PlayStation Move Demo Disc To Become A PSN Download

PlayStrum writes: "Earlier today, Sony went a bit in-depth with the official bundles for their PlayStation Move motion controller through a post on the PlayStation Blog. One bundle in particular (seen in the picture above) will be including the Sports Champions game for Move as well as a "Move Game demo disc". Those in the comments section were aware of this and, other than the lack of a special bundle for PlayStation Eye users, the other topic talked about a lot was the inclusion of the demo disc."

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MariaHelFutura4518d ago

Probably a good idea. If they didn`t who ever made that decision should be kicked in the nads.

TheTeam064518d ago

Yeah, I wonder what it has. Maybe it'll include some of their tech demos. haha

DORMIN4518d ago

Got to remember the time when Demo Discs were a rarity and a godsend.

These days we have demos for everything now. =P

gtamike4518d ago

Anyone know how much it will cost if it does? :P

Apotheosize4518d ago

i guess you could say it was a good business....move

RageAgainstTheMShine4518d ago

yes nice move. Sony touch move, no take back! :)

tiamat54518d ago

Good idea. Anyone who buys the Move without the demo disc can download it and try before they buy. Sony: always thinking about the gamers.

KillerPwned4518d ago

I cannot wait to get my hands on this!!!!!!!

Davoh4518d ago

Can't wait to have a try at all the demos =)

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The story is too old to be commented.