Lionhead Talks about Fable 3 Voice Stats, Emotional Storytelling

If you thought the amount and variety of spoken dialogue in Fable 2 was ridiculous, then the voice statistics Lionhead is targeting for Fable 3 will... um... also seem ridiculous to you.

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Anon19743018d ago

I've loved both of the Fable games and the dialog, voice acting and especially the music all create a feel to the Fable games that are truly unique to the series and make the experience stand out for me. Both the first and second Fable are up in my top games. Peter may have over promised with these titles but I still felt the experience was well worthwhile.

Very much looking forward to Fable 3. My only wish is for better co-op. The co-op in two seemed tacked on and the camera issues were terrible. Tighten it up or just take it out.

hassi943018d ago

They did say they now have free co-op to have your hero in someone else's world, you can marry other people via co op and can move around the world independently (no rubber-banding)