one thing this writer brought up is that the move will increase sale dramatically,the move+ps3 bundle cost $400 that is way to much for the consumer. one of the wii major selling point was that it was the cheapest of the 3 consoles

IdleLeeSiuLung3070d ago

I don't think so, unless the PS3 is the only console sold long after everyone else moved to the next generation. Keep in mind that it has taken Sony 4 years to get where they are today i.e. half of what Nintendo's user base. Nintendo is still selling more consoles than the other two, PS3 and Xbox 360, combined!!!

insomnium3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

The PS3 still costs 300€. Wait for GT5 and sub 200€ pricetag and see.

IdleLeeSiuLung3069d ago

One game will get a temporary boost nothing more. A price reduction down the line will spur sales, but when? When a new console generation comes out?

The next cycle will start in max 2-3 years and the current gen will almost be obsolete over night!

gamerzBEreal173070d ago

microsoft said the motion controlls will add 5 years to the Xbox360s lifespan ps3 has a 10 year plan of support and as for wii its not really part of this gen so w/e i think it will be another 3-4 years before seeing ps4 are xbox720 and in that time sales for every console can double so we really dont know the winner

Ripyealip3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

the wii is a part of this gen it just has last gen everything. not including motion control

Traveler3069d ago

Well, the PS2 is still selling so it is part of this gen too and it has sold more than any of them.

jeseth3070d ago

The Wii is an entity of its own. Its not last gen and its not current gen. I don't think its fair to compare its quality of games to that of 360/PS3 just as I don't factor in the Wii when comparing sales of 360/PS3.

The Wii is its own competitor, it has gone after and catered to a certain demographic while 360/PS3 have continued pushing the bar set by the previous generation of consoles.

To compare them doesn't make sense. Qualifying the Wii as current gen is hard to do, it pales in comparison with Hardware, Software, Online, DLC, and Features. The Wii is closer to teh PS2 than either 360 or PS3.

FlipMode3070d ago

Didn't the Wii just get the highest rated game this year in SMG2? With Zelda and Metroid on the way? Why is it not current gen? Just because it is not in HD and has much more sales, lame excuse if you ask me.

n4gno3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

@flipmode, the score for wii games are also competing with themself !

you can't compare..

Considering sells, when ps3 will pass 360, it will be first of "next gen" consoles (wii is an another toy, nobody compares iphone sells with ps3, so same treatement for wii is fair)

edit : "the ps3 has to do something revolutionary inthe future to get ahead of the wii in sales"

lol, like what ? eye toy/move, bluray, 3D, best games and graphics ? etc it should have been way ahead of the coimpetion now, in a smart world, but it's like movies, people don't choose the best products all the time.

FlipMode3069d ago

What type of proof do you have that Wii games are competing with themselves? Because some of the best games on the Wii are just as good as the best games on the PS3 or 360 so yes I very well can compare.

And considering sales you can disregard the Wii all you want but when it is all said and done the Wii is a 7th gen console and the WINNER of this gen, also don't compare the iPhone with the Wii, the Wii is a game console the iPhone is a phone.

eagle213069d ago

The Wii hardware and software is current gen. And they are both whooping ass. Deal with it. :)

Rumor3069d ago

make rather good statements, but i agree with n4gno, comparing the features of quality of a 360 or god-forbid the ps3, i just not fair. one can fit 10 wii's in a ps3, and still lack it's features. though the wii can still be, and literally is current gen, the 360 is more advanced, and the ps3 is future proof.

N4g_null3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

The wii is just like the ps2. That system had some truly horrible graphics compared two the other two and we all know it. It's so bad the games have to be remade in hd just for you guys to rebuy them lol. People only bought the system because of a game or games they wanted.

I mean are the hd consoles really hd nope not really. Do they have better frame rates than the wii nope. Do they have revolutionary motion controlled games not yet or not released yet.

Another thing is only a pc gamer would act like this. Then on top of things they still sell the hd systems in toys stores also because they are toys also. Let me know when I can get office apps for the ps3 ok?

