Neocrisis - God of War: Ghost of Sparta dev confirm cuts

Neocrisis - It's official, PSP's God of War: Ghost of Sparta dev Ready at Dawn has confirmed it has cut a number of staff. Apparently, thirteen staff were cut as they "simply couldn't keep them on board" for a transition onto a new project.

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-Mezzo-3018d ago

DAMN, it's sad to see such awesome studios suffering.

Strange_Evil3018d ago

Sucks for the 13 guys..... Hope they find something else soon.

I imagine if it weren't for PSP piracy, the poor guys would have had their jobs...

Vojkan3018d ago

what are you talking about? GOW COO and daxter sold in crazy numbers, that is not their issue.
I think it was probably that they got arrogant and abandoned PSP(if you guys remember them sending dev kits back to Sony) for their multiplat console project. It seems that didnt work out so well and they needed money so they came back to PSP their bread and butter.
Personally i would like them to join Sony first party, i think they could make incredible things if given first party support.

Strange_Evil3018d ago

Yup it sold well, but it got pirated nearly 2wice the amount it sold. Also they might have a cut in budget or something for the next GOW primarily due to that. Piracy might not be directly related, but it is a factor as well.

But ya, even your argument might be the case... Hope Sony buys out them.

GOW seems like the last hurrah of the PSP before 2 comes out... Just like GOW2 was for the PS2.

Newtype3018d ago

Cut as in fired? Or cut as in moved to another project?

Vojkan3018d ago


Read man. they fired them.
"Today, we had to let go of 13 of these people because we simply couldn't keep them on board while one project finishes and another ramps up. Unfortunately, these are the woes of being independent..."

jazzking20013018d ago

i hope this does not affect the game

pspgweber3018d ago

OMG, this is not a good sign.

jazzking20013018d ago

remember the "YOU ARE DEAD" screen from God 1
i think this will popup again lol