Hiphopgamer And Torrence Davis Debate RAGE vs KZ3

Torrence thinks RAGE tech is beyond anything he's seen this console generation. Hiphopgamer thinks Killzone 3 looks better than RAGE. Then the debate ensues.

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B-Real2063071d ago

I'm going to watch this....will report back.

lociefer3071d ago

lol i bet hhg is all like, *gotchu bitch*

XxSolid SnakexX3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

kill rage bury it underground and shit on it's grave in terms of graphics

SOAD3071d ago

Not really.

Killzone 3 has more stuff happening on screen, but all of that stuff is on the same level of what RAGE looks like, running at 60 fps. So, I think Killzone 3 is more interesting because of the chaos, but it doesn't bury RAGE at all. Both games look very impressive.

CrAnKiTuP_013071d ago

I've seen rage..And don't see the big deal. Not much going on on-screen from what I've seen compared to the chaos and hundreds of things going on in games I'm used to like Killzone 2 and God of War 3. Uncharted 2 made my jaw drop and my eyes melt. When I saw Rage, I thought "...... Cool he killed a zombie... another... another... great animations my ass!... *yawn* shot more zombies... Man this shit is boring!!" *gets off*

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Conloles3071d ago

Ok so your comparing an open world game (RAGE) to a linear game (KZ3) well sure ok on consoles KZ3 will probably win but on PC RAGE will absolutely dominate it in 1080P (3D if I want) and 60FPS (no jaggies either).

mikeslemonade3071d ago

Killzone 3 wins graphically by a landslide. Lots of developers can make a good comical/cell shaded game look good. Look at Zelda Wind Waker and Okami for example. Killzone 3 is realistic. Realistic graphics are by far harder to make.

3071d ago
vsr3070d ago

Anyway on consoles Rage:- PS3(1 bluray) > xbox (3-4 DVD)

Killzone = no comparisons on any other consoles.

blackbeld3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Torrence Davis is to stubborn. If you want to talk about tech then tell me why Rage is not 3D and visually KZ3 looks a lot better! 60fps is not the goal here. It's all about graphics and gameplay. KZ3 is the winner.

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rroded3071d ago

not jus the bits shown so far

still kz3 def has the edge graphics wise imo

but rage looks great best multiplat graphics 4 sure.

OOG3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

yeah its great to see the PC developers are stepping up their game and making nice multiplat engines... I cant wait to see the final copy of Crysis 2 and Rage.... and well Killzone 3 has me playing Killzone 2 again....

Great time for gaming IMO.. especially if you own all the systems.. just going to be hard to find all the time to be playing all of these games...

APOFISBORICUA3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

But It seems to me that everytime that a multiplatform game with incredible graphics is shown all the 360 fans get out of their caves to bash PS3 exclusives. I have seen this all the generation but the funiest thing is that even is Rage looks magnificent it doesnt compare with PS3 exclusives. Are there any overhyped first party game for the 360? Why use a multyplatform to showcase the graphical abilities when everybody knows that this game is also coming to the PS3? In the other hand I dont think any 360 fan will be able to get their hands on KZ3... yet they will flood N4G saying Rage looks least we PS3 fans can compare both when they are finally out. To little has been shown from Killzone to throw the towel...


EDIT: Torrence said that at 60 FPS Rage animations will looks better... its half true because to mantain a 60 FPS the animation will suffer. I havent seen a better animated game than UNCHARTED 2( and this is a benchmark) and it runs at 30 frames. Other games just look robotic compared to UC2.

shoddy3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Davis didn't explain why he said the "tech" is better for Rage not in term of graphics.
I wonder better in what way since he agree that KZ3 have more things happen ingame.

about 60fps, I wonder if all these screenshot only on PC or on all platform cause I never seen a game with 720p "high texture" gragpic"(no cheap graphpic) run at 60fps.

not trying to be a fanboy here but base on my experience I never seen 360 game that is out surpass Gear 2 so I expect either multi disc or subHD like Alan Wake.

it might turn out like Alan Wake SUBHD.

muDD3071d ago

Ps3 is a good system, but no one should worship it...

John Carmack has set a new bench mark for games, there is no question about it.... Flamer is delusional as always.

