Xbox 360 Slim Noise Test: Is It "Whisper Quiet?"

You can't always take these tech companies at their word, what does whisper quiet actually mean? Elephant whisper? So T3 decided to put it to the test in their ultra-scientific, super-controlled-environment video test.

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s8anicslayer3070d ago

Play Alan Wake and it sounds like a damn hedghog is caught inside, but an overall improvement from it's older brother.

darthv723070d ago

MS had stated the fan was whisper quiet. NOT the drive.

lonix3070d ago

They said the xbox 360 was whisper quiet

TheXgamerLive3070d ago

also, i have a jasper model and even it's whisper quiet playing all games including Alan Wake.

there's no room for the sony wannabe attitudes here please and thanks.

darthv723070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

I recall major nelson's major minute saying "it's whisper quiet" and i would assume that meant the fan. Drive vibration noise will still be apparent but over all...quieter is better.

Seijoru3070d ago

Anyone notice that the mods banned a bunch of PS3 fanboys lately but still keep the Xbox fanboys loose? I smell more bias bullshit from mods on N4G, give me a warning I don't give a shit.

deadreckoning6663070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

@Seijoru- Wow, I didn't realize that happened. Anyways, of all the times I've gamed on the 360, the noise hasn't really bothered me much. Even my PS3 after a couple hours or so starts to make noise and its not a problem for me.

"PS3 fanboys are the ones that are such babies. They complain more then anyone, Plus there's more of them here then 360 fanboys. You say one good thing about a 360 it gets mass disagrees"

One time in the old N4G, I said that Heavy Rain wasn't my cup of tea and as a rebuttle, some kid started talking about Gears of War's flaws. I was like, "Waaaa???" I don't like any fanboys, but PS3 fanboys are the most persistent, vocal, and nasty I have ever witnessed.

MadMan003070d ago

PS3 fanboys are the ones that are such babies. They complain more then anyone, Plus there's more of them here then 360 fanboys. You say one good thing about a 360 it gets mass disagrees...Even if someone shares an opinion about a 360 game mass disagrees and flames.

bioshock12213070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

It's because they are the most annoying. There are usually not that many Xbox 360 fanboys that I have seen in here and the few that there are are banned. So good riddance N4G comments have become trash ever since the new site update and since they removed the open zone. So this is a good thing.

You cant say anything that is true or have a decent conversation in here anymore because someone will always get offended in here and rate you down and if you notice it's usually the PS3 fanboys.

Say something bad about the PS3 you will get over 20 plus disagrees and go down a bubble say something bad about the Xbox 360 you will get over 20 plus Agrees and have no bubbles taken away. Post a story that is negative towards the PS3 and be prepared to get over 20 lame reports do the same for an Xbox 360 negative story and it gets approved with no Lame reports.

Anon19743070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

I was suspended and threatened with longer suspensions by one of the mods just a couple of weeks ago for legitimate comments that were critical of Kinect's price point, as well as losing all my bubbles. I complained to the mod:

"Rationally stating that I was not happy about Kinect's price point and expressing my disappointment in what I saw is a gamer discussing intelligently gamer issues. It is far from trolling, and as evidenced by the ratio of agrees to disagrees for the majority of my posts it's clear to me that the general N4G community feels the same as I do."

He responded:
"You spend 90% of your comments in the Xbox section saying how much you hate the system, how many times your system has died, and your forecast for their sales, instead of actually talking about games you enjoy and like to play on the systems you enjoy. Next trolling comments will carry a longer restriction."

Read my comment history. I'm a 360 owner and fan. I've never, not once claimed I hate the system. Yes, I follow sales and yes, I'm vocal whenever console hardware issues are brought up because I've gone through multiple 360's, and yes I'm often critical of the way Microsoft does certain things - but the idea that I don't add anything to the conversation and do nothing but troll 360 news is shows simple ignorance of my posting history. I've been using this site for 3 years and have never been hassled by the mods like this.

As for the above complaining about PS3 fans. "If you say anything positive about 360 games you get mass disagrees." That's BS. I talk about 360 games I like and am looking forward to all the time and I don't get massive disagrees on those comments.

On Topic: It's good the Microsoft has addressed the noise issue with the new 360's. My wife often complained about the noise of the system while we'd play through co-op on Gears and Halo. It got to the point when I'd suggest a 360 game and she'd say "Got anything that we can play on the quiet system?"
Doesn't help me with my old, noisy 360 system, but it is nice to see that Microsoft listened to the feedback and addressed the problem.

hoops3070d ago

There are FAR many more PS3 fanboys on this site than Xbox360 fanboys.
Regardless...both are annoying as f*** and wether it's 1 or 1000 for either side, it's bad enough.

