Yoichi Wada: "Some Are Not Very Happy With Final Fantasy XIII"

It's no secret that Square Enix’s much hyped and long awaited Final Fantasy XIII wasn’t that well received by many fans of the series. Depending on who you ask, FFXIII is considered to be the biggest disappointment yet for the franchise.
Speaking to Gamasutra recently, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada acknowledges that Final Fantasy XIII dissappointed many.

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MariaHelFutura3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Duh, I could have told you that months ago.

All I gotta say is this. Keep FF13Versus exclusive to the PS3 and it better be amazing or I`m done.

kratos1233021d ago

if they screw this 1 up im done with SE on the consolses

but i have to admit they make great handhelds games
cant wait for kh bb

BakedGoods3021d ago

I told myself I was done after 12, but after seeing 13 I knew I had to try it---now I'm f'in done.

Thanks for nothing Square.

ChozenWoan3021d ago

we need Capt Obvious to help us sort out this crazy mess.

Millah3021d ago

Some are not very happy with yoichi wada

D4RkNIKON3021d ago

I got so bored with FF13 it was a chore to play.

iamtehpwn3021d ago

2 things:
1) One planet focus: Not Cocoon and Grand Pulse; Focus on one world with one great culture. Final Fantasy X did a really outstanding job of this

2) Either make the 360 version 5-6 discs and pay the royalties for each disc, or Simply DONT port it to Xbox360. Don't make everyone lose the quality of a game series they only get a true fix of every 2-5 years in between.

sikbeta3021d ago

"Yoichi Wada: "Some Are Not Very Happy With Final Fantasy XIII"

Hmmm... like ALL the Fans, maybe? what an idiot, Wada you're the disgrace of the Final Fantasy Franchise...

AAACE53021d ago

I understand a lot of people didn't like FFXIII, but keep in mind that the traditional style of Jrpg's is changing. I would expect that Versus will be a lot different from what longtime rpg fans are used to.

All i'm saying is, go into it with an open mind!

jams_shop3021d ago

Here is the thing, NO one asked for a change. We all want traditional JRPG style.

To Yoichi Wada,
Keep Final Fantasy series' traditional style. MF

beardpapa3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

it's not even about FF13 being different from the traditional rpg. FF13 was just plain bad, way too linear, and boring.

coolfool3021d ago

That's not quite true. The gaming media seems to be saying that traditional JRPG's are dead and stagnant but I think gamers themselves, on the whole, disagree. The series got to where it is today by sticking to it's roots. Gamers want and expect a certain type of experience from FF so it's disappointing when it isn't delivered.

rockleex3021d ago

Yea right!!

It is SH!T for those who know Final Fantasy!

vsr3021d ago

Please square we need a "TRUE Final Fantasy Quality" game, not an average game with the name final fantasy. It should be a technical showcase on PS3.

gman_moose3021d ago

Is evidence that RPG gamers still prefer the old school style RPG. I'm hooked on it. If they were to make a similar game in HD, I would die a happy man. Why do they keep trying to "innovate and try new things" at the expense of fthe long time fans?

S-E pushing back the FFXIV release for PS3 might be the last straw for me. They've pissed me off way to much since that FFX-2 fiasco.

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Noctis Aftermath3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )



Troll-without-Bridge3021d ago

Yeah some. For instance i don't know anyone personally that doesnt love the game, yet on forums you will find people who hate it.

So Real life, or web forums... I'll go with real live feedback.

Reibooi3021d ago


It's funny you mention real life vs the web on this.

I have a group of about 6-7 RPG loving friends and all of them LOVED Final Fantasy XIII yet everyone on the internet does nothing but trash the game. I wonder what's going on with that. Personally I thought the game was awesome.

Game-ur3021d ago

If Wada wanted to "Experiment" he should have done that with spinoffs not core tittles.

Many may not know but Front Mission is another victim of his oddball ideas.

R0me3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I hated the game when I saw the videos with transformer summons. Man what a shame. Played the old Final Fantasys where these summons had their proud? were graceful? reflected real force?

Now go ahead and ride them like a motorcycle, haha you can ride them like they are some tamed animals, but I forgot they are mashines now... so they have no soul, no heart right?

