HookedGamers preview - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

HookedGamers writes: "For those who haven't finished the original The Force Unleashed, stop reading now. It's almost impossible to discuss the sequel to what is quite possibly the most successful Star Wars game (commercially at least; as of February The Force Unleashed has sold over seven million copies worldwide) without discussing the ending. Consider this your warning."

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Canary3016d ago

At all? After the first game, I'm finding it difficult to sustain any interest or curiosity in the sequel. Especially if they're sandwiching in-between the films again.

Honestly, I'd care a lot more if, say, they were to dive all the way in, and use the TFU series to completely re-write the original trilogy. It would certainly be more interesting (to me) than a story stuck in the cracks and shadows of continuity.