New Final Fantasy XIV gameplay videos come out of the beta

Scrawl: "After the start of the Final Fantasy XIV beta this past Saturday, we got a nice glimpse at the game’s new visuals through a selection of screenshots released yesterday. Today, after scavenging the net, we’ve brought you a batch of gameplay videos from the beta."

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Red53070d ago

Is it just me or does this kinda look...boring?

Menech3070d ago

It's an MMO of course it's going to lose some pace on console games.... An to me that looks bloody tight.

Ama be so addicted to this game come September, I wanted to play it on my PS3 but can't want to March for that :/

Noctis Aftermath3070d ago

I have 3 problems with the game after watching some of those videos.

1) the camera follows the mob you are targetting (i found it extremely annoying)

2) the noise the game makes when you select moves(i think that's what it was indicating)

3) why were the casters standing around and only casting occasionally? do they have stupidly long cooldowns or were they just being lazy?

Bleh, anyway until the game lets you have a few alts that don't require you to pay additional monthly fees i am going to skip this entirely, was really looking forward to it too.

Arnon3069d ago

1. That's locking on to the enemy. You can unlock the camera from my understanding, just like in FFXI.

2. You can turn any sound effects off.

3. The Final Fantasy MMO franchise is not a spamfest like WoW. Casting either will take a certain amount of MP or stamina, or both or a cooldown.

Reibooi3069d ago


Why would you want to be using a Alt anyway? The game lets you do every single job on a single character you just switch. That's why they make you pay for a new character because it's either for another person or it's being bought just to store items(which they have added NPC's you can get for a dollar that hold more stuff for you)

NastyLeftHook3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

looks great

kaz3503069d ago

Most likely because its low level gameplay, im sure you get cooler moves as you level.

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KingNintendoFanboy3070d ago

I still can't believe this is happening. Ugh.

Sagetech3070d ago

Still cant believe what is happening?

oldjadedgamer3070d ago

Never really played a MMO, and I don't have a computer that could play one.

Is it worth getting on a console? I love RPGs, is FFIX similiar to a normal FF game?

Esena3069d ago

I think you mean XI and no it isnt similar to a normal FF game. It is an MMO that takes much more patience than a WOW type MMO. It focuses much more on team play in order to level.

RosoTron363069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

The RPG stays true to the FF name. Keyboard is a must for any MMOs though, so you'll need that for sure. And approach any MMO with caution as it WILL take over MOST if not ALL your free time. Good news about MMOs is that you save more money because you tend to buy fewer games depending on your commitment to it. The monthly fees are cheap if you realize the amount you actual spend on games throughout the years and the fact that MMOs are pretty much never-ending lol, you definitely get more for your buck.

My opinion of course, I played FFXI for about 3 years in a 4 year span. Hard part about it is taking breaks and/or quitting. More often than not you'll find your way back into it on and off. Very worth it though. FFXI was a memorable experience as any other MMOs I'm guessing.

Edit: @4.1 yes you are definitely right, Do not take FF MMOs lightly as it is definitely geared toward the hardcore. WOW is childsplay compared to FFXI.

oldjadedgamer3069d ago

Yeah, I meant XI. So I'm going to my senior year of collage with alot going on, so I shouldn't look at getting FF14 when it comes out? Time is not going to be something I have a lot of.

I've had 13 for months and I still am only 30 hours in. I actually like the game, I just can't muster up the time to beat it. I've played maybe 3 hours of games in the past couple of weeks.

RosoTron363069d ago

Well from what I've read, FF14 is committed towards both the casual and the hardcore. So you can definitely give it a try. I'll definitely give it a try and I'm more of a casual player nowadays. It's definitely more solo friendly than the early years of FFXI. And I advise anyone I speak to, to give FF14 a try especially if they didn't get to play FFXI. The experience is amazing! The story is top-notch and 14 is definitely a huge leap in the graphics department. The only main reason I tell people to try FFXI and give FFXIV a look is because the environment/landscapes are superb and man the music are so brilliant! One of the best soundtrack to a video game. Hell I just found out they're actually doing a symphony concert here in my area <San Diego> as part of their world tour <and hell no I'm not going>. That right there proves the effort put into making these MMOs. Unbelievable soundtrack. :D


Disregard college, acquire Final Fantasy.

Arnon3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Buying this on a console?... eh.

I owned FFXI for the PS2 before any other platform. I played it a LOT, but once I bought the PC version, I never turned on the console to play FFXI again. It's just easier and more efficient on the PC. Also, there's great third-party support and it's going to look a lot better.

With this being said, later down the road, I will purchase this again for the PS3 and maybe even the 360 when it comes out for friends to enjoy and play with me at my place. However, I will always stick to the PC version of the FFXI MMO franchise. Also, compared to the PC version, I disconnected a LOT from the PS2 version. Then again, that adapter that was required was a pretty big piece of sh*t.

[email protected]:

Meeting people on an MMO (especially one that is heavy with community interaction such as FFXI) is pretty easy.

RosoTron363069d ago

Windower FTW :Þ

@ Below, FF does cross platform server well. You'll meet many many people and become friends with people from all over. You may even become friends with a few JP players here and there, probably later than sooner though as they tend to stay within their pack at first <as it is a competition on who can find new secrets/weapons asap>.

oldjadedgamer3069d ago

A question to another point brought up, I am guessing that I will have no other friends that will own this game.

Is that a big deal? Or is it pretty easy to meet people through the game.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, MMO n00b here.

blasian3069d ago

FF games are about PVE so you will party up with alot of people through out your adventure. Ive gotten about 3 or 4 friends ive met in FFXI who i still chat with today over the phone and we all plan on joining for FFXIV.

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HumanStark3070d ago

It took six years to put FFXIII out. They announced this like a year ago and it is scheduled for a September release. Someone needs to either give the FFXIV team a raise or give the other team a pink slip.

InfamousHero3069d ago

They had to make the Xbox 360 version also for FFXIII.

Celeras3069d ago

It's an MMO. They announced it last year after 4 years of development. Google Project Rapture.

Troll-without-Bridge3069d ago

FFXIII took 3 years to be completed on the ps3. You don't count the 2 years they were developing it for the ps2.

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