Review | The Cages: Pro-Style Batting Practice (Examiner)

J. Evangelho writes:
For sports buffs or baseball enthusiasts who crave their own virtual batting cage, Konami's The Cages: Pro-Style Batting Practice is perfect for swinging the stick in your living room. But could it actually improve your average and technique?

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killyourfm3016d ago

I'd probably suck at this game, but I have a cousin who would go nuts for something like this.

MxShade3016d ago

Did you go out and hit some balls afterward and see if you were any better?

I just can't see a game really recreating a swing that well that it could transfer the skills to real life, or vice versa, mainly because you learn to "read" your pitcher and the signs a game gives you (or a real life pitcher gives you).

killyourfm3016d ago

It worked with Rock Band! I see your point though.

Queasy3016d ago

I think I'll stick with taking my kids to the ACTUAL REAL LIFE batting cage.

killyourfm3016d ago

But then you've got the smokers, the fat old guys screaming in frustration, the obnoxious kids. I think I'd like a personal "batting cage" like this especially with a bat accessory.