Nitrowolf23070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Times have changed on N4G

Early in this Gen it was all about 360 Fanboys running this site.
Now its a flip since the PS3 started to take off.

funny because i remember way back people complaining about to many 360 fanboys, now its PS3 Fanboys.

It would be nice if there can be decent conversation
They should really bring back the open Zone

and why is it that both side of the fanboy go into in each article and post something very dumb. I don't have the issue with the opposite being there and commenting, but when they comment on something like "This game sux because its on this console) i just don't know

@ s8anicslayer

you sure you aren't speaking about the old 360?
My friend has a slim and seems to run just fine with Alan Wake

Seijoru3070d ago

Looks like the idiots are joining in again, PS3 fanboys are just as bad as all fanboys are period but at least with a reason; ALL through 2005-2008 they have had to deal with all the trash talking ps3 saying it has no games and blu-ray will fail. They probably just need a feeling of vindication. And saying there are a lot more ps3 fanboys is just showing how far the PS3 has gone and how much it is still growing, those fanboys are probably just new 11 year old kids who jumped on the PS3 bandwagon with the Slim.

table3070d ago

I worry for n4g when comments like darkride's are taken as trolling. An opinion backed up with logic and reason should be respected regardless whether or not you agree. I would consider this community to be almost as bad as youtube's. We shouldn't single out fanboys of systems, we should group them as one and unite as gamers. We must also recognise the difference between a fan and fanboy.

absolutecarnage3070d ago

The only thing i find funny is that ps3 fanboys say that the ps3 has more mature people on it then the 360

But when i'm reading xbox360 articles they sure don't look mature to me, just by reading there comments

Just Calling it hows i see it

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Natsu X FairyTail3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

You're obviously talking BS. I've played Alan Wake on my new Xbox360 elite and dint get any heavy noise. My xboxelite is 1month old.

So how have you been experiencing any Noise on a New Slim Xbox? Unless you play Alan Wake with the SOUND OFF and concetrate on the noise the xbox is making i dont even see how u noticed the noise.

Perjoss3070d ago

maybe he's playing it without installing first, not installing a game when you have a large drive is crazy as installing both reduces noise levels to 'whisper quiet' and extends the life of your drive.

rroded3070d ago ShowReplies(3)
BreakNeckSpeed3070d ago

Major Fail.

You have not played Alan Wake. Stop spreading complete lies. I played Alan Wake over a 2 day period on my MW2 250gb 360 with NO Noise issues.

You are such a freaking Bullshitter. Its unbelievable.

butterfinger3070d ago

Alan Wake on the new 360, s8anicslayer? I highly doubt it. I've played the game on my 360 "Slim" and didn't notice any noise at all.

oohWii3070d ago

Don't be such a troll, I am on ep 4 of alan wake and the 360S is pretty quite. You people with your Bullsh!t adjectives.

Sounds like a jet engine...Really?

"Sounds like a hedghog is caught inside....Utter BULLSHIT!"

dragunrising3070d ago

You must have a bad unit. In my experience the Xbox 360 Slim is the quietest device of the major three consoles. It's almost disconcerting how quiet the device is in comparison to the original. Installing titles makes the device completely quiet. I purchased my unit 2 days ago and couldn't be happier. My 40 GB PS3(upgraded to 80 GB) was undoubtedly quieter until recently although the Slim could present a challenge if I decide to upgrade. Gamestop has a $200 PS3 trade in deal for original and slim PS3's currently fyi. :-) My Wii is by far the loudest of the three. Its noise is compounded by the fact that the drive is broken. The drive spins even when I'm not currently playing a disc based game and is so loud its almost unbearable...I should probably send it in to Nintendo... :-P Off topic: Anyone else have an older Wii with a faulty (worn down) disc drive? Also does Nintendo fix broken Wii's at a reasonable price?

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MariaHelFutura3070d ago

I`m more interested in if it`s fire proof.

Spenok3070d ago

Lol apparently the PS3 is fireproof. Or at least the fat model is. I had a regular customer who always shopped at my store. And his house caught on fire on day along will most of his stuff. They did manage to put out the fire before everything was completely ruined. Anyways he brings in the PS3 which is a melted mess and to my complete amazement it still worked. It still turned on, read games, and worked fine. I was completely baffled.

CptFlashHeart3070d ago

And I cannot f***in wait to have a quiet console!

Neko_Mega3070d ago

Count hear anything from both of them, it makes more sound when it is in use.

Kind of the reason why they added install.

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