PlayStation 3: The Only Choice For Hardcore Gamers

It has become clear: if you're a hardcore gamer and you can only have one console, it really needs to be the equal-opportunity employer of top-notch quality for all genres.

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RatFuker3016d ago

damn straight, the ps3 is the best console ive owned period! from demons souls, to killzone 2, to motorstorm, to god of war...

Donny3016d ago

to heavy rain to uncharted 2, to heavenly sword...

3016d ago
Cevapi883016d ago

and soon GT5, TLG, LBP2, Infamous 2, KZ3 :)

XxSolid SnakexX3016d ago

This article is nothing but flamebait. My favorite next gen console is the PS3 but that doen't men it's the only "hardcore" console, shit the wii is a hardcore console as much as the xbox 360 and the PS3, but the PS3 has so many features that it makes the other consoles look like last gen DVD 9 is starting to wareout and it's now time for Blu-Ray (next gen).

telekineticmantis3016d ago

8 days, the getaway, socom, starhawk, twisted metal.

Bathyj3016d ago

He didnt say PS3 is the only hardcore console, he says its the best.

PoSTedUP3016d ago

from infamous to uncharted1 to haze oh wait to rachet and clank to resistence2 : P....

003016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

well in my opinion wii is the best.....see what I'm getting at.

Sorry I meant THE ALL MIGHTY PS3 now is my opinion worth something?.

Bathyj3016d ago

Yeah, you just showed how worthless your opinion is.

XxSolid SnakexX3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

You guys are pathetic this whole industry somehow brainwashed you I just simply don't comprehend how something can be more hardcore than the other it can obviously be better but more hardcore?? Let's do a hardcore test shall we:


Don't you see all consoles have hardcore games to offer so please stop with all these flamebait articles and let's start getting some real news from N4G.

gamerzBEreal173016d ago

resistance to white night chronicals socom sly collection etc lol i think this can go on for years

shoddy3016d ago

ti the Wii fans, GTFO here this is for hardcore only kids.
bu bu but the salesss.

Only-Does-Bad-Ports3016d ago

bububu im not talking about sales? i asked a question if those were hardcore games? thats all

ThanatosDMC3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

For Lair haters, give it another go and make sure you download the analogue control patch. The only disgusting graphics i played in the game is during the night mission with the search lights and the looking at foot soldiers from far away.

It's really cheap now but the game is only worth one playthrough and you'll fight monsters as big if not bigger than the titans of GOW3.

bviperz3016d ago

Please read the article, he explained his view of the term 'hardcore'. Pretty good editorial, great time to start enjoying a PS3.

Theonetheonly3015d ago

Pc first then ps3 for those who are too dumb or too lazy to have a "REALLY" powerful system.

ps3 only console for hardcore.

gay statement. Acting like pc doesnt exist or some shit.

Or WAHHH!! it doesnt count cause its not a console.

plays games and it does a helluva lot more than "everything"

god go suck someone elses D^&K

ps4= large penis with sony stamped on it. and the instructions "insert in mouth"

but who cares it will have wifi!

Conloles3015d ago

ahahahahahahahahahah ololololololololol

rockleex3015d ago

Hardcore bandwagon again.

But even so, third parties still have little to no chance of success with core games on the Wii.

Brewski0073015d ago

I agree with everything you say. I love the ps3 but to have a need to continuiously shout it out with articles like this, is bringing N4G down. More constructive arguments and discussions go along way. But dont expect to see that in an article like this.
Not really sure what "Hardcore" is when games are concerned, nothing changes when you play unchartered 2 A GREAT GAME...or hello kitty island adventures....its all the same..theres still a standby button and theres still no element that your going to die in real life... Just a silly terminology used by teens.

IneedWeed3015d ago

to free PSN, to Free Web Browsing(Plugins, Adobe Flash Enabled), to PS Home, to PS+, to Blu-Rays, to free wifi, to battery-less controllers, to reliability, to PS Move, to Hack Proof,o wait I don't want that one. And of course to all around good exclusives.

Heisenberg3015d ago

bubbles for the name. And agreed.

Heisenberg3015d ago

Don't cry about it dude. People are allowed to disagree with you. I disagree with your statement, that's reason enough to hit disagree.

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kingdavid3016d ago

Yeah, a really non-biased source as well.

NastyLeftHook3016d ago

to god of war collection, to final fantasy versus, to heavenly sword to uncharted 1, to agent...

Pumbli3016d ago

kingdavid - I like how NastlyLeftHook just ignored what you said and continued naming games.

Bathyj3016d ago

So does that mean he's wrong, or does it just make it easier for you to disregard?

If an American said the USA has the best talent pool in the world for basketball, does that mean he's lying cos he roots for his own team?

You assume he likes PS3 cos he writes for psxextreme, but maybe he writes for psxextreme cos he likes PS3. I dont like blondes because I have a blonde girlfriend, I have a blonde girlfriend because I like blondes.

RememberThe3573016d ago

PSXExtreme is actually been a rather neutral site even catching some heat for calling out Sony on things they didn't like seeing.

