Molyneux: Fable 2 had 'so many bugs'

Fable creator Peter Molyneux has admitted that the last title in the series, Fable II, had "some terribly messy things about it".

Speaking at the Develop conference today the Lionhead boss said that the original version of the game submitted to Microsoft for testing had 61 thousand bugs.

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xxchicago33xx3070d ago

This guy dogging on his own game is really starting to piss me off...I bought that game. He is basically telling me that he sold me a pile of sh#t...which he already did with the original Fable.

They really need to put a muzzle on this dude...he should be spending more time telling us how Fable III is actually going live up to expectation.

gcolley3069d ago

exactly what i was going to say. fable 3 will be a pile of sh!t according to his logic when fable 4 is coming out.