I've played and beaten lots of hd games this gen and still don't fill the need to play those games at home. Where is the hd beat em up, 2d shooters, the hd Mario 5 killer. It's like the hd guys forgot what console gaming was. And just claim to be hardcore yet just emulate pc gaming on a console sold in a toy store.

On top of it all you guys even claim the ps3 is way more powerful than the xbox yet you get similar tech in your games.

Face it your cuaght up in hype and features. That is the only way I could agree with you.

Yet it paints you as a gizmo fan rather than a gamer which makes you a casual claiming to be a real gamer.

The dreamcast had way more features than the ps2 but one casual feature that wasn't even designed for games helped the ps2 win. The dreamcast did use DVD and the first party games where better. Yet 3rd parties supported the ps2 and yes there was ms like money hats then also.

If we use your logic which probably believes the ps2 was all power then the next nintendo console is going to be just ridiculous power wise since they don't piggy back new format pushes to win lame wars. Then call it a feature and tell you to love it lol.

I'm glad your happy with your feature station and 15 frame persecond games. To me it was a huge step forward for artist and 3 steps back for actualy game play.

The wii was a slight step up for artist that are good at low res modeling and a huge step up for game play.

On top of it all only ps3 owners care if the ps3 wins yet they are so conflicted about what a good game is.

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ABizzel13069d ago

I don't think it will win this generation, but I do believe it will come in second.

Here are I think the final numbers, will be before this generation offically ends, aka the launch of all 3 consoles next systems.

Wii- 120 million
PS3- 80 million
360- 65 million

As of now the numbers are

Wii- 72 million
360- 41 million
PS3- 36 million

I think we'll see a new Wii and Xbox in 2012. I'm sure MS goal is to reach the 50 million mark and by then they should be at 55 - 58 million, so it'll be time for a new console. They'll start the next generation of consoles and say we've beat the PS3 with just below 55 million (when in the end the PS3 will go on to outsell the 360).

I also think Nintendo will launch their console early to try and gain even more market share that they could have gotten if they launch alongside the 360 instead of the PS3, and they'll be just over 100 million consoles.

How i got my numbers. The Xbox 360 has sold slightly over 9 million console per year. Therefore, theoretically the 360 should be at 63 million consoles sold, by Nov. 2012, however, as seen at this year's E3 exclusives are dropping from the 360's ranks as they focus on Kinect (and IMHO their new console). So the only thing keep them aflot is multiplatform titles, and price cuts, which is not enough to bring in new consumers continually which is why the drop to 55 - 58 million was given to them. Unless Kinect take off which I doubt (it'll do well for existing owner, but not the relaunch they're talking about).

The PS3 on the other hand has seen an increase of about 13% in sales year over year, and with their line up of exclusive games and services continuing to evolve there no reason to believe the 13% increase will decline, as well as price drops and bundles being dropped over the years, which would put them at 64 million by 2012. The announcement of the new consoles will put a damper on the PS3 sales only due to the hardcore trying to get ready for the new system, but late adopters as with the PS2 will continue to buy the system, as Sony continues to provide for it, while they finish the final details for their next console.

ABizzel13069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

If you disagree a response would be nice. Everything I stated was fact, or based off educated deductions (something most of the people on here no nothing about).

The 360 on average sells 9 million consoles per year. 9 million * 5 = 45 million, which is where they should be come November this year.

The PS3 sold nearly 9 mil. 06 - 07, over 10 mil 07 - 08, over 11 mil. 08 - 09, and if the trend continues which so far it seems likely then the PS3 will be at 40 million by November this year.

So end of November I have consoles ranked as follows:

Wii- 75 million (should be more, but this is safe)
360- 45 million (new system will help bump sales)
PS3- 40 million

So you mean to tell me those number don't sound right if not lower than most of you expect?