I really cannot understand how Final Fantasy fans can love this game.
But I noticed more and more people taking the hate-train thats right.

Redempteur3021d ago

yep some

sure ff13 disapointed on some areas but it was still a great game.i enjoyed ff13 a lot except the snow & NORA parts .
but yeah the foroms are full of haters ...

it's like white knight chronicles .. it's easy to find someone with a bad opinion of the game YET when you go ONLINE'll find people lot of it

Same thing with HOME .. each article , here you'll find people saying that it's a waste of time YET ..if you log in HOME each space if full of people .

i enjoyed ff13 enough to play +83 hours that's good considering it's a rpg

lordgodalming3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

@Mihael-Keehl and Reibooi

I've said it before here, but I thought FFXIII was great. I played it for 94 hours, got my Plat, and never got bored. I even bought the 4-disc soundtrack to listen to while I do my writing and grading.

The funniest thing is now people are saying how it can't hold a candle to the super-awesomeness of XII (which I also loved), even though when XII came out everyone hated IT because it was different. I think if FFXIII wasn't a FF game, it wouldn't get nearly so much hate.

Edit: @R0me

Dude, you hate this game because you didn't like vidoes you watched of the summons? And you're calling out other FF fans because they liked a game they actually played? Come on, man.

Edit 2: On topic, Yoichi Wada bites the root. He's the worst thing to happen to Square since Enix.

MRMagoo1233021d ago

IMO ff13 wasnt the game i was expecting there where some highs and alot of lows. I need an old style ff like any of the ones from 10 below i personally love turn based for ff and i love exploring and finding secrets like in ff7 where you could breed chocobos and make gold ones or fly the airship round till you found secret islands even 9 had this kind of stuff im afraid that if the next ff game is like 13 i will not be buying it.

UltimateIdiot9113021d ago

I understand if your friends loves the game but people I personally know hate the game, all of us got so bored, we all failed to finish the game. Some of us are pretty die hard RPG fans too. I even have a few friends who opt not to buy it because it was linear.

nnotdead3021d ago

if i was to break it down:

Battle system- one of my favorite in the series.

world/mythos- not so much the way the story is told, but still an interesting concept.

characters- i know most didn't like them, but i didn't dislike any of them.

story telling- the story never flowed for me. became really boring at parts and dragged on. think a bunch of stuff was put in so SE could say it takes 45 hours to beat instead of 30.

weapons- never got into the weapon upgrade system. i'd rather either just upgrade one weapon, or i would like to just buy a better one.

villain- one of the weakest in the whole series.

Spenok3021d ago

I fully agree. I havent talked to anyone in real life that didnt at least enjoy the game. Though everyone is entitled to there own opinion. I loved it. Though it was in no way the best FF or RPG i have ever played. Its good. I bet most people who trash this game online as you say probably havent even played it. OR have only played it for a few hours.

In FF13's defence WHO THE F*** cares if the game in linear or not? I understand a lot of RPG's, and especially FF's are non-linear. But a game being linear DOES NOT make a game bad. Nor does an RPG w/o towns. OR a FF w/o airships.

Now ill be honest and say i missed Airships, and the open feel of past FF titles. But nostaliga did not ruin this game for me. Not one bit.

Bolts3021d ago

Yeah, and "some" iphone 4s have signal issues.

Monkey5213021d ago

What I don't understand, is how people say that EVERYONE hates FFXIII when all you are reading are the comments of a few hundred people or the words of ten of your friends. Do you realize that FFXIII sold 5 MILLION COPIES. Obviously, a lot of those people enjoyed the game a lot. Like it was mentioned before, if the name Final Fantasy wasn't on this game, there wouldn't be nearly as many complaints.

Reibooi3021d ago

Amazing how everyone in here trying to defend the game gets trashed, insulted or gets a mass amount of disagrees and most people have nothing to say about the game. They repeat the same tired criticisms and are basically saying "But but the game sucked" The vast majority of these people have never even played the game.

