Sony: 3D Makes Games More Accessible

Sony thinks 3D can help improve gaming experiences for inexperienced players and also give online gamers a competitive edge.

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GWAVE3016d ago

Well, then Sony and Nintendo agree on 3D. Now it's time for M$ to play catch-up (again).

But I don't see how $200 glasses and $1800+ TV screens is going to make gaming more accessible. More awesome? Sure. More impressive. Sure. More accessible? I thought we were trying to break the myth that only nerdy millionaires can afford the best that gaming has to offer.

That's why I put more hope in the 3DS.

evrfighter3016d ago

"Sony thinks 3D can help improve gaming experiences for inexperienced players and also give online gamers a competitive edge"

right I'll make sure and tell people that when I'm destroying them on my pc because of the insane FoV eyefinity gives me.

Theonetheonly3015d ago

like a wheelchair ramp helps the crippled.

what does that even mean?

your subconscious mind
"I cant even tell if what he said was mean."

"does he not like my ps3?"

"grab the pitchfork"

rockleex3015d ago

Lets hunt them witches!!

greenisgood3016d ago

"M$ to play catch-up" what place is sony again

NastyLeftHook3016d ago

sony is in 2nd place, 1st is wii, and 3rd is 360. i have a question for you, do you realize how much the ps3 is outselling the 360? like 22% more on average worldwide. and who even cares about what PLACE a console is in, sales mean nothing, if they did wii sports would be the greatest game this gen, i dont expect for you to reply to me, you just do hit n runs. anyway nice article.

stb3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

He obviously is talking about technology and how well sony planned the ps3 for the long run...

1 - Microsoft needs bluray or higher media capacity, playing catchup ugh ugh I'ean catch up there.

2 - A reliable console in both side, anti-piratery for good "playing BIG catch up there as well.

3 - And more importantly, Exclusives, games that define the console and not only multi-platform, btw first party... but that is far from Microsoft to ever catch up with.

Say again? guess your are basing your weak statement on numbers...on numbers...numbers...again...

Edit: Above...dude don't bring more numbers to the field, you are feeding them out! 7.7

Ps3 is not about numbers, if not high quality games, adding the bit up, the hacker raper.

Arnon3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

"sony is in 2nd place, 1st is wii, and 3rd is 360."

Uhh... no? From what I see in the official reports. The Wii is around 70 million, the 360 is around 40 million (not including any slim sales), and the PS3 is around 35 million. So honestly, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Montrealien3016d ago

I agree GWAVE, and I think $ony is on to something here. Wish I could get a 3Dtv, Killzone looks insane in 3D!

Independent_Charles3016d ago

'sony: 3d makes games more accessible...and destroyes your wallet'

Lex Luthor3016d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth GWAVE.
What a stupid comment from Sony.

Donny3016d ago

well said, the ps3 has been outselling the 360 now for years, and when 1 single month comes in where 360 outsells the ps3 (due to slim) the 360 fans go crazy. lol

dalibor3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

3D is not for everyone just like how motion gaming is not for everyone. But you can count me in for 3D gaming. Give me Silent Hill in 3D and a piss bucket also. You people who nag on 3D have to realize something, try it out first and than judge it. It is supposed to "enhance" gameplay after all. The price will eventually go down just like with all new tech that first becomes accessible. Now give me Mad Max 2/Lord of the Rings/Bruce Lee movies in 3D.

The Lazy One3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

how are they playing catch up? All three are researching 3D quite heavily. the only difference is microsoft doesn't think it will go main stream for gaming this generation, which is pretty reasonable. 3D gaming is a pretty significant investment. Not to say it won't be cool, but it's upwards of a thousand bucks just to play a one player game in 3D on a relatively small TV.

edit: GWave you'd probably say M$ is playing catch up in operating systems if Sony started making those too.

RememberThe3573016d ago

Well, they are playing catch up to Apple and at least to look of the OS. They are trying to catching up in the phone market. In the console market they are trying to get he kind of success that Sony and Nintendo have already had.

I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with trying to catch up but you'd have to be blind to think that MS is not playing catch up on all fronts. I can't remember the last original thing they put to market and actually tried to sell.

The Lazy One3016d ago

in what way are they playing catch up in the OS market? Windows has 91% market share in OS's.

candystop3016d ago

Sony has officially lost touch.3d is cool and all but come on with this accessible talk. I guess they've given up on any hopes of catching Wii or 360.

Spydiggity3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I can't get people that are disinterested in games to look at the screen now, how on earth can i convince them to look only after i've forced them to wear a stupid lookin pair of glasses indoors?

not gonna happen, sony. nice try though.

and as for MS being the only one playing catch they certainly are trying to keep up...but only with nintendo. sony is right back there with them. grasping desperately at the bottom step of a rope ladder dangling from a moving helicopter that's on fire. and nintendo's comfortably laughing in the cockpit with the only parachute. riding this fad out to the last moment, then bailing just in time to be the only company that's safe by the end of the generation.

that metaphor got a little bit thick.

sikbeta3016d ago

3D FTW!!!

*Waiting for 3D Gran turismo 5 + KZ3D*

Spenok3016d ago

Yeah i was thinking pretty much the same thing. How is spending more money to get an extra (non-needed) feature going to make gameing more accessable? Lol, that being said i will be as early of an adopter as i can be.

IdleLeeSiuLung3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I doubt 3D is more accessible. If anything, it is less accessible.... People aren't used to watching 3D TV with glasses on that might make them nauseous.


There is no catchup.... It is letting the market mature before jumping into new technology that only benefits the select few with a big pocket book. Sony already tried that once with the PS3....

Theonetheonly3015d ago

like a wheelchair ramp helps the crippled.

what does that even mean?

your subconscious mind
"I cant even tell if what he said was mean."

"does he not like my ps3?"

"grab the pitchfork"

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Seijoru3016d ago

I love Sony but they are kinda pushing it now.

absolutecarnage3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Of course sony is going to say anything to get you to buy a 3D TV, Next their going to tell me that Women fine you more attractive if you own a 3d TV

dizzleK3016d ago

maybe i just don't get out enough but i'm pretty sure that i've never heard someone say "dammit, i'd love to get into gaming but inexpensive 2D televisions are just too darn limiting. i need to spend an absolute assload of money on a hobby i'm just getting into".

sony just can't stop with this idiotic hyperbole. 2 steps forward, one step back.

bjornbear3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

you make it seem as if they state that 2D gaming is absolutely inferior, when they simply state that 3D can HELP new gamers / in certain situations.

if anything, you are doing the hyperbole by taking their statement WAY out of context, exaggerating and being obnoxious about it for no reason other than the fact that Sony seems to have done something very traumatic to you when you were a child.

RememberThe3573016d ago

That still leaves one step forward :)

Tony-Red-Grave3016d ago

the earlier the push the better 3D isn't something that going to happen NOW like HDTV itll be cheaper and bring in revenue later on and when 3D drops in price to where consumers buy it everyone that looks back on now will look like well dumbshits not to mention sony will look like the god of 3D gaming since they brought it and backed it up its blu-ray vs HD-DVD again and we know who won.

btw 3D Blu-Ray FW update for ps3 later this year

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