Vooks: U-Sing Girls Night Wii Review

Vooks writes: "For years the PlayStation had the main advantage over the other consoles in terms of karaoke games. With Sony’s signature franchise, SingStar, not only did they have a killer engine to compete with, but also a wealth of music available through their own music label. Unfortunately for the other consoles, it didn’t look as if any of their karaoke interpretations, whenever they put them out, would ever compete. Microsoft released Lips, and surprisingly, it was pretty good. Now, about two to three years on from the Wii’s release, MindScape took on the rather challenging task to create something equivalent, and came up with U-Sing. It was okay, but didn’t have everything that the other titles had on other consoles. Now, U-Sing Girls Night, despite the rather unsuitable "theme" for myself, remedies all the problems I had with the original and more."

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