GameSpot: Blacklight: Tango Down Review

For multiplayer shooting on a budget, you can't go wrong with Blacklight: Tango Down. You easily get more than your $15 worth here, and the gameplay offers a change of pace for those who are getting a little burned out on the multiplayer in full-price games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. A handful of tweaks would be welcome, particularly when it comes to map spawn points and the disappointing solo/co-op mode of play, but you really can't nitpick considering how much you're getting for a very reasonable price.

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Funky Town_TX3045d ago

This is a no buy for me. It felt like a cheap COD wanna be. I forgot it is cheap. I can buy a used old FPS that's better than this. It looks like there are trying to slide in these cheap XBLA games and make a profit. $15 for this is a no buy.

T9X693045d ago

Cheap COD wanna be? What's cheap about COD $15 map packs? Hmmmm lets see...3 new maps and one map I already own on a different game for $15, or a full brand new game for the same price?

Holeran3045d ago

Ya you can buy an old used fps that in your opinion is better than this but will it have as many people playing it on a daily basis? Probably not, considering that many people play these for a limited number of hours than play the next one in line. And there is not that many FPS in this ones target price range.

playnation3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

im buying this, when available on psn.

Edit: yes im a FPS Whore lolz

3045d ago
Spenok3045d ago

Not a bad score. Though i have to many other games to worry about then buying a PSN shooter.

Jackel20723045d ago

sure this game is 15 bucks. but regardless its still pretty cheap. sure it has some cool ideas but its execution is just barely above sub par. and gievn the quality of XBLA titles (Shadow Complex) to just pat this game on the back and say, "oh a downloadable FPS for 15 bucks gets a pass" is down right stupid. it's still an FPS and not a very good one at that. it should be held to the same standards. which out of 10 in my mind is about a 4