OXCGN’s Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Hands-On Impressions


"With the retail release of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days just around the corner (August 26 brought forward to 17th), an exclusive demo was released onto Xbox Live Marketplace last week to be downloaded by a lucky few gaming journalists and fans.

OXCGN’s GrathiusXR and Belgavion spent several hours engaged in the game, both in single player and co-op mode, and have sat down to discuss their thoughts on the demo and whether this sequel is looking to be an improvement on the original."

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gaminoz3111d ago

I like the 'discussion' way of commenting on gameplay. Getting a couple of perspectives in one preview seems to bring out more 'opinion' and less simple description.

As for the game...still not convinced as it takes a great deal to wash the bad taste of the last one out of my mouth.

DoctorQ3111d ago

i agree with you on the discussion bit, but to be honest, i didnt mind the first, and i have some pretty high hopes for dog days

Godem3111d ago

To be successful this game is going to have to blow the original out of the water. I'm unsure if this can happen.

3111d ago
BadCircuit3111d ago

It's funny they named it Dog Days when the last game was such a dog...

BadCircuit3111d ago

Actually that may be an insult to dogs..