Hands-On Preview: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (Multiplayer) - Electronic Theatre

Before beginning play, a tutorial video ran showing the basic principle of the multiplayer mode, and offering a number of tactical hints. In the build at the show, eight different character models were available, with plenty of room for more to be added either prior to release, or later via downloadable content (DLC). Once an avatar has been chosen, the player is presented with a number of options for special abilities. Coming in pairs, the special abilities include evasive manoeuvres such as smoke bombs and decoys, stealth options like morph (which casts your image upon civilians wandering near to you) and disguise (which transforms you into a different character model), and aggressive bonuses such as knives and a gun. Custom sets can be created and, once again, plenty of room is available for more additions to the current line-up.

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Sneak-Out3071d ago

Yeah can´t wait for this ...

kevco333071d ago

I'm actually really looking forward to this. Much more than I thought I would be...

mjolliffe3070d ago

From what I've played, it's absolutaly brilliant. Loved the multiplayer for the ten minutes I played it :)


this game is gonna be siiiiiiiiiiiiick!