A Pokemon MMO - the time is now

MMGN: Talk of a Pokemon MMO has been around for years, but now is the perfect time to go ahead with it. After the success of Monster Hunter Tri and with more direct competition from Sony and Microsoft in the future, it’d be the perfect last push for the Wii online. If it’s too late for that, the 3DS needs a strong online presence and Pokemon is the perfect series to provide that.

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aviator1893020d ago

Now, that would make all my childhood dreams come true.
Although I'm not that into Pokemon anymore with the exception of the portable/DS games, this would definitely be a blast to play if executed perfectly.

ABizzel13019d ago

First Nintendo needs to get their online together. The 3DS or a new console seem like the best places, since many DS games have that connection feature where your games shares information with other users you get close enough to.

A new console will probably be as powerful as the 360/PS3 since I think Nintendo are going to stay a generation behind the others just to continue making a profit, but console as powerful as the 360/PS3 should be more than capable of running a Pokemon MMO.

But nevertheless it's not going to happen anytime soon.

TotalPS3Fanboy3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

While expertise can be hired, Nintendo just doesn't have the resource and infrastructure to do a Pokemon MMO.

PS: Sony needs its own "Pokemon" franchise, or work together with Capcom to do a Monster Huner MMO.

ABizzel13019d ago

It wounldn't be hard to make a Pokemon MMO, it's just that if Nintedo makes it what's the point in people buying the handhelds, when you have everything you want in the MMO.

Nintendo won't make it until they run out of ideas for the handheld games, or once Pokemon eings to lose it's grip.

Again not for a LONG time.

CatGlue3020d ago

Pika pika dash!!! I think a MMO on the 3DS will be totally awesome, oh, how about a MMO where Wii + 3DS together!

Tia3020d ago

I'm not so sure it'd be great for the Wii, but the 3DS, now that's a different story. *nods*

jerryhu3020d ago

yeah It might need to be on a better platform

kk13873020d ago

very true. I think we all expected some sort of game which played like the tv show and the 3ds seems the perfect opportunity for such a game - especially with nintendo trying to push their online services ahead.

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The story is too old to be commented.