Report: Kinect requires that you dress appropriately

Following on from reports suggesting that you'll need to stand up in order to use Kinect, and the revelation that significant space will be required for the camera to see you, it now appears that you - or your mum, at least - is going to have to dress a certain way if they want to 'jump in' with the motion-sensing device.

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Blacktric3044d ago

They are going to give away free tuxedos along with every Xbox 360 purchase soon.

Nihilism3044d ago

Nah dude, M.S isn't up with the times, it'll be a cheap denim 'suit'

evrfighter3044d ago

u mean I can't dance nekkid?


Cloudberry3044d ago

I remember some saying...

"Kinect may malfunction if it's recognize the third leg."

Nihilism3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind. But if your friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they're no friends of mine...

Chaostar3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

that dance wasn't all that safe you know :P

Triella3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

This is an image of how Kinect sees you, a vague point cloud (and just below how the still image is transcribed by a computer to a 3D model). If there's a little distortion in the perception of the human form (like in this case because of a long dress), the software will not be able to translate your movements properly and your avatar will have strange seizures and jerking limbs like we've seen it countless times in the Ricochet videos.

That's also why it is difficult to make a game work while seated, the movements will have to be mapped to your arms and head (the only parts of your body that the software will be able to distinguish). Although it is not a problem for navigating a dashboard which requires only few simple arms gestures, it is way more difficult to do it with a game that requires numerous complicated control schemes.

gaffyh3044d ago

I actually made a comment about this a few months ago. Someone posted a story about what Natal sees, and they had a pictured which was taking the outline of a person's clothes. So I immediately assumed that it wouldn't work properly if you were wearing baggy clothes.

Looks like I was right.

3044d ago
sikbeta3044d ago

lol I was thinking about tuxedos when I read the title, but Ms can bundle kinect with space-ponchos ....

3044d ago
HolyOrangeCows3044d ago

Do we all have to wear jumpsuits and sweat pants like Mr. Sunglasses-Indoors?

AAACE53044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

And I was looking forward to playing butt naked with a cowboy hat on!

Aikuchi3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

What if you wear a Poncho?

WildArmed3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

i laughed for the longest time after watching that clip again -.-

Wow.. made my day.
+bubbs man xD

I think that's the recommended outfit
*looks at E3*

Denethor_II3043d ago

A free aluminium green wet suit from head to toe with XBOX slashed across it maybe?

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Donny3044d ago ShowReplies(1)
tinybigman3044d ago

Seen so many do's and donts for playing some motion control games. I'm glad I had no interest in natal from the very beginning.

P1NKY3044d ago

This technology was passed up by the other companies. So basically Microsoft wanted to have a piece of the Motion Control market, but only had the tech that no one else wanted.

IdleLeeSiuLung3044d ago

Yup, and Verizon turned down the iPhone. We already now how that went?

By the way, the skeleton tracking is MS technology. So nobody passed that up....

Biggest3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

And we all know that iPhone is the best phone.

Microsoft invented skeleton tracking? Seriously, dude? Did they also invent the letter M? How about computers? Did they invent those too? Look through this timeline and tell me what kind of whatever the hell you're crediting Microsoft with making you can find.

IdleLeeSiuLung3044d ago

Best or not, that is pretty much a subjective measure. We do know that iPhone is the fastest growing smart phone. Don't deny it's sucess, because you hate it!

I don't like Apple, and have never bought an Apple product for my personal use, but I don't deny it's success.

"Microsoft invented skeleton tracking?"

I didn't say INVENTED! I said that the skeleton tracking is MS technology, but I'm sure you hate MS so you will deny that success to MS as well.

jerethdagryphon3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

1982:Skeleton Animation System (SAS) developed at CGRG at Ohio State (Dave Zeltzer)

so yea not microsoft

its animation not tracking but all the tracking is a a basic program which can map joints to body shapes it cant actually track your skeleton due to the fact it can xray you

Consoldtobots3044d ago

actually android phones are outselling Iphones now.

so much for your point, oh wait you never had one.

potenquatro3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Android phones are many many many many phones by many many many many manufacturers available on many many many many providers and a new one comes out every other week. iphone is just ONE phone regardless of the provider still sellin old models.

