StarCraft II’s Ending Revealed?

First off, these are all potential spoilers, so if you are not interested read no further.

An image file on may hint at how StarCraft II ends.

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UIOP3020d ago

I'm not so sure I want to read this article.. :P

Porco3020d ago

I have no such troubles :)

Leord3020d ago

I really can't wait to get on and play single player. I want it so much more than the MP version...

UIOP3020d ago

Gah, I couldn't hold myself and read it anyways.
Definitely an interesting ending that i did not expect. SP will hopefully not be ruined by knowing this :P

Chazmers3020d ago

don't want to spoil it by looking at it, but cant see revealing the ending before it's even out

Porco3020d ago

HAH! That makes me want to make you watch it!

Dorjan3020d ago

Look at the name of the file and what you can see. It is clear as day.

Recka3020d ago

oh WOW... that is just... WOW!!

Djorgo3020d ago

Gosh, wow, with that other pic, that sure is.... ineresting...

Porco3020d ago

Weeeeee. If that opresumption is right, that is what I have been hoping for Since SC1!

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The story is too old to be commented.