PlayStation Move: Video Interview with Richard Marks (

PlayStation Move: Video Interview with Richard Marks

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jerethdagryphon3043d ago

good interview and the 7 device limit
refers to devices hooked in by bluetooth fyi

so 3 full players 3 wands 3 nav 1 usb eye

ChozenWoan3043d ago

a living Legend of Gaming History.

Patrick3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

They actually asked questions that mattered, like "Why no analog stick on the move? ...and I am ok with the answer. Makes sense. I am very impressed and cant wait to buy a full set for my family on day one. Gonna be great fun.
His 3 move on 3 navs answer surprised me. I thought it was 2 on 2. I am sure most games will only do 2 on 2 or 4 total people but its cool to see that it could possible do more maybe in the future (you never know)

raztad3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )


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