Rumour: PSP2 Hits Difficulties?

TSA writes - "An interesting thread is up over at NeoGAF in regards to the oft talked about PSP2. According to the poster, the handheld has hit a bit of a stumbling block which makes it sound like it’s perhaps a bit too overpowered."

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Newtype3020d ago

?? A rumor hitting difficulties while it's not confirmed? Not confirmed = not real.

PoSTedUP3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

"Do we need a battery munching, hand burning leviathan with home console graphics?"

uhhh, HELL MOTHERF****** YEAH!!!!!! please dont you ever, eeevvvveeerrr ask such a ridiculous, sickeing, disgraceful question ever again, i just lost it after i herd that.

YES WE DO. we want a beast, we want a BEAST! weeeeeeee waaaaannnnttt aaa beeeeaaaaassstttttt

i wanna see me, drake, kratos, snake, and the rest of the crew tearing down walls, blowing **** up, processors over heating! sparks flying!? OMG let me at it!!!!

Conloles3020d ago

Is the difficulty the Nintendo 3DS?

sikbeta3020d ago

Nah, no that much PoSTedUP...

Sony, just give me a PSP2 more like a PS2.5, more powerful than the PS2 but nowhere near as the PS3 for obvious Reasons = battery life, put 2 sticks in it, phone capabilities are welcomed only if the PSP2 Main Focus still being a Portable Gaming Device and if you can do it, PS2 Backward Compatibility :P

DORMIN3020d ago

A rumor from a forum posted by a guy who is quoting another guy named "Charlie".

I'm being serious BTW. Followed the source within the source. =/

saint_john_paul_ii3020d ago

aparently that charlie guy is a trusted sorce on NEOGAF...

Noctis Aftermath3020d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to call him trusted, just a tad more believable than your average rumor spreader.

Information Minister3020d ago

This was on the comments section of the full article, and I just had to post it here:

"So there is a PSP2 confirmed but it’s been delayed from an unconfirmed appearance to a later unconfirmed date for an unconfirmed reason.

By the way, Chuck Norris was gonna parachute from the moon and land on an aircraft carrier this Friday, but the drop has been delayed indefinitely due to the lack of Dr. Pepper in his lunar lander."


ProjectVulcan3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

It depends what you view as difficulties? Sony restricted the clockspeed of psp's CPU initially, by a large margin, possibly to improve yields but in hindsight it was likely to try and improve battery longevity for the early models. When newer models with improved and shrunken chipsets had been released, sony unlocked the CPU to full speed for developers.

Of course, if you had an original model it mostly crushed the battery further. But on newer models it was no problem. I can see sony taking such a route this time again with the GPU should they really find themselves with a power problem. A pretty powerful machine at launch, and two years later devs get even more performance unlocked? Its not a disaster. In a way its pretty cool, all of a sudden your handheld gets a big boost in performance. Whoever said consoles dont get upgrades? :-)

raztad3020d ago

That is why I think Sony will unlock the 8th SPU, to provide a healthy boost in performance to the PS3 when devels get hungry for more power.

Regarding the PSP2: Sony going with Tegra2 sounds like PSP2 will be quite the generic device considering Tegra is being adopted for several manufacturers.

The Great Melon3020d ago


This won't likely happen because the disabling of the 8th SPU was done to increase the number of non defective cell chips. What happens to the users who actually have a defective SPU.

ProjectVulcan3020d ago

Assuming its tegra than sony will probably have a custom part, there are different variations, speeds and models to the specific chip, tegra is merely a series name like geforce 8. Lotsa different models there.

As said unlocking the disabled SPE in PS3 is impossible because there are without doubt several chips with a faulty SPE which has been disabled and would not function correctly at the required clocks

ABizzel13020d ago

What the PSP2 needs.

1) A battery with at least 8 hours of gameplay. 10 would be perfect since most games are 6 - 8 hours long nowadays.

2) 3G/ 4G. I want online gaming to be a major point of interest for the system, and I want to be able to play anywhere with a good connection, so it has to be at least 3G.

3) dual analog nubs.

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N4BmpS3020d ago

Wonder when SONY will reveal this officially and what is gonna be their game plan.

saint_john_paul_ii3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

it needs to be there at TGS. its the right venue for such an announcement, then make it playable at CES. they cant lag behind nintendo.

there was also a rumor about a PSP-4000. maybe we would see it at gamescom.

Noctis Aftermath3020d ago

TGS seems more likely, but if they reveal at gamescom then chances are TGS will have the more important info (release date, launch line-up etc).

Either way i just hope it's good.

turok3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

... what nintenDONT. /s

sarcasm aside lol wtf new rumour on psp2? wait until 2011 folks psp2 wont be confirmed until then.

HarryMonogenis3020d ago

It's a 100% flame grilled rumour right now..

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