Your comment doesnt surprise me, your one of the biggest haterz on this site...You hate MS, APPLE...Shoot you just hate for the sake of hatting

BTW; IdleLeeSiuLung comment was tottally picked apart and taken out of context...looks like some people have an agenda

outlawlife3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

skeletal animation and skeleton tracking are not the same thing

actually it does track your skeleton because it uses algorithms bases on your height, body shape and joint position to determine bone length and position

once those are determined it maps virtual bones to your image, which is use for positioning on the screen, or mapping your movements to a character such as an avatar

skeletal animation is a technique used for 3d models and animation that allows you to create a skeleton for a character or creature to allow for realistic animation instead of painstaking key framing and tweening for fluid movements

animations without skeleton systems take hundred of key frames for a smooth movement, a skeletal system can cut the same animation down to a fraction of that

that technology has very little, if anything, to do with what the tracking of kinect does

Christopher3044d ago

***And we all know that iPhone is the best phone. ***

Microsoft doesn't make the best OS or office products... but they're the most purchased as well...

We know that best doesn't equate to most sold. The problem is, the businesses follow the consumers when they flock to one, so the iPhone has the most support that makes it desirable.

BigPenguin3044d ago

I know, I know, personal anecdotes don't mean anything. So feel free to not read this. I am going to type it anyways.

I purchased an iPhone the first week it came out(yes for $600). I have since had 6 of them, because they are horribly made and have no customer support if they break(btw, calling their employees genius' is the biggest laugh I have ever seen). I keep purchasing them however. Why you may ask? For the same reason I spent 4k on a watch, because its a status symbol, and I have to look professional(I just graduated, but I have had a job lined up for over a year, because I am a licensed real estate appraiser, and I did it solo to put myself through school).

I have to imagine its the same with most people. I carry a blackberry and an iPhone around at all times, and let me tell you, despite being way better, no one gives a crap about the blackberry

BTW, I am not trying to say anything about kinect, I just wanted you all to know I hate the iphone.

outlawlife3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

If you think you need $4k watches and an iphone to look professional, dealing with broken phones is the least of your problems. It really isn't the same with most people, most people buy phones to use them. They don't buy one as a piece of jewelery and the other to use. Above all a phone is a utility and if you regard it as meaning anything else you are a bit dim.

I have a high end android phone and guess what? I don't care if it makes me look like I'm cool, or I have money because I get work based on my merit and my ability. Some of my clients are multi-billion dollar corporations and they don't care what my phone is either.

This post makes it seem you need to live in the real world a bit.

BigPenguin3044d ago

Really asshole? You are making personal attacks? Did I make any? No. There was an argument about the iPhone, and it being the fastest growing smart phone on the market. I added to the conversation. I gave my thoughts on why it is selling fast. I gave the rest of the info because I tend to find it useful when I know a bit more about the person who is talking. It lets people know how to interpret the comment. I also said before I started the message that I know my opinion would not be worth much.

But you had to act like an asshole. I don't know what your company does, but I am sure you personally are not going to lose someone more then 15 million if you make a mistake. I run into this about every 4 months, but normally it is only 3-4 million(weekly or so, rest of the time is under 1 million). Oh and btw, this is not like, oh they will not make money this in the future, this is they have the money, and I can only lose it. I have to run that risk. I have to purchase E&O insurance. That is error and omission insurance, and it is like malpractice insurance. I am also bonded, and it took me 7 years of training to be licensed by the government to do be doing what I am doing, and I have to take continuing education for the rest of my life.

Want to know the best part, because I am considered competent to give appraisals by the government, I can be sued to hell for even speculating, as in verbal, on the price of property if someone acts on it. In case you don't understand it, it means my word can legally be taken as truth. I didn't say literally, I said legally.

I cannot mention names, because if I do, bye bye license, but let me tell you this. You say some of your clients are multi-billion dollar corporations, well fuck you. I did my training in Los Altos(hills)/Cupertino/Palo Alto/Sunnyvale/Mountain View. I have shaken hands with actual billionaires, not just corperations. I mentioned I have had a waiting job for over a year, my boss is a 40+ millionaire, as in the person I directly report to.

You say I need to grow up and live in the real world? You say I don't need all those things to look cool(fuck you, I never used the word cool, I said professional). It sounds like you don't even know what the real world is. Don't make personal attacks.

