Could this be KINECT's Killer App this Fall?

There's no denying Nintendo has been phenomenally successful with the Wii. A large part of this is attributed to the simple yet addictive aspects of Wii Sports. A pick up and play game comprised of 5 Sports related activities. I can't speak for everyone but one game in that mix gets far more play time than the others. That game is Wii Sports Bowling. RARE has made it their mission to one up Nintendo in almost every regard using the power of Kinect.

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TheTeam063018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Nice hit-attracting headline. You could've just told us.

Basically, it's just the Kinect version of Wii Bowling or High Velocity Bowling.

@below - You edited your original statement so I'm updating mine. It's apparently 1:1. I can see it being better than Wii, but Move does 1:1 as well and has rumble. Bowling is not a killer app just because it is more precise than the Wii's version. It needs games that can make Kinect something more than just Eye games. This game bundled with Kinect is $200 without the console, making it a $400 purchase at the very least. People need something more than Wii Bowling to pay double.

hardknock3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

It's actually far more advanced than those games. This is the one game I feel will be a hit across all demographics. Check out the video.

Fishy Fingers3018d ago

What bowling? Yeah I can see all the COD, Halo and Mass Effect gamers dropping their pads and running to the nearest shop now.

hardknock3018d ago

@Fishy Fingers
Not saying this is a killer app for hardcore gamers. Can you not see your mom, brother, cousin, grandparents having a blast with something like this?

Fishy Fingers3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

So by "across all demographics", you dont actually mean, across all demographics.

And yeah I can see them playing it, but they've probably already got a Wii if this is their bag.

hardknock3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

@Fishy Fingers
I'm as hardcore as they come and the game was a blast. For whatever that's worth. When I said demographics I was referencing Age, Race, Gender, etc.

Montrealien3018d ago

Well, bowling seemed to work well for the Wii, so why not?

Harknock is not being aggressive here, why so edgy and arguing semantics Fishy?

Fishy Fingers3018d ago

How am I being edgy? On a gaming site in a thread about a game is it wrong to take "demographics" as referring to gaming demographics?

I'm not suggesting it isnt fun, or wont be successful, but it's hardly the killer app thats going to make you drop £100 and if it were, you've probably already jumped on the Wii by now.

I didnt think I was being off towards hardknock, if I came off that way, my bad.

Christopher3018d ago

If it is, that's really sad...

kneon3018d ago

It's actually less advanced. everyone who's tried it (except this one article) says it can't detect twisting of the wrist so you can't put a spin on the ball. I can do that in high velocity bowling

scott1823018d ago

How on earth is this more advanced then wii sports bowling?

On the wii you can add any kind of spin you want, I don't see that in the video.

How does the game know you're releasing the ball? It just automatically does it for you?

As far as realistic bowling is concerned, wii bowling looks like the way to go still, unless you want this extreme casual version!

This is crazy man, this game just doesn't look good at all.

IHateYouFanboys3018d ago

@Fishy Fingers: "What bowling? Yeah I can see all the COD, Halo and Mass Effect gamers dropping their pads and running to the nearest shop now."

way to miss the point.

Kinect is NOT going after the COD, Halo and Mass Effect crowd - the Xbox already HAS that crowd, it doesnt need to attract them.

Kinect is going after the people that bought the wii, want to buy the wii, and dont have/want a PS3/360 in general. Kinect is all about EXPANDING the 360s market share, not keeping its existing market share happy.

Kerrby3017d ago

Wow it looks so damn laggy.

adamx3017d ago

get off microsoft's nuts

Conloles3017d ago

This is Kinect's 'killer' app

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Microsoft Xbox 3603018d ago

Kinnect can't detect accurate movements of the hand. I doubt this bowling game will take any skill at all. Wii Sports bowling is indeed more advance than this.

Montrealien3018d ago

have you, or any of the people agreeing with you tried it?

From the previews I have read from the people who played it, it seems to have pretty decent control.

Bigpappy3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

When did you get you hands-on play with kinect? You guys are great. Don't even need to touch it and you can tell all about Kinect and how bad it plays. I am impressed.

Every rumor you read on the internet is now a Kinect specification: Can't sit, can see fingers, can't detect rist, ... I could have sworn I read atlease twice, including this article, that you can put spin on the ball.

If you really to know what it can do, head over to Macy's then come back and post your hands-on

Ju3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Some people have. And they have even written about it. Like here:

You will be up for a surprise. BTW: Bowling was there before. High Velocity already supports motion controls on the PS3 w/ sixaxis (and works quite well), but I have to admit, Wii Bowling is more fun.

