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Persona 3 has made an amazing transition to the PlayStation Portable system and all of the changes made to the title have pushed this game into a realm of its own. No matter if you have played every P3 release or you are just now hearing about this phenomenon, one thing is certain; If you own a PSP, this should be in your collection. With over 100+ hours of gameplay, Persona 3 Portable is one of the deepest and best experiences to be found on the PSP and is exactly what an RPG should be.

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Lifewish3020d ago

such an amazing game that it actually made me pick up my PSP and have a hard time putting it down.

ThePlaystation3guy3020d ago

Looks like I'll be buying this, lol.

T3mpr1x3020d ago

Nice review! Totally not my type of game, but a JRPG with this kind of score is rare these days in the West...

Lifewish3019d ago

get this game and i promise you that you will enjoy it

wolfehound223019d ago

Wow great review. Like T3 not my kind of game, but nice to hear it was so good.