How people can say this game was bad because of being so different is a complete WTF for me. EVERY Final Fantasy game is incredibly different. XII was NOTHING like X and X was NOTHING like VII-IX. That's the point of the series. It doesn't hold itself back with stupid contrived mechanics that don't need to be there. The linearity doesn't make it a bad game. The VAST majority of games out there are linear and that doesn't make those bad. Who cares that this is a RPG. Final Fantasy X was VERY linear and yet no one trashed that game when it came out. Really go back and look at some of the maps in FF X they are long lines with no turn offs JUST like Final Fantasy XIII.

Honestly people are bitching so much because they are looking for a reason to hate SE and looking for a reason to hate FF. Had this game come out without the FF name on it the game more then likely would have been hailed as a masterpiece. Yet because it has the FF name everyone says it's a disappointment and that it sucks which by the way seems to happen with EVERY FF since X.

X-2 Good reviews but everyone says the game sucks
XI one of the best MMO's out there but HEY IT"S A FF MMO it' sucks

All these games have incredible reviews. The way I see it people want to hate the company and the series because they are Square Enix and not Square Soft anymore.

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Godmars2903021d ago

Could deal with it being multiplatform, but not if they have to cut corners to make the BR version "equal" to the DVD one.

catguykyou3020d ago

Making it exclusive doesn't automatically make it good. Making it good, makes the game good.

Kamikaze1353021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

What does being exclusive have to do with that? There are Gamecube, PS2, hell, even GBA games that were more entertaining than FFXIII (including other FF games on those consoles). The problem with FFXIII was that SE decided that animations, story, and emotions were more important than gameplay. I remember a while ago they were talking about that stuff in FFXIII as if it were their main focus.

Being an exclusive would not have changed anything. All it would have added MAYBE were a few monsters maybe a new area or two. However, due to the direction the team was going in with this game, it wouldn't have reached the expectation we were all clinging to. FFXII was exclusive and look at how many people bash it.

So yeah, I'm pretty positive that had this game been exclusive, people would still bash it and find reasons to complain. It would by no means be as perfect as we all wanted it to be. Not sure why fanboys insist on blaming the 360 for the incompetence of developers.


@Shadowstar - Oh yeah, I know it was all eye candy, but I never said those things were good. It's just that since that's all they were apparently focusing on, being an exclusive wouldn't have fixed anything.

Shadowstar3021d ago

I'm not disagreeing that exclusivity wouldn't have fixed anything, but I think you have the issue wrong. They did not have a great story, characters or emotions, so I don't think they decided that those were more important than gameplay.

The game was all about the eyecandy.

Godmars2903021d ago

In this specific case, exclusive means 20 to 50GB of data being on one disc or divided between several with possible compromises to put it on fewer, then "downgrading" the one disc version that by rights shouldn't be effected to make them equal.

Reibooi3021d ago


You can debate the story itself not being that great and to be honest despite loving the game the OVERALL story was a little weak.

That said Final Fantasy XIII had INCREDIBLE characters and emotions throughout. The game was VERY character driven and characters changed and evolved as the game went on more so then any past Final Fantasy. Most past Final Fantasy games the characters start and end the game the same. Cloud stars FFVII as a badass Soldier and ends the game as the same no real change. However nearly every character in FFXIII changes and evolves over the course of the game. They focused on that more then the overall story which was why said story was a bit weaker then perhaps it should have been

ThanatosDMC3021d ago

More than half of the game was cut out from FF13. Maybe it would have been better than going through those straight paths for hours if the other half of the game wasnt taken out.

I only played for 5hrs and stopped playing it thinking "wtf? this isnt final fantasy!"

Godmars2903021d ago

A good chunk of extra content, that could have made the game seem less linear, wasn't included, with a strong likelihood of the 360/DVD version being the deciding factor behind its removal. Rather than put it on another DVD, for which MS would have charged Square for.

Redempteur3021d ago


if you've played 5 hours , than you've seen nothing of ff13

Shadowstar3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )


In all honesty, I liked the characters... but none of my friends did. Not one. They didn't feel any emotional connection to them. I liked them, but not enough to defend any of them. These are people who've played all the Final Fantasies, even the ones I really hated, and none of them finished the game, or plan to finish it. If I can't find anyone IRL who really loved them, then I can't agree that the characters were well done.

I'm glad that you felt that way, though.