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gaffyh3070d ago

Well tbh, Torrence is the ultimate xbox cultmember. They cancel each other out really, in fact HHG is actually a lot less biased than torrence. He actually gives credit where credit is due. He'll always praise Gears and Halo when they deserve praising, whenever Torrence does that it's like he feels guilty because he's an xbox fanboy, though not so hardcore as some.

muDD3070d ago

Game Critics' E3 Awards:

Best Console Game
Rage (id Software/Bethesda for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360)

Best Action Game
Rage (id Software/Bethesda for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360)

Special Commendation for Graphics
Rage (id Software/Bethesda for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360)

I was at e3 and saw rage in person, and it looks better than KZ3... Period... The majority, who are not sony cultmembers, agree. Many top devs agree, and many experts in the gamming industry agree. I suggest not to listen to delusional cultmembers (like Flamer, but to listen to the experts in the field. When looking at rage, it "Does" have better textures, it "Does" have more color, and the character models in rage are far superior (even tho this might be becuase KZ3 has more animations going on in one frame). BUT what suprised me the most is that Rage has better overall character animations. watch both in person and then you will understand, but to each their own...

WLPowell3070d ago

then lets wait til both get released and watch Killzone 3 take home more "best graphics" awards. Remember the "best of E3" awards can get pretty retarded (gametrailers gave Kirby's Epic Yarn best graphics of E3 beating both Rage and Killzone 3, completely left out Gran Turismo)

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

*Grabbing the Cookies*, I ran out of Popcorns in previous article.

Would be good if Rage had any MLAA Included as Killzone 3, Move Support or 3D.

halojunkie3071d ago

guys...we know killzone 3 looks better than rage, and the trolls do to, just dont feed them...

jden283070d ago


2. Why does every ps3 fanboy go around touting MLAA, MOVE, AND 3-D

3. MLAA is technically inferior to FSAA as it is LESS resource intensive. Its not used on good looking PC games or even x360 games for a reason and if you go look at the un-edited versions of developer interview they tell exactly why its used on the ps3...Its used because FSAA wasn't built into the hardware of the rsx and it takes a huge hit to performance to accomplish it so they off loaded it to the spu's but they are not capable of moving large chunks of memory around so its broken up into tiny pieces alah MLAA...A CHEAP DIRTY way of trying to get some AA done on the ps3 without the performance hit.

4. I don't want to play my shooters with tacked on MOVE controlls it either needs to be specifically designed for it or not at all...if I can also play it the same way with my dualshock3 why do I even want to bother with move if it doesn't add anything to the gameplay like head tracking or something.

5. I don't have a 3-D tv I bet not 15 people out of the thousands that read this do... Wouldn't it be better served to use the processing for even better visuals and gameplay rather than making a game in 3-D just to support another of Sony's formats pre-maturely...I just don't want it forced on me like the did six-axis with Lair and then ruin or lessen a great game doing it.

Conclusion...Both games look great but I understand what both were saying k3 looks incredible at 30fps and rage does at 60fps... The real question should have been if kz3 would have looked as good if they tried to full off 60fps or how much better would Rage look if they lowered it to 30fps ?

NastyLeftHook3071d ago

killzone 3 looks better than rage

meetajhu3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Sorry but Rage is already better in its alpha stage. And i think every generation there is no game to beat Idsoftwares games when it comes to graphics. Go to digital foundry and find about killzone 3 where most dropping Fps to 28-27 where the game should run at 60fps. And Rage running at 60fps sandbox. There is no comparsion. Stop being and ignorant pathetic fanboy

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

You are comparing only the Frame per seconds.

''where most dropping Fps to 28-27 where the game should run at 60fp''

Killzone 3 It is in Pre Alpha Stage, wait for 2011 to see the latest build.

Killzone 3 have more and better graphics, are just Facts.

Included with Technology MLAA, x16 Anti Aliasing, Rage doesn't even have that level on Consoles. Only for PC.

Now that Killzone 3 will be designed to run at 60FPS with MLAA, the discussion is over.

Mr Tretton3071d ago

dude, KZ3 is not going to be 60 FPS. That isn't the goal, and I don't know where some people think they've heard that.

Also, 60 FPS does not equal better.

RatFuker3071d ago

cry me a river all you want but killzone 3's graphics pawn rage's.

The Lazy One3071d ago

That's a lot of crying talk for someone that is clearly blind.

SoSLy3070d ago

Doesnt matter to me I'll get both anyways ;)

Nike3071d ago

Reminds me of the ancient times when humanity would shout at the sky for rain to come. Or when we'd pray to the gods to give us the same while constantly going on about it.