BigPenguin3044d ago

Oh by the way, are you really trying to tell me you don't think being a status symbol is part of why the iPhone is selling so well?

Because you never even argued against my point, you just attacked me. If you do not even disagree with my actual argument, it means you are just a cock. Way to be a tough guy on the internet.

outlawlife3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Being a tough guy on the internet? All I did was imply your mindset was deluded and childish. It still is.

An iphone is not a status symbol. Twelve year old girls have iphones and nobody is giving them any credibility. You are the one busting out the tough guy hostility here, not me.

Just because you hold yourself to a self important standard doesn't mean everybody else does. That was my original point. Your view is that these so called status symbols actually matter, they don't.

Nobody cares how fancy your watch is or that you have an iphone. Neither one of those things will get you anywhere. Do you actually think a client will look at your watch and actually think "his watch is shiny he is good". It means jack.

Looking to things like phones and watches as a measure of status or professionalism is disgusting, and I'll stand by that opinion.

Here is the big thing you need to grasp:

If you post something on an open forum you should be prepared for someone to disagree with what you say. In my opinion what you said was ridiculous and it puts you in a less than favorable light as a person.

There is a quite difference between a personal attack and an opposing opinion, I suggest you learn the difference. The way you responded it is clear that you are quite mature. Grow up, really.

I'm not going to go into what I do because I am under NDA's for just about everything, and it isn't really anyone's business. All I will and will say is that I work within the design industry, designing intellectual properties as well as dealing with liscenses and branding. I have done work for EA, Activision, the NBA, Gibson Guitars, as well as several large record labels.

This isn't a contest. I don't care if you shake hands with billionaires. I don't work for a company I AM my company. I know how to represent myself to people, watches and phones have nothing to do with it.

BigPenguin3044d ago

Ok, we both think we are better then each other, and we are not going to convince each other. Lets not talk any more about real life, just the facts from now on. I was serious about not being able to say more legally, I assume you are as well. We need to stop that portion before we both make mistakes. I have already said a bit more then I feel comfortable with, and I attempted to edit, but to late.

In my original post I made a comment, expressing my view. You say you did not make a personal attack, that you had a dissenting opinion. The definition of a personal attack is when a person substitutes abusive remarks for evidence when attacking another person's claim or claims. Do you agree with the definition?

You then responded to my comment with one of your own, saying such things as how I must be a bit dim, and I need to live in the real world. Those are directed at me, thus, definitional, they were personal attacks. Do you disagree?

I think you will find that you did in fact make personal attacks directed towards me, yet you said in your most recent reply that you had not at all. I think you will find that it is in fact you that needs to find the difference between a personal attack and dissenting opinion.

Your comment about 12 year old girls having iPhones is a very good point. It is in fact the only time in your entire reply to my posts that you actually addressed what I had said in the first comment. Do you really stand by the fact that you did not personally attack me for no reason?

outlawlife3043d ago

Actually what I said was this:

"most people buy phones to use them. They don't buy one as a piece of jewelery and the other to use. Above all a phone is a utility and if you regard it as meaning anything else you are a bit dim."

Whether you take that as a personal attack or not is up to you, but to me it isn't. it is a statement that if you or anyone else holds that specific view I think it is a little left of stupid. A phone is a device, a utility. It is no more important than a pen or a spoon.

Why do people spend hundreds of dollars on pens? The same reason you bought the watch, and the same reason women show off their engagement rings. They think it will impress people, but it really doesn't. Sure it may look nice but in the end that watch doesn't actually get you anywhere.

That is my opinion, it isn't an attack. Had you said the same to me I wouldn't regard that as an attack. I think that the idea of an iphone as a status symbol or a watch making you look professional is a bit silly.

I think that whole view is ridiculous and if that is you view I think you are detached. That is my opinion, and criticism. Whether you take criticism as an attack or you turn it into something positive and take note that what you said was almost comical.

Many people will get farther ahead in life with a swath of humility and discretion than anyone ever will with an overpriced watch and an iphone.

You can't really say anything about my opinion being a personal attack when you call me an "a--hole" and "c-ck".

Regardless, my opinion stands. Whether you still stand the same or not doesn't matter to me because I've wasted enough bubbles on talking about why Peacocking is less than admirable.