Shadowstar3021d ago

@Reibooi: I personally enjoyed the characters... but not ONE of the rest of my friends did, and they've been more into the series than me; I dropped it at 8 because it didn't live up to my expectations. That says something, and it's not something good. I think I have one friend who finished the game other than me.

ThanatosDMC3021d ago

There was no point for me to keep playing something i've grown to hate. Also, the final deciding factor for me was that girl that was so happy eventhough a whole lot of people just died after the bridge fell. Good thing you didnt say, "but you have to play 20hrs to get to the good part.."

Anyway, FF13 was really disappointing... i really hope FFvs13 would be awesome.

Redempteur3021d ago


so you judge a RPG on 5 hours ? only ? Please telle me the name of a rpg where you can have a valid opinion after 5 hours ... yes it's your life it's your right to love or hate but you're talking when you've seen pretty much nothing .

maniacmayhem3021d ago

How people still think that FF sucked only because Square "supposedly" cut out parts and made the game linear so it could be on the 360. Nobody brings up that fact that the game was started and was being made for the PS2 first.
Could this be a reason? Naaaaaw, let's blame the 360!)

Even though Square has repeatedly said over and over that the game would have been the same regardless of it being multi platform.

Other RPG's have appeared on Xbox and have not been linear and have included a great number of towns to explore and monsters to fight. So to say that the 360 limited FF XIII true potential is so retarded it defies thought.

In my opinion one of the reasons it was multi disc (360) was because of the sheer amount of cut scenes this game had.

By the way I play FFXIII, I got about 3 hours in and stopped. I picked up Resonance of Fate and for some reason I haven't stopped playing that game.

ThanatosDMC3020d ago

For this game, yeah. For Star Ocean 4, i went like 20+ hrs till i stopped playing it and i was barely scratching the surface. I got to the part in which i save the mech guy and killed all those lizard people. Great game and great combat mechanics but it wasnt good as Star Ocean 1 and 2.

I bought FF9 again and tried to play it to finally finish the game, i stopped at the part when i got to Liblum, which was about 10+hrs. I still dont understand the card game. Hated FF7 because i didnt know where to go. Valkeria Chronicles because i couldnt beat the giant tank without any casualties.

I dont like some RPGs in their own way. All RPGs are different after all in their own way.

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Davoh3021d ago

Some Are Not Very Happy With Yoichi Wada

Jazz41083020d ago

If this game would of came out exclusive for the ps3 in the same form it released as you guys would be defending it to high heaven like some of u still to this day do with haze. Since it was muti it gives you your favorite excuse in the book and that's to bash ms. On topic the game sucks whether it was exclusive or not.

tinybigman3021d ago

i don't care if others didn't like it, i enjoyed it very much. loved the battle system.

richierich3021d ago

The battle system was the most linear part of the game it was practically automatic

tinybigman3021d ago

i didn't play it like that i picked the combos i wanted to use. only time i use auto battle was when fighting big turtles.

darthawesome903021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

The graphics and movement of the battle system was good but it consisted of tapping the X button and pressing the paradigm shift button.

I hated the Paradigm system, I beat the whole game just buttom mashing auto-battle.

If Square wants to make a good Final Fantasy battle system then they should take a look at FFVI, X, or even better yet Chrono Trigger. It's sad when I like FFXII more than XIII.

NecrumSlavery3021d ago

Controlling one person, who couldn't come back from death, on top of a non leveling system, no towns. It was point A to B for almost 35 hours straight.

MRMagoo1233021d ago

couldnt agree with necrum any more the fighting was a huge problem in this game it felt like no freedom at all was allowed if you liked the fighting in 13 you dont like finalfantasy games as they are known imo.

kingdavid3021d ago

The battle system in FF always evolves. If you want just a traditional attack, magic, etc. just play dragon quest.

In saying that though, Im more satisfied with the way dragon quest has evolved compared to FF. The last 2 FFs have been pretty disappointing whilst the last 2 DQs have gone from strength to strength. Its just a pity its not as much recognised in the West.

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MadMan003021d ago

What if V13 is terrible? And it's not on 360? Who will you blame then? People like you blamed the 360 for 13 even though SE has not made a GOOD game this Gen.