But even if the site was not oriented towards the PlayStation the author would be bias since he is making an argument saying that the PS3 is a more hardcore console.

Bias in not an issue in an opinion piece only the arguments offered.

Theonetheonly3015d ago


brought to you by Getalife .tm


Gay statement
Never knew statements had a sexuality.

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Imperator3016d ago

Yep, Nintendo left a long time ago and now MS has abandoned it's core gamers. Think about it, all that's left is more Halo, more Gears, and Fable III (now multiplat).. Oh and let's not forget about Forza. Other than that, it's all shovelware trying to emulate the success of the Wii.

FlipMode3016d ago

If you saw E3 you'll know that Nintendo is definitely here.

SaberEdge3016d ago

You can't beat the exclusives. Sony just excels like crazy at first party exclusives. No other console comes close in that way. Nintendo has some good first party games, but they are mostly games in the same franchises, they don't have the variety that you get on the PS3.

I like my 360 too, but Sony rules at creating awesome exclusives.

Free internet, reliable hardware and Blu-ray only add to the value.

FlipMode3016d ago

No there is also XBox PC and Wii

inception1233016d ago

yeah but they aren't needed to have the best gaming experience a ps3 is.

FlipMode3016d ago

You are aware someone can not be interested in PS3 games, its all subjective.

inception1233016d ago

still the only games worth buying on the 360 are multiplat and with move you can get better substitutes for wii games. also because the ps3 is so open you get everything the pc version gets like mods, steam and keyboard and mouse support. ps3 exclusives are just icing on a perfect cake.

ranmafandude3016d ago

i know that there is a lot of good games on xbox 360 cause well i had one for 2 years and played pretty much the best of the best so far. for my personal gaming tastes, the ps3 just does it better for me that's all.

one genre that playstation always does best is jrpgs. that is not one of the xbox 360's strongest genres.i wish that you could find niche games like demon's souls and 3d dot game heroes on the xbox 360 but sadly you really can't. I'm 19 and been playing playstation since i was like 9.

i like shooters but there are way too many on ps3 and xbox 360. ms puts too much focus on online and shoooters.they need more single-player games like alan wake.

KingKiff3016d ago

That won't help MS one bit lol... They can keep Allan Wake as far as I am concerned.

I am starting to sound like a troll for that game but it just sucked so much. Glad I hired it before I believed the hype and bought it.

jwatt3016d ago

There's a reason why I never paid attention to the Wii in the console war because it was too casual. Now although the 360 still caters to the hardcore I feel like it's starting to head in the direction of the casual.

SaberEdge3016d ago

Sadly, I kind of feel like that too. Some people here know that I have always liked both the 360 and the PS3, but I really do feel like Microsoft is kind of leaving core gamers behind.

It seems like they just want to go after casuals because they see it as a lucrative market. Sure, they throw us a few bones here and there with games like Halo Reach, Gears 3 and Fable 3 (and I am really looking forward to those games), but you can't just keep pumping out the same three or four franchises forever.

I hope Microsoft see the errors in their ways and realize that you need strong first party support. They also need to realize that their bread and butter always has been and always will be the hardcore gamers.

DigitalAnalog3016d ago

But I do agree that the PS3 is the MOST hardcore out of all the gaming systems. I've never played a more diverse experience of games other than the PSX brand, especially..

the PS3.

-End statment

Menech3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

More nonsense straight out of N4G, everyone knows the PC is the only real platform for the true hardcore.

The community is smarter the variety is wider and the options are endless.

Want to play 3D at 2400p on the PC that's not an issue.

PS3 the only choice for hardcore LOL.

Call me when the PS3 can deliver an experience like in that youtube link.

O wait it's impossible 5 PS3's stuck together couldn't run that.

J-Smith3015d ago

dam right, playstation does it ALL

Inside_out3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

This guy doesn't know what hardcore

" I don't associate hardcore with time spent, skill or genre "

Yep, this guy only owns a PS3. If you only own a PS3 you've missed the best this gen has to offer.

The highest selling games on PS3 are multi-platform games. ALL multi-platform games play and look better on 360, case closed.

Here's 2010 line up for the hardcore.

Mass Effect:

Metro 2033:

Splinter Cell Conviction:

Alan Wake:

Crackdown 2:

Halo Reach:

Fable 3:

If you Have a $1200 PC, you could play some of these games, but if you have a PS3, forget about it. Instead, you get to buy a new TV and a new controller and watch all your games with glasses on.

For $150 ( arcade ) or $299 for the new 360, you can have the best controller in gaming, best on line service, best interface/operating system and of course the best library of games.

People that game have all the console at this point 2011 is looking promising for the hardcore as well...

TotalPS3Fanboy3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

It's funny how you're talking talking and then all of a sudden, jumped right into an informercial for the 360.

"For $150 ( arcade ) or $299 for the new 360, you can have the... bla bla bla... bla bla bla..."

"And if you order within the next 30 minutes, we'll add RRoD for free! *with shipping and handling fee."

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Demarco1563016d ago

ye we still have PC and the Wii is starting to make some hardcore games