How to make your ears orgasm for cheap

EX: "Simple: take advantage of Astro's ongoing sale for their top-of-the-line, A30 cross-gaming headset.

For a limited time only, Astro is selling their premium gaming headphones for roughly 33 percent off. The normal headset, which usually retails for $149.95, now costs only $99.95.

The A30 Audio System, which includes the A30 headphones and the award-winning Dolby® 5.1 powered ASTRO MixAmp, is going for $199.95 down from $229.95."

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Queasy3107d ago

She can play with my eardrums anytime.

qface643107d ago

i dunno man if your ears are having orgasms you might wanna go get that checked out
i don't want my ears having orgasms D:

also $100 is cheap?

MMFGaming3107d ago

Cheaper than $150. Top of the line headphones w/ like 5.1 or 7.1 go for like $150.

tehk1w13107d ago

Oh, and for anyone who thinks that girl is just eye candy, that's Jo Gracia. She hosts her own gaming program or something. She also does porn, which should tell us that the two occupations are not mutually exclusive.

Biggest3107d ago

She doesn't do porn. She was a Playboy Cybergirl in 2007. And yes, I do want my ears to orgasm. I wish every part of my body could. In case any of you don't know. . . Orgasms are awesome.

Shmotz3107d ago

Or you can buy the Turtle Beach P21 for about 80$. While I wont deny that the above mentioned Headphones arent better the quality difference isnt 120$

BakedGoods3107d ago

Or you can through all these headphones out and go AX PRO.

3107d ago
Dday1413107d ago

Whenever my ears orgasm it shoots Dday Yogurt. It's not as nutritious and delicious as my thick Dday milk, but combine and it makes a great Dday milkshake. Thick and full of vitamins for the grown girls.

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The story is too old to be commented.