I think clamoring for status among your peers with material possessions is ridiculous and a poor character trait. If you possess those traits then I guess you can regard that as an attack.

Take this as a bit of advice. Self importance is a nasty character trait to possess. Take a lesson in humility and learn to disagree without using curse words. It is a very immature tact to take. No matter how well off in life you think you are or how expensive your watch or latest toy may be not one person will respect you for flashing it. If you want to impress people with an expensive watch, wear it under your jacket.

Every kid who gets out of college and lands their first grown up job thinks they have the world by the balls. Only thing is that it never actually works that way.

Nicaragua3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

You sound like an absolute bell-end mate, rambling on about money and status symbols like that adds weight to your arguments.

I save lives every day and i dont need to put my iphone on display to gain extra respect from my colleagues - we just do our fucking job and the responsibilty we bear is literally life or death, but that has fuck all to do with this gaming site.

So dont come on here preaching about your job, nobody is impressed or gives a shit. TBH you should be ashamed that you have bought into the vapid society that nurtures such shit like iphones as status symbols -its a phone, get over yourself.

Ruind3043d ago

I think I'm in love with you. No sarcasm intended. Seriously, to find intelligence in a post was quite a refreshing change. I thank you.

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Silver3603044d ago

Jumping and running in place in a long skirt in the first place.
She is lucky Kinect couldn't recognize her legs otherwise she would have busted her butt.

danielle0073044d ago

I understand you not having worn long skirts before. Hell, even I never do.. But, my mom does allll the time. If they're not tight, then skirts are super comfy and you can do anything in them.

thewhoopimen3044d ago

No kilts or bathrobes for the men... sigh.

oohWii3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

What the hell do you people expect. You are using motion sensing device that picks up on your body parts and joints. What the fu#k to you expect people to wear a damn cape?

This is just some lonely Ass-wipe putting negative crap out on Kinect to get a rise out of the 360 fans. Probably because the 360 outsold the PS3 by 1.5x.

Whenever good 360 news is posted on this site it is immediately countered with massive amounts of negative sh!t posted by the SDF.

lelo2play3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

With all the bashing Kinect has been taking... it would be funny if it was a big success. I would LOL. Good or bad, Kinect is surly getting a lot of publicity. Personally i think casuals are going to eat it up. Time will tell.

acky13044d ago

No doubt its gonna be a massive success cos consumers (especially American consumers) are easily persuaded (idiots) for anything they see in adverts that is the new 'cool' thing to have. Thanks to Beiber the beaver and other marketing techniques its gonna sell like hotcakes.

rwarner1743044d ago

acky1 (the especially American) thing always pisses me off. I have been to Europe. It certianly isn't the meeting of the minds over there. For the most part in Europe its the meeting of lazy people in coffee shops smoking cigarettes and talking about how much longer they can put off reality that people need to work to survive before it comes crashing down in there face.

That being said. People (of all Nationalties) are idiots.

fermcr3044d ago ShowReplies(2)
Pennywise3044d ago

So, this is the confirmation that Kinect comes with a greenman suit?

Charlie will be pleased.

fatstarr3044d ago

soo thats why they showed off kenect at macys instead of bestbuy
I see i see.

ranmafandude3044d ago

i need some hot popcorn it's gonna get crazy in here lol.

1Victor3044d ago

in Scotland kinect plays you

superrey193044d ago

and people thought wearing glasses for 3D was inconvenient...

pixelsword3043d ago

I just wanna find those 360 fanboys who were complaining about wearing glasses for the PS3's 3d (which all 3d had to do in the past anyways).

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Omega43044d ago ShowReplies(12)
NJShadow3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Break out the blue ponchos!

cossie1233044d ago

funny really as ive seen many people in many types of clothing play kinect with no issue.

CrAnKiTuP_013044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

What's next? No wearing black colors?? No hats? No long sleeves? No jacket's? No sitting?... oh wait... No AFROS?!?!

fooltheman3044d ago

... hmm well if your hair takes half the space the camera is filming...

Scary693044d ago

I think its recommended that everyone plays naked..LOL

SSKILLZ3044d ago

No clothes!

Gamer: What! why dose my Afro have to go!!! not cool!

Microsoft: kinect will registe it as a second player thus ruining game

Gamer: [email protected]#% !!!!!!!!!!