VideoGamer: Bodycount Preview

If there's one thing the shelves of your local game store isn't lacking, it's first-person shooters. This is great for those with an itchy trigger finger, but quite a problem for developers looking to bring a new IP to the crowded table. There's an argument that there's little innovation left to squeeze out of the genre, but time and time again this has been proved wrong. The genre as a whole is subsequently of an incredibly high standard, and it's increasingly difficult to distinguish a good FPS from a great one.

A new FPS either needs to be very good looking or very different to get itself noticed. Codemasters' Bodycount didn't appear to be either of these things.

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dizzleK3071d ago

the titles are so generic these days that i keep getting this mixed up with bulletstorm.

raztad3071d ago

"It's fast paced, over the top and packed with more explosions than Sydney Bridge on New Year's Eve. And yet at the same time it's complimented with elegant controls, tight accuracy and feedback in all the right places"

This sounds like BLACK to me. I do want.

3070d ago