You can't afford to burn bridges says Schafer

Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine Productions, said this morning during his Develop Conference keynote that you really "can't afford to burn bridges" in the video games industry. His comments come only a day after he was quoted calling Activision boss Bobby Kotick a "total prick".

Schafer was evasive when asked about the Bobby Kotick comment, but likened the situation to a Peter Falk movie in which the character believes there is one person you have to hate.

"Maybe that's what's going on," he joked.

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Inside_out3106d ago

How dumb is this guy. You " can't afford to burn bridges " and then calls the head of one of the biggest video game publishers a " prick " Gee Tim, shouldn't you meet the the guy first...yep, that's right, this guy has never even MEET Bob Kotick which he admitted when question. Burn those bridge's Timmy. It's not like your last game was a great seller, which it wasn'

Alos883106d ago

Yeah, it's not like Kotick was part of a company that both ultimately rejected his game AND tried to sue when he took it to another publisher!

hay3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

@cez of rage: Did you read the interview? Cause it looks like you just saw headline and assumed he really said that.
I'd suggest you to go read it, come back here and type exactly what Tim said, before you spew your BS.

And yeah... Your game's selling great since you're so eager to criticize?

AC130-Gunship3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

You mean Shafer can't talk smack without fear of reprisal? Unfortunately what he said appears to be closer to the truth. Kotick (in the media) comes off as a total prick (as a start). Kotick may be an alright guy but gamers will never know. The history of Activision's pricing, Activision and studios plus the Infinity Ward debacle make the case. Kotick is approaching Darth Vader levels of a prick.

RumbleFish3106d ago

Well, it's not that Schafer revealed some sort of secret. Anybody did allready know that B.K. is a total prick, and I guess he himself knows either. So in my opinion this is much ado about nothing.

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corneliuscrust3106d ago

Kotick IS A DICK. Seriously and thoroughly. It's like he revels in it. More people need to call him out. Fck blizz/acti

SeanRL3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Does everybody hate Bobby? 'Cause it seems that way.

Edit: corneliuscrust has it right, if I worked in the gaming industry and was as high up as Tim Schafer is, I would be eager to express my feelings about Kotick.

PooEgg3106d ago

Well what is there to like? But I won't say I hate him, I just think he would be better off working in some other business instead of using every chance he gets to piss off the people who buy activision games. Seriously if my clients hated me as much as gamers hate Bobby I would have lost my job ages ago.

trounbyfire3106d ago

you know feedback the people that made the infinitely ward stuff equal the sun exploding and killing us all.

g4tv was getting big hits when the ps3 clock thing happened and they wanted that to continue so they hyped and over sold the infinitely ward stuff. now i fear that this stuff is next because they love tim.

feedback is good but once you see the fanboys come out and they crap on the other console for doing the same thing its frustrating...patrick, abbie,morgan 360 fangirls (LOL)
sess i can't tell but he does lean on the 360 side which is cool cause he does take every chance to crap on sony like the others

BubbleSystemSuck3106d ago

Every body hates Bill Gates... every body hate Kotick
Why? Money and Envy... simple.

PS: i hate both of them. LOL

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