Big Monster Hunter new features and Famitsu's Magazine Scans

Famitsu promised a big look at Monster Hunter Portable 3rd this week, and it delivered in a big way, with over 14 pages of content.

Taking up a good amount of space is a look at what's new with the game's weapons. I'm not much of a Monster Hunter player, but here's a rough translation of Game Jouhou's summary:

Sword and Shield
Has a "back knuckle" move, where you attack with your shield. Can also steal stamina.

Dual Sword
Has some sort of move called Kijin Kyouka.

Long Sword
The breadth of attack when charging has been improved.

Great Sword
You can now attack while stepping.

Slash Axe
Has poison effects.

Can steal stamina.

Hunting Horn
As you attack, you store musical notes. Once you've stored enough, you can perform a musical piece for special attack effects.

You can dash forward while guarding.

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George Sears3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Glad they brought back the weapons that they canned in Tri. Hopefully, Rajang will be back in all Super Saiyan glory. (Fav monster, fav armor)

Bloodshedder3018d ago

OMG, i want thissssssss thanks FAMITSU.

i love MH

pspgweber3018d ago

I like MH, but not a fan of them.