Debate all you'd like. I'm gonna be waiting for them to come out while experiencing other great games in the mean time.

candystop3071d ago

Rage kills KZ3 in every graphical way possible. KZ3 is nothing more than a more stable looking KZ2 but it 3d. You guys making other claims are obviously in denial and have no idea what your talking about. KZ2 was break through stuff but now its nothing more than another shooter up against others.

Colonel-Killzone3071d ago

You been sniffing Chalk dust again ?

Why o why3071d ago

when you say things like 'Rage kills in KZ3 every graphical way possible' its obvious you're just projecting. You're entitled to your opinion even if slanted but you sound like the people you seem to loathe and complain about. What does that make you. Have you seen both of these games in completion and running in your face....I doubt it so making dumb ass statements makes you know....dumb!

Bobets3071d ago

Bet your one of those 360fags who hyped up alan wank to be the "New graphics king", now you've moved on to hyping up a multiplatform game because your "Graphics king" Alan wank let you down?. I feel sorry for you 5 years and still waiting for your "Uncharted 2 killah" to grace your console and now you've gone as desperate as rooting for a game that's also on PS3(RAGE).

thewhoopimen3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I dunno man... If KZ3 had as "much" things going on as Rage did looking at the demo footage, I'm pretty sure Guerilla could hit 60FPS. There just isn't that much physics interactions going on at the same time. And i'm sorry, but RAGE's animation and hit impact zones aren't anywhere near the same fidelity as KZs. That and I guarantee you sound won't either given the "limited" disc space we all have to live with for RAGE's design. I think that limit will ultimately mean alot of sacrificed features compared to an open 50GB "book"of plays Guerilla gets to work with. That and a whole hardware Engineering team from Sony, a 60 million+ budget, input from all of Sony's 1st party talent including Naughty Dog, and Santa Monica... Carmack may be a super genius, but one super genius with a small team like IDs, isn't going to outmuscle the 300+ in Guerilla's team for sheer art/design output not to mention the other hundreds of other talent pooled from 1st party. it's just common sense. You fanboys can make what you want of it in la la land, but the truth is in your face.

Go ahead and argue how Carmack and ID is gonna work out this one over the whole Sony hardware/software/design team. You're dreaming.

hassi943071d ago

Well almost all screenshots for Rage released so far are Xbox 360, so even if you don't think they better Killzone 3 (I think they do) then maybe the PS3 version will which id Software said is the better looking version. Then again if that doesn't everyone knows the PC version will blow it out of the water, look at Metro 2033 in full settings with full DX11 tessellation, trounces on any other game but you may not want to consider PC since they're in leagues of their own.

whothedog3071d ago

I thought it was a good debate, two gamers talking about games. But from what I have seen so far I would say Killzone 3 has the edge, a very slight edge, Rage is a great looking game. Also KZ3 looks more chaotic and I think that helps the immersion.

But I think we are going to have to wait till the games are released to really see what game is NICER looking.

Immortal3213071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

boo hoo so what. I can get both and kz3 looks and play way better than rage, I mean have you seen the trailer?

LOL I just watch the RAGE ign Live E32010 demo. I realize why tor davis was using the word tech! the game looks no better than farcry2. "Graphically" kz3 takes a sh*t on rage.

tinybigman3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

if people understand that Rage is multiplatform and it will look and run the same on both consoles. so i don't see why a certain group of gamers (they know who they are) always jump on a multiplat game with what it seems to justify their purchase.

both rage and kz3 look great, but with rage it wont have all the crazy stuff going on because its running at 60fps. higher frames means less effects that's why Rage looks like it doesn't have much going on in the open world.

also if people hate HHG so much why do you all keep on responding to his articles/videos?

J-Smith3070d ago

buy both, well if your a ps3 owner that is LoL

this site is getting very 2006/07?

Marquis_de_Sade3070d ago

Shoddy, RAGE is an open world game featuring fast paced vehicular combat along with a decent physics engine and all this at 60fps. For a console game, that's impressive in my opinion.

menoyou3069d ago

This is the first time I agree with HipHopGaymer

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SOAD3071d ago

You didn't have to comment on the thread, you know.

ChronoJoe3071d ago

This one isn't even a trap. It's appropriately named. HHG submits this crap normally, someone else did this time.