XIII was planned before it even hit 360, 360 had nothing to do with how bad it was, it's a simple fact look how long they were working on it, tired of the excuses.

Newtype3021d ago

It won't since the guy who did 7 is heading it. From playing all of his games, it pretty much won't suck. Also Nomura has never made a game for the 360.

The multiplatform agreement was at no loss for Sony seeing as they have stock in Square Enix. Microsoft has no stock in Square, which means everytime a 360 version of the game is sold Sony gets some. Sony doesn't really care about exclusivity with Final Fantasy. Haven't you guys read the interview?

They have like 8% now, and Sony likes to have competition. They had the opportunity to buy out Square and make them 1st party, but they didn't want to. They WANT competition.

Redempteur3021d ago

"SE has not made a GOOD game this Gen. "

You should really shut up a look at the list of game SE did so far on ds & psp ONLY to realise you've missed a lot of excellent gamefrom the wolrd ends with you to dissidia to all the KH games .
they also did a lot of good things on Wii

beardpapa3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

forget FF13. Dragon Quest 9 is awesome. Just finish up Versus, give it to us, and quickly get to work on DQ10.

Daver3021d ago

'Some were not happy with FF13'

It was a chore to finish it, very bad game. Only good thing about it, it looked good.

Natsu X FairyTail3021d ago

Final Fantasy XIII versus will be Meh like every Single Final fantasy game on console that came out in the latest years.

What's the last good Final fantasy game yall played on console?

MRMagoo1233021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

for me i liked all of them apart from 13 although 12 for me was close to being on my not like list it was ok but i loved the storys and characters in all of them including 10 part 2

also ide like to add i loved the narration in ff10 made me feel more for the characters.

FACTUAL evidence3021d ago

is like playing a sidescroller on nintendo, ya just keep on goin foward. LAME!

darkziosj3021d ago

dear god fanboys still blame the 360, IT WAS LINNEAR EVEN BEFORE IT WAS ANNOUNCED ON THE 360

Chris3993021d ago

They took the formula and streamlined it - simplicity at the expense of choice.

If they want to "Westernize" the series, look toward something like Fallout or Oblivion as an example. Imagine Oblivion with Nomura styled, gorgeous characters, even more melodrama and flashy special effects! Tell me that wouldn't be the most awesome game ever made.

That said, I was dead-set on hating the game. It sat on my shelf - unfinished - for months. Recently I got around to playing it again.

Now that I've actually sunk some time into it, and gotten past that dreadful linear 30 hour opening, the game is pretty good. The graphics are sumptuous, the harder monsters and weapon upgrading systems are delightfully deep and the characters aren't as annoying (or I've just gotten used to them).

With XIII they took away the freedom that they gave you right at the start of XII, and that was a mistake. I know a lot of people didn't care for the political story in that chapter of the series (I liked it, and Fran and Balthazar were great characters), but it was liking taking GTA and turning it into a corridor shooter, if you catch my drift. Two steps backwards.

P.S. The robot/ car/ motorcycle Eidolons have to go. There's nothing cool about them and it's a blatant, awkward attempt at courting prepubescent North American males as well as being very tacky. I'd like to see something more graceful and, well, powerful. The summons (except for the insta-death one) are utterly useless.

Microsoft Xbox 3603021d ago

The game was doomed when they announce it for the 360.

Raoh3021d ago

your too generous easy on them.

i'm already done. vs could be exclusive or not, open world or not, traditional rpg or not...

either way i'm still expecting a mediocre experience. SE has not delivered a single good game this generation. and i dont mean just on the ps3. the 360 offerings from SE arent good either.

actually if you want jrpg's either get the mistwalker games like odyssey or atlus and devs published by atlus like demon's souls.

dredgewalker3021d ago

I don't dislike change, I only dislike it if isn't better than what you replaced. Wada ruined Square for me.

Umbrella Corp3021d ago

Maybe if there were towns it wouldve been more memorable as a legit Final Fantasy and not a shit fest.

Hardbladestone3021d ago

i don't know about you guys but i loved this game..

sofocado3021d ago

No. Make it for the 3 HD Platform PC, XBOX 360 and PS3. It should be amazing.