Potential Legally Affected Citizen Calls EA’s Jeff Green “A Hypocrite… Too"

Jeff Green,’s Editor in Chief issued an open letter / blog detailing his views on the recent events concerning California, ECA (Electronic Consumer Association), and ECM as well as why the landmark battle should be important. While well intended and generally just an opinion with merit, his post contains what Shawn Gordon of feels are irritating flaws that really just get under his skin. Green, being the person he is at the position he's in makes it doubly important to understand more than just the ‘made to be a victim’ industry argument he proposes that in all honesty isn’t really all that solid to begin with.

Shawn goes in depth and breaks down the argument and how he feels Green isn't really the victim and not concerned with the affect on the consumer as he appears.


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Vojkan3728d ago

who cares, blogs are ot allowed on n4g btw

romalias23728d ago

Actually blogs are allowed from what I read, they aren't allowed to be used as sources for news... but opinions, howtos, or other types of articles are fine.

It is properly categorized as an opinion piece so I see no problem.