RoX_TimE_BomB3071d ago

lol its funny to watch how animated HH gets.... I had to laugh when he had to lower his voice at the event lmao

OOG3071d ago

It starts out about Rage and Killzone but slowly moves into basically the technology behind the games and what some games are doing compared to others. Overall its funny to watch. Everyone has varying opinions but we all know these games are looking great regardless.

ThatCanadianGuy3071d ago

Torrence hyping up a multiplat & downplaying a PS3 exclusive..

Kind of reminds you of a certain demographic here on N4G no? ^_-

OOG3071d ago

since they are talking about the engines etc.. not really... next time watch the video instead of commenting

if its amazing looking and multiplat... isnt that saying something good about the tech?

ThatCanadianGuy3071d ago

Watch the video? Did i say i didn't?

Torrence saying RAGE is better than killzone3, saying Ninja gaiden & Bayonetta are better than GOW? They were talking gameplay, not engines there.

But alas, there's no reasoning with you.A known Torrence/HHG ass kisser.
I wouldn't be surprised if it was you who submitted this drivel..

OOG3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Actually I did submit this because its called entertainment... kissing asses hardly (love that you make assumptions tho)... trust and believe I would argue back at any of them I form my own opinion like everyone should.

Since you seem to know me so well? Even though I don't know you? Keep the trolling to yourself I'm a little to adult to deal with your nonsense. If you really don't like their opinions all you have to do is not click on the article. The title and the description say enough for you to make an easy judgement call.

Ill end it there I don't have the time or the patience to play games when I have real ones to go and play. Have a good night/day tho.

T9X693071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

So because someone thinks Rage is better than Killzone 3 that makes them wrong? Last time I checked everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if you don't like that's your problem, but that doesn't mean they are wrong. Just because a game is a PS3 exclusive doesn't mean its better than every other game in its genre.

EDIT: Well they might have played demos of both, or maybe they didn't. Anyone can say a game looks better than another game before they come out. Everyone has their personal preference in games, which is how people decide what games they are going to buy. If I'm at the game store and I see two different FPS games and I look at both, and say this one looks better does that make me wrong? No, its all personal preference and opinions.

Nitrowolf23071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

can they really say which is better?
I have no problem with them saying Rage is better, but how can they say that if they havn't played either game? I mean even if there is a demo that they tried out, wouldn't it be better if this debate was much later like closer to release instead of almost a year before release?
Killzone 3 is still in pre-aplha or just alpha stage. The only part of the story that people know is that its continuation from the ending of the 2nd game which really doesn't tell much, other then the helghast aren't stopped.

my point is how can they say either game is better when neither have played the final product.

RoX_TimE_BomB3071d ago

@nitro I agree with the not debating it till they release... it starts off more as a debate about the engines and what they are trying to offer etc.. with 60fps and megatextures etc for rage tech and killzone 3 doing great with its particles etc...

This all comes from HH basically writing off Rage and say KZ3 is the best etc.. when they still have a lot of time to go.. and still would be personal opinion anyway... If you heard the Warzone I think last week? They had a tiny debate about it as well because of the fact HH was kind of writing off what the Rage engine is attempting to achieve...its not as much about the quality of the game as it is the tech behind it...

DA_SHREDDER3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

I know what he's trying to say. He's just saying the tech behind mega textures is more advanced than what Killzone is doing. You really cant argue with that unless your a dev.

@OOG stop trying to justify your contributions to the site. You have your right just like everyone else. Just cause you like to be a nazi on the bitbag doesn't mean the whole world thinks and acts like you.

SOAD3071d ago

But you are hardly the fellow to point out fanboyism.

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ThatCanadianGuy3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )


LOL! Right on the money! The ass kisser is the submitter.
i don't have to know you to see you sucking up and defending HHG every chance you get.Let's call it, an obvious observation shall we? :)

You call this entertainment? Is this entertainment for gamers now?
No? Even if it was, these two bickering back & forth hardly fall into that category.


Where the hell did i say they were wrong? Where did i say they weren't entitled to their opinions?? Do you just imagine things i wrote as you type up your little response or what??

I was merely poking fun at the fact that torrence, an xbox fanboy, hyping up multiplats and downplaying PS3 exclusives ties in ironically with the xbox fanboy crowd here on N4G.

But hey, i guess that just flew right over your head didn't it.

blusoops3071d ago

Yes, I thought it was entertaining.