I mean the 360 has a 5 million lead against the PS3 now, and with the $50 price cuts, and the new SKU it should hold that lead.

People don't think they just live in blind ignorance. Do math, or better yet stay in school so you can obtain so kind of intelligence and become a value to society.

The Nintendo Wii has won this generation sales wise, and there's nothing neither the PS3 oir 360 can do to take the number 1 spot before the next generation of consoles launch again 2012 expect a new Xbox and Wii. The PS3 and to a much lesser extent the 360 will be on the market along with their successor, and continue to sell, but even then I doubt if either console surpasses the Wii. So again I state the number I expect to see once all 3 console have their succesors on the market.

Complete end to this console generation

Wii- 120 millon
PS3- 80 million
360- 65 million

November 2012 when the next console roll out

Wii- 100 million (needs to sell 14 million over the next 2 years)
PS3- 60 million (needs to sell 12 million the next 2 years)
360- 60 million (needs to sell 9.5 million over the next 2 years)

And the numbers for 2012 aren't including this years holiday sales which should add atleast 2 million to the current number.

N4g_null3069d ago

I didn't press disagree I don't really take part in that system. Yet some thing tells me the ps3 will mirror the xbox 360 and run out of gas soon.

We have a ton of exclusive that are not selling like their competitors exclusives. Exclusive sell system. The last of them is gt5. Then what? Zone of Enders? Seriously I'm wondering if those gamers even have a hd console.

Here is another thing you have to pay attention to who is buying what system. On top of this I'm betting the hyped games is now having a negative effect on hd new releases. Lots of these games don't live up to every one expectations of console games.

There is less and less talk about people wanting to buy a ps3 just for a certain game. On top of this your increase could actually be former ps3 owners buying a slim for the bed room. Helllll I even though about it at the studio.

The reason why I say this is game sales are not matching system purchases. Notice how wii sale dipped before Mario 5. The sale of that game actualy raised console sales.

The only game I see that can do this is gt5. Yet you can argue that those gamers already have the system.

Then you have another problem for Sony which can they compete with the old school which they have always ignored. This is some thing the forum dewlers ignore also but even they play emulated games so they can also see what they are not getting from hd games.

With out 3rd party monopoly of games the ps3 could be dead in the water just like the xbox.

Sure these are sony's best games yet they are not console gamings best games this is not based on sales or critics. It's based on the past of great games going back to the arcade past the nes. Sure some people are excited about these games but the masses are not. I can name a ton of snes and mega drive games I'd rather be playing.

Basicly leave pc gaming to pcs stop trying to convert the console market it's not working. Nice try but it's not working. If it was then why is the ps3 still not even 2nd. All of it's heavy hitters are out except one the rest are sequels that people won't give a second chance because some genius claimed they where almost perfect which was a bad move if they are perfect to every one.

You know gaming has reached a low when the fans don't want new systems. Yet every one wants an hd wii. That's not good for Sony.

Oh yeah the hardcore are going to love move right?, right! Socom is a , no was a must have till they broke it. I guess will see how that goes.

With all this power I still don't see an visions from past ip that I should get excited about on the ps3 yet.

You can disagree all you want but you wanted a different perspective so I gave you one.

I remember being young and looking at daytona in the arcade and thinking that's the future not realizing that is what killed arcade gaming because so much was forgotten.

It's like hd console are not consoles they are set top boxes much like the 3do was except with better games. I think this is why many don't see the wii as current gen because the hd consoles arn't really consoles when you look at their games and the players they attract.

This is the main underlying reason why the ps3 may not even get second. The xbox just does pc-console gaming better. Yet ps3 does hd movies better. Some thing tells me pc gaming is going to take it's gamers and games back and some console devs with it.

AWBrawler3069d ago

DS is outselling everything including PS2 now. Soif you gone include irrelevent consoles in this gen,include the portables. PS2 won last gen, so it cant win this one. not a part of it.

