Best Xbox 360 Shooter: Halo 3

Halo 3 and the series in general definitively has SOMETHING, even if you can't grasp exactly what that thing is. Almost 3 years after the game was released it still ranks among the top playable games in the Xbox live charts.

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T9X693045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

I'll take Gears over Halo any day, then again I prefer TPS over FPS.

EDIT: Since GOW2 has been patched the matchmaking works perfectly fine. Gears also has a great selection of maps, with flashback maps as well.

SOAD3045d ago

Yeah, but Halo 3's matchmaking actually works.

Also, I love the sheer amount of content that Halo 3 has over other shooters. I think it's a great game with great maps and it deserves its praise. Only problem is being forced to buy DLC map packs in order to play popular game modes.

Cold 20003045d ago

Halo 3 is just the definition of fun: everything a videogame is supposed to be.

Straight out pure fun. Nothing more nothing less.

fedex6823045d ago

Call me a noob or whatever u like. I am probably among the minority who cannot play a FPS, not because of the quality of the game, but because i get sick after a while...

Why can't these great FPS games have a third person option like car racing games?

I know that 99% of the people in the world find the FPSs fine, but sadly I am in the minority.

Venatus-Deus3045d ago


Not sure I'd use the word great, however MW2 does have a TPS option.

theKiller3044d ago

of course the pokimon 3 game (halo 3)!!

i really think the last competing halo game was halo 2!!

UnRated3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )


There are vehicles in Halo so you can "race" against other people. Heck, people make race maps for Halo using Forge h

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Applegate3045d ago

Funny how a sub hd game sh!ts all over all the PS3 shooters out there.

You play pixels, let us play the games.

NastyLeftHook3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

you just had to go there didnt you...dude both systems have good shooters, stop your fanboy crap. ps3 has killzone, 360 has halo. also...ever heard of killzone 2?

Applegate3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

Its crazy, we're in a 360 thread about Halo 3, there's a Sony fanboy trolling and I am the one you're calling out ? LOL.

edit: nice edit you did right there kid @ your post 2.4. You claimed you owned a 360 to "prove" you're not a fanboy. Checked your post history and not more than a couple of hours ago yo say you dont have a 360 so you cant play ME. LOL you just owned yourself.

RatFuker3045d ago

i look through his comments, you LIE! your using multiple account to agree with yourself huh lol

theKiller3044d ago

u dont play games u play sales LOL!!!

while ps3 owners play next gen gaming quality!!

wages of sin3044d ago

Is that really the best you can come up with? Lol

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Inside_out3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

I like Halo, but I like alot of shooters. COD and MW is by far the most popular shooter out right now. Gears has a loyal following as do many shooters. Personaly on the multi-player front, Graw 2 on 360 ( PS3 got a bad port ) is my favorite multi-player shooter game.

Things are getting interesting right now with heavy competition. Crysis is looking great and realeases this November...

MOH and EA are trying to rebuild that franchise. Many would say they are off to a bad start judging by the PS3 beta released so far...

COD Black ops looks serious and with reports the the pre-orders are higher than MW2, it could be tough to beat this holiday...this trailer gets the expectations up.

Lets not forget the 8th month " old "

Ghost Recon is one of my favorites. Can't wait to play the beta. The game is looking incredible at the moment...delayed as usual with Ubi-soft.

Of course, the man of the hour,Halo Reach releases in 7 weeks and it looks incredible as well. This may be the best Halo EVER...

Here's a couple of my favorite shooters this year...

Alan Wake:

Splinter Cell Conviction:

bobdog6263044d ago

Ive Played it Over and Over and Hands Down it is the Best Shooter around.Even over Halo 3 to me.

ForROME3044d ago

Gears is for slow cripples, halo is for mobile combat

ABizzel13044d ago


I to prefer Gears over Halo, I like the single player in Gears much more than Halo, but as far as online goes, Halo is one of the top contenders on any console, and the online is the main reason for the majjority of it's popularity. Halo has one of the best and most diverse online.


I know exactly what you mean. I get sick when I play certain games or when I play to long. I get kind of dizzy, and I have to turn it off.

BattleAxe3044d ago

I wonder if MS will ever get their sh*t together with GFWL and put their Halo games on their Games on Demand. Not to mention that Gears 2 should be brought onto PC.

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DigitalRaptor3045d ago

Why do people think Halo is the best shooter out there? I know it's mostly opinions, but really, it's popular, but not THAT great.

SOAD3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

It's because it's a lot of fun.

It's like Counterstrike, kinda. CS was never the best looking game out there, nor did it have the most abundant maps or the best physics or whatever. But it brought people together.

That's what Halo 3 does. To top it off, Halo 3 is a solid game. Not too many bugs or glitches, and all the exploits are disabled by Bungie whenever they find them.

The game has lots of community support and a lot of create and share content with the Forge feature.

so when people say Halo is not that great, it's probably in my opinion because they only spend an hour or two playing it. they don't get it. they look at the most basic aspects of the game. but when you actually take the time to get into the game and play with your friends, it becomes a very satisfying experience.

And MS did a great job of marketing the game and getting people to play it with their friends.

the same phenomenon could have easily occurred with many other shooters had they received the same level of marketing. MS makes sure that you know about Halo. Take a game like Killzone 2. I think Sony had a really big game on their hands but they didn't market it as much as MS marketed Halo. Sony needed to get KZ2 in MLG and shit. Make KZ2 a standardized gaming experience like COD.