If you want something more accurate, take a look at this:

(Sorry, only PS3 link - haven't found any 360 vids). It's coming for Kinect as well:

hybridtheory123018d ago

People say the same thing about Move. "Its a Wii HD" has ANYONE played the wii HD??

Imperator3018d ago

The fact is that Kinect is far more limited and even inferior than the Wii's Motion controls, and much, much worse than Move.

Inside_out3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Kinect itself is the killer app. There are many great Kinect games coming's a few...

Kinect Dance central: Watch at :38 when Kinect maps the dancers moves...impressive...Killer app anyone. The far right corner of the screen shows your moves and the big square pictures grade your performance. A great list of modern music is shipping with this thanx to MTV.

Ubi-softs your shape is " shaping " up to be a killer app as well. Watch how Kinect scans her body. The program also recommends a fitness regiment based on body style. It offers Yoga, boxing, martial arts and aerobic exercises. The Wii Fit has sold 10+++ million...hmmm...

Kinectanimals, Kinect sports and Kinectadventures will be available at launch. I wonder if any kids would want to play these games.

Here's the Star Wars game from Lucas arts...releasing in 2011 tho...

For fans of space combat, I guess this title releasing in 7 weeks will have to do...

BTW...Sony is burning the midnight oil beating it's developers and engineers with wips to come up with a similar device ( entire 3D mapping ) to play the Kinect games as well. Can't wait for the Fanboy spin when that happens...Pew,pew indeed.

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R2D23018d ago

I really hope they price this at $99.99 with the sport bundle included.

Bigpappy3018d ago

I see you guys qouting prices and doing the Math with no official price.

On topic. I have seen several "killer apps" already for Kinect, and I will list them: kinect sports (Bowling, boxing, hurdle racing,...); Dance central; Motion Sports (Skiing (Love this), Football trainer, volley ball,...); Kinectamals (big with little girls); Your fitness trainer (huge with moms and fitness crowd). I am sure there are others.

Not having a controller in your hands for these game turn out to be a really big deal for mass appeal for the games. It also make the games unique to the 360 which works out great for M$ to use as a tool to fight against the Wii's big lead. And, yes. I do expect Kinect to hurt the wii.

TheTeam063018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

You really think those are killer apps?

Not having the controller in your hand doesn't make it cooler for sports games. They don't even make them more immersive. It's all motion either way. The difference with Kinect is that there's no rumble feedback involved, which was considered a gripe with the SIXAXIS, although somehow it's okay now.

If people really think the controller was an obstacle, it really makes me wonder why you think the Wii sold so much when the EyeToy sold about 60mil less on a much cheaper console. People take casual consumers for idiots and - while they are a lot of the time - the fact that they buy extra Wiimotes, Nunchuckes, MotionPlus' and Wii Balance Boards like they're cheap strikes me as them not caring about the controller as being an obstacle. Instead, it looks as if they buy more of it.

If anything, the fact that there ISN'T a controller is enough to be considered an obstacle in itself. Dance games, sports games, EyePet/Nintendogs... it's all been done before and for much cheaper.

edhe3017d ago

On controllers...

See the Core are having issues understanding that the this isn't for them yet.

dcbronco3018d ago

Microsoft hasn't said it will be $150. And no one has said the games will be $60. Especially since most games of this type from MS have eliminated the $10 license fee in the past. Think Kameo. All we have seen is what retailers think. There is no reason to believe a bunch of mini-games will be premium priced while there is every reason to believe that MS can bundle Kinect with an Arcade and a game for $230. The current Arcade is $150 with two games and the cost of the 360 alone has to be close to $150 for MS. Bundling Kinect, a game(really a tech demo developed in-house)and an Arcade could be done for even money with no problem for $230 and maybe a little profit.

Boody-Bandit3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Please answer honestly.
Is there 1 hardcore gamer here that is excited for Kinect to launch?
Not sales, reviews, what it will or wont offer gaming, "but" actually looking forward to this product to launch fom MS for your own personal use. If so, please tell me why.

dcbronco3018d ago

I'll get it when they bring out some games I'm interested in. I do think it will be much better next generation. Once they build a console with Kinect in mind, it will become far more powerful. More power will allow for more accuracy and creativity.

edhe3017d ago

That's like asking fish eaters if they're interested in Bran.

It's not for the core .. yet.

Aside from Child of Eden.

Give it a year.

bennyace3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

That the gamers interested in Kinect don't spend their time commenting on N4G. It will probably sell well. Don't forget that there are other gamers than the 50 or so hardcore gamers or fanboys, depending, that are on N4G. It's like for the WII owners, you rarely see them commenting here but they do buy Wii stuff and WII games.