NewZealander3069d ago

yeah, i know the ps3 is a great piece of hardware, but i still cant see it taking the top spot this time, sony had the top spot with ps1 and ps2, but there really wasn't much competition back then, MS and N are putting up a massive fight this time round, and the new 360 s and kinect are going to make sonys fight even harder.

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TrevorPhillips3070d ago

I don't know what to say really....Someone else finish of my sentence please.

Hellsvacancy3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

"I don't know what to say really but i love men" jk

The PS3 will b around for ages yet so yeah, it WILL

TrevorPhillips3070d ago

LOL not cool dude :P

PS3 will indeed last for long.

NYPunkster3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

eewww! whatever gets you off I guess. lol

Independent_Charles3070d ago

elementx might be a female....

ElementX3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

I'm a gay man. Sorry if it offends you, but us gays are out there. Heck, you may even have a gay child someday. I hope you don't disown your children if they turn out gay. That's pathetic! I didn't choose this. Do you think I'd choose to be harassed? In my hometown people drove by and yelled [email protected] Once I even had a glass bottle thrown at me out of a moving car. You think I chose that?

It's sad that people say things are "[email protected]" and make fun of people liking men. It's not something people choose.

*EDIT* @ Soda
Well, I grew up in the Minneapolis suburbs. Now I live in Minneapolis. Only after moving for college did I find out Mpls has one of the highest gay populations in the country. Everyone is accepting here. Thanks for your concern. /bubble up

DelbertGrady3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

That sounds aweful. Wherever you live now I hope it's among more open minded people, although idiots can be found everywhere. There's a lot of narrow minded persons here on N4G as well so don't expect too many mature responses.

insomnium3070d ago

Stop pretending to care. All you want is bubbles and it seems it's working. I think almost everyone here knows YOU are a narrow minded TOOL for MS.

@ Element

I have nothing against anyone. I enjoy making Soda uncomfortable by taking responsibility for what he has said in the past. I do understand what you said Element. People are extremely homofobic outside of big cities. They're affraid of ANYTHING that's different and that's why different people get the short end of the stick all the time. I'm glad things are OK for you now atleast :)

NYPunkster3070d ago

It doesn't offend me at all and I was joking.

yippiechicken3069d ago

I don't think too many people care any more (I could be way wrong here, not sure) but i was wondering why you felt the need to bring it up in a forum about gaming? I really couldn't care less who has relationships with who, but I really don't need that kind of info unless I ask for it!


Consoldtobots3069d ago

and what does you loving men have to do with a joke someone made?

stop wearing your sexual orientation on your sleeve and maybe people will leave you alone.

3069d ago
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Nicaragua3070d ago

I don't know what to say really....when people ask me if i wet the bed, because its true and i feel ashamed.

Pennywise3070d ago

But is a crap site.

ElementX3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

moved comment to proper place ^

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Mike134nl3070d ago

Second place maybe beating Nintendo seems too be out of the question considering you will need too combine the total sales of both xbox 360 and ps3 to beat the wii.

Godmars2903070d ago

Might/will probably pass the 360, but the Wii's go too much of a lead.

D4RkNIKON3070d ago

not if Nintendo jumps into next gen and abandon support for the current wii. Sony supports their consoles well after the next gen is on the market. Once PS4 hits, the price of the PS3 will probably drop to like $150 and it will continue to sell while the unsupported wii and possibly 360 wont. We all know what happened to the original xbox once 360 was released.

Omega43070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Wow Chrome gave me a warning about this site having a virus :S

But seriously the chances of this happening are so small its not even worth making a story about, the 360 has a way better chance of coming first if Wii sales keep declining. Just cause the PS3 games can have good graphics doesn't mean it will be no1 in sales, all you got to do is look at the Wii for that.

Non_sequitur3070d ago

Switch browsers. I recommend IE because it's a MS product and therefore better and the most secure.

Non_sequitur3070d ago

Just trying out trolling. hmmm....doesn't make me feel more important.......

Newtype3070d ago

Internet Explorer has the most bugs.