I play COD for 30 minutes and I don't understand the hype either, but I have to guess that the people who play COD have that same experience as I have with Halo.

edhe3045d ago

Cod needs a fair few hours to get into to get 'into' if you get me.

I didn't understand it either but mw2 gripped me.

soxfan20053045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

The public will decide what game is best. Halo 3 was released nearly 3 years ago. The marketing campaign is long since over.

Even with so many shooters released since, Halo 3 still remains one of the most played games on the 360.

If Halo 3 was mediocre & overhyped, it would have done well at release, then faded over time in favor of other games. That hasn't happened. Halo 3 continues to sell well, and continues to be a top played game.

SixZeroFour3045d ago

exactly...and if ppl are going to bring the whole "its overhyped and ppl only play it cause it has halo in the title" then why isnt odst still being played to this day?

it didnt get close to the same sales as halo 3 or the other halo titles (minus wars) and its not even being played a lot...the "sheep" theory SHOULD hold true to all relevant halo games, or else the fans DO KNOW what is/isnt a good game

just this past week, i started playing again (only in social, so i can get the feeling back) and boy is it still the fun game i used to play back then

Foxgod3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

ODST and Halo 3 have the same multiplayer doesnt it?
It just added one new mode...

People play Halo cuz it owns.
When Reach comes out the masses are going to flock it.
Because it will own.

Halo equals great gaming, without being milked like Mario.
Halo gets about as many new titles as Metal Gear does, only Halo 3 x as popular.

kneon3045d ago

The public will decide what sells the most, not what is the best, the developers decide what is the best.

Donny3045d ago

its a fun game, but it is overrated. let me explain, there is another game out there almost identical to halo,and just as good, and its on the ps3 and the 360. its called unreal tournament 3, has more gore, amazing vehicles, and amazing weapons. look up the gameplay on youtube. ;)

GameOn3045d ago

Yet nobody plays it, odd don't you think. lol

RedDead3045d ago

I gotta say, Unreal is nothing like Halo(well a bit). The pace is way to differant, unreal is very fast, much faster than most games including cod. I can't get into Unreal aswell, I have it on Pc since release. Although the weapons and vehicles are much more creative it's just not as good in my opinion.

OSU_Gamer3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

Its a great shooter, but for the console, Halo is King. For PC you may be right.

For example,just because a game like TF2 was amazing on the PC, doesn't mean that when the Orange Box was released on console, it was all of a sudden one of the best console games. Some games just don't fit as well.


I actually used to play the original UT on the PC, and definitely had a blast with it.

NastyLeftHook3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

im done with you fanboy, and i am no fanboy.

edit: unreal tournament is a great shooter donny, i dont know why your getting dissagrees

Halochampian3045d ago

hey look..

It's the fanboy who appleboy pointed out earlier.. and caused you to edit your post. Funny

And he may be getting disagrees because although unreal tournament is a good series, 3 was not the best (i own it) and the gameplay is a LOT different than Halo.

Wile3045d ago

"I'm done with you , and I am no fanboy."

*reads NastyLeftHooks comment history*

*shakes head in disgust*


Donny3045d ago

reads Applegates history...throws up. hese a fanboy.

ForROME3044d ago


I can see your point unfor amongst the community you find many that agree with that, I think it goes like this HALO2 was the first game to really pioneer online console shooters so people gained attachment

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hardcorez3045d ago

It's an exclusive with Microsoft's financial backing, it should be the best one...though it is a matter of opinion.

Ronster3163045d ago

For a first person shooter it has more content than you can shake a stick at.

Whine all you like about the graphics, but you have to realise that it offered 4 player campaign, thats gonna take the shine off any games graphics.

Then you have to take in to account the content, forge, theatre, replays ect, Halo is rich with content and rivals many pc games that offer mods in that sense.

And as for online, no console FPS comes even close to Halo 3 when it comes to multiplayer fun.

End of story.

kneon3045d ago

There is no doubt there are plenty of great features in Halo. But every time I play it it just feels kind of dull. There just aren't enough people on most maps, they feel so empty, there is hardly any action going on.

OSU_Gamer3045d ago

That's where I think you are wrong, respectfully. It's not like MW2, which throws a bunch of of stimulation at you constantly. You can't run (at least in past Halos :) ) and you can't level up you weapons, and you don't have a point system that shows up in the middle of the screen every time you kill someone (along with all the other visual and audio stimulation). You may like that more, but Halo 3 isn't that way, and in my opinion its for the better.

kneon3045d ago

I gave up on MW2 online after about a week, it got old fast. I prefer WaW over MW2. But my most played FPSs are KZ2 and MAG. I prefer my FPS multiplayer with lots of action. Most games lack the intensity that I want in an FPS.

oldjadedgamer3045d ago

It's easy to get into. A beginner will most likely play against players with similar skills. A new player will pick it up and not get too discouraged.

For other FPS, it's tough to stay playing when everyone is mostly likely to destroy you from the get go.

And I know experienced players will get new gamer tags to try and level up to get the 50 quicker, but I feel that this is not that common. And a new player will not face them often.

HarryM3045d ago

"For other FPS, it's tough to stay playing when everyone is mostly likely to destroy you from the get go."- Yeah, especially if you try Modern Warfare 2. -_-

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