Nerd Reactor: Shmup Heaven (Almost) – Sin And Punishment 2 Review

Nerd Reactor: The shmup genre, or “shoot em up”, is a genre that hibernates most of the time, waking only partially every once in awhile to let us know we shouldn’t get the shovel and bury it just yet. Treasure is a small development team in Japan, and you might know them by one of their Genesis games, “Gunstar Heroes”. With this game, it seems they were allowed more time, because the quality is very high and it’s lengthier than most shmups. Many gamers of today have probably never played a shmup, and the graphics, while good, don’t compare to games like Gears of War 2; so it’s easy to want to just pass this game up, but trust me, it offers gameplay that is unique and worthwhile.

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