Don't think for a second that you're (hardcore gamers) the only gamers on the planet and casual gamers are a large part of gaming. As matter of fact casual gamers just play for fun. Which is what gaming is supposed to be. They don't count pixels, or don't complain about not liking the shadowing or textures or whathever makes you think you're a hardcore gamer. And don't you think Microsoft or Sony didn't realize that. Why do you think they would release such motion controllers after the massive succes of the WII. And I'm pretty sure that none of those controllers would've been released without the success of the WII.

And I can already here you say that Sony's move will have harcore games. If you have some honesty left, you know that the party games will be the bread and butter of the Move with the occasional hardcore game here and there. Same goes for Kinect. It's normal it's the targeted audience.

That's my opinion, I'm not saying that I hold the truth....We'll know in a few months.

lelo2play3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Lot of fanboys ranting about the lag the last couple of weeks with dubious articles and comments bashing Kinect... and i don't think it was that bad according to the video. Looks pretty accurate. Guess who's interested in Kinect, has to wait and try it when it comes out to pass judgment, instead of listening to stupid fanboys.

As for the game shown on the video... it's crap. Probably appeal to the casuals. Kinect is made for casual gamers, not hardcore gamers, so not surprised with the games presented.

gman_moose3017d ago

But the Wii already has THAT crowd. Why are they going to drop potentially $500 to play an HD version of something they can already play?

chazjamie3017d ago

wat u talking about. its hard core, remember it has achievements. and the hardcore crowd eats that shit up according to microsoft

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MaximusPrime3018d ago

that bowling going to be really wierd. i mean... how can you spin the ball?

GiggMan3018d ago

Thats what I was wondering. I thought I read (don't quote me) that natal can't track wrist movements.

acky13018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

It does look on the video that someone put spin on the ball (and that they meant it) but not sure if it was an accident on the games side.

For about £150 though I'd still rather just go to my local bowling alley with my mates and actually bowl....I've heard its pretty realistic!

Raoh3018d ago

doesnt seem like you can.. you see the ball when you grab it and hold it up, it disappears when you bring it back and the only motions outside of release is to push forward i guess for more momentum.

never thought i'd see a casual version of wii sports

Biggest3018d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Easy mode on bowling. Gotta love where this is heading.

HolyOrangeCows3018d ago

From what I've read, you have to swing your arm to give it a spin. Because Kinect doesn't detect wrist movement (And unlike Wii and Move, no controller to detect a spinning movement).

siyrobbo3018d ago

you have to scream 'LEFT ABIT' at the top of your voice

chazjamie3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

hahahahah. that was hilarious. cause thats what kinetic is supposed to do, apparently. imagine it gives u advice after the throw, u respond by telling it to fuck off. and then it apologises, like the bitch it is.

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TheHardware3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

yeah this is "killer" i can see the lines at store for this game...look out Kratos, watch yourself Master chief...its ....Bowling...yawn

also check out at 1.06 in the vid....lag shows his ugly head ...again, not 1.1

hardknock3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Yeah there was that one hiccup but for the most part it tracked you 1-to-1. Wherever you moved it tracked you almost flawlessly.

Montrealien3018d ago

I saw people lining up for Wii for nothing more then tennis and bowling, and it was not 1:1 at the time either. I bet when you saw the Wii 7 years ago you assumed it would be a failure also?

I am not saying Move or Kinect will have as huge an impact as the Wii did, but there are very decent attemps, each having their own little bells and whistles.

livewires3018d ago

Sorry for answering for soemone else but in my own experience when the wii first came out I got it day one as it was new innovative and looked amazingly fun after two weeks i dont think i played it for another good year near christmas. Now this far on maby its my age but Kinect has to bring more to the ball park to get a sale from me. It seems like a very good idea executed badly I think if another company tried it in a few years maby not for gaming like sony's ICU ( ICU is basically kinect but more advanced its not ready for gaming but is used by medics in sterile conditions and is accurate to 0.2mm.) Like Move even through its "less advanced" took what the Wii did and built apon it instead of going in a different tangent.

TheHardware3017d ago

was a fan of the wii, and though I never owned one... I workrd at toys r us times square at the time, and I saw the effect it had on non gamers...was I impressed? yes..did it sell great, yes, will kinect impress people ..yes...will it sell well...yes

then a half year later, 50-60% of its user base will get used to it and not support it core gamers that they will tack on just to say they havent forgotten about us...are the ones that will keep it alive.

OH and its still not killer ;P

Seijoru3018d ago

Lame, I was expecting some cool futuristic stuff or something.