Should the video game industry listen more to their fans?

A video gamers biggest frustration is the apparent ignorance of the majority of video game companies, in relation to their needs and wants. Consequently the majority of gamers who contact video game companies often receive limited responses for their feedback and ideas.

This article discusses whether the video game industry should listen more to their fans, and what they could improve to do this.

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ER-AM3070d ago

Just not in the way people would think or necessarily want. Developers, and more so publishers, listen to the way people vote with what matters: their money. Fanboys and the hardcore can bitch and moan about this and that but the fact remains that what sells always outweighs what people say. Just look at MW2. People were bitching about no server support and all other kinds of shit, signing petitions, proposing boycotts, blah blah blah. And what happened? Everyone and their brother still fucking lined up at midnight to get the game. Way to stick to your guns, people.

Excalibur3070d ago

for the overpriced, under contented DLC.
So yeah the Devs listen loud and clear and did the same thing for the second map pack.

Rumor3070d ago

*dials up captain obvious*

HSx93070d ago

Developers should listen to their community, but not make decisions upon them, if you do that you will have a very retarded game.
What game developers should always do is have a nice forum so players can discuss about the game itself.

If a developer was interested in their community, they would allow modifications to be made by the users, such as Valve does with team fortress 2, They set competitions, and up to date blogs on what is going on with the game, as well as having a forum and allowing modifications to the game.

deanobi3070d ago

I agree, but hopefully there will be a point of no return for companies that treat ALL fans like mindless zombies.

badz1493070d ago

fans/gamers/users/consumers are the reason the industry even exist up to this day! although the industry existed first and then the fans developed, but fans are the one keeping them in business! so should they listen to us gamers more? DAMN straight they should!

Baba19063070d ago

too many different opinions. i dont know.... guess they should a bit, but let them work =D.

thisguywithhair3070d ago

SHows just how sorry this state of affairs really is.

PirateThom3070d ago

Insomniac tried this with Resistance 2 and the game suffered for it because they tried to please everyone and you can't do it. Developers need to make games, listen to advice but only act upon it if it's relevent, but for the most part, make the game they want.

Lucreto3070d ago

Yes I remember people not liking the voice over from the first game. Insomniac Games removed it from the second and people complained.

forcefullpower3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

That was one of the main problems with the second game. The cut scenes sucked. Part of the mystery of his character and his involvement in the war was made buy the voice over and black and white pictures. That is what gave the game its atmosphere. Then they removed it for the second game. Sigh!!!!

Still a good game behind the scenes but just lost its mojo.

deanobi3070d ago

Guess there is pros and cons, what i suggest is they listen and adapt to the game rather than make a large change - then again it depends on the problem...

nickjkl3070d ago

in terms of ideas for new ips yeah

in terms of what to fix for their games yeah

but if their going to listen to us and put it into a game without testing then its useless

mw2 for example they listened they added alot of stuff people asked for on their page asking for what people wanted and they added alot but they didnt test to well

Xi3070d ago

No, because a lot of people don't know what they want, and they don't know what would work. There's a reason why a certain education is required to work in the game design and development fields.

If you go onto the bungie boards for example, the number of threads saying "halo reach should include feature X from shooter X" is staggering, but they don't seem to understand that if you do that, you just end up with clones of games, and that's what's causing all of our current games to seem so generic.

Ps, I do NOT want Gears of Halo reach : Modern Warfare killzone.

Unicron3070d ago

Well said, glad someone understands.

BYE3070d ago

Very good comment, +bubbles.

Silverfang23403069d ago

Understandable. Most people's ideas are lame anyway, just saying..

But for the record, I'd say only true game companies build from their gamers.

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