Apple Silently Recalling iPhone 4s?

Gizmodo writes: We've received only one report, so take it with a hill of salt: A Gizmodo reader claims that, after Apple replaced his iPhone 4, he couldn't reproduce the sharp loss of signal. He says that the hardware seems slightly different.

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ActionBastard3018d ago

Too little, too late. Droid X is calling...

NYPunkster3018d ago

Thanks for letting us know what phone you plan to buy don't forget to update us on when you decided to go from briefs to boxers. Thanx.

TheIneffableBob3018d ago

Did you see the Droid X "Tomorrow" teaser commercial?
Since when did Verizon get so good at commercials? It was awesome.

- Ghost of Sparta -3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

There's a new sheriff in town and it's called Android OS. iPhones are old news. Sorry Apple fanboys, but the HTC Evo 4G is the best phone on the market right now.

Christopher3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Yes... a 4.3" monstrosity of a phone. Even the new iPhone, which is larger than the old ones, isn't as big as that. And, the apps that it offers are all available on the iPhone already.

Love Google products, but the Droid X just isn't as good of a portable device as it could be. iPhone is still king because of everything it provides in a small form, but it sucks if you're in New York or California and are hoping to get good phone reception as well.

As far as the iPhone4 recalls? Haven't heard anything about this at all and I'm extremely happy with mine and have absolutely no problems with it. Of course, I live in the DC Metro area and have great reception. Otherwise, apps load faster, new OS offers some nicer features for e-mail and Web, and my apps still kick arse.

Menech3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Actually from purely gaming performance, which matters since the PSX emulator is around the corner.

The Samsung Galaxy S destroys both the EVO 4 and Droid X, The Droid X could give it a run for it's money but the EVO 4 with it's snapdragon processor doesn't have anything of Samsungs hummingbird chip.

Sure that ain't the EVO 4 but the HTC desire if anything has better specs then the HTC EVO 4.

Not to mention although the Samsung's screen is only 4inch which is still massive compared to an Iphone 4, it's colour depth and the technology the screen uses blows both HTC's and Motorola's screens out the water.

@above I agree the Droid X ain't really compacted enough for alot of people, But the Iphone 4 ain't king Samsungs galaxy S destroys it in every way possible.

It has a better screen sure the resolution is smaller but it beats it in every other way.

It's about the same size and dimensions even though it's screen is vastly bigger.

It's lighter then the Iphone, it's browser is better, it supports flash.

The only thing the Iphone wins on is the app store.

Christopher3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

That does look nice. The only problem is that in our area Sprint and T-Mobile are not good choices in cellphone providers. AT&T and Verizon are kind of the only options that work everywhere here, especially on the Metro and outlying regions.

I do love their UI and the presence of the Google Bar as part of it built in. As far as compared to the iPhone, the processor and screen are definitely better but everything else is the same. I think all smartphones must come with a 720p video recording capability, though. I've used it a ton already on my iPhone and I've only had it a week and it works better than my old DV-disc camcorder ever did :p

Quadrix3018d ago

Samsung's Galaxy line of smart phones looks more appealing to me, personally.

Misterhbk3017d ago

A droid phone is hacked, and has Cydia and Installous installed is when droid will look even remotely close to competing with my iPhone as far as I'm concerned. Granted I just got the iPhone 4 and the jailbreak has yet to be released. The day it is i'll be jailbreaking this baby and getting all those delicious apps for free. TomTom, NBA GamePass (or w/e that app is that lets you watch all nba games), a bajillion games and much much more. People may not agree, but a

jailbroken iPhone > Any Phone hands down.

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Newtype3018d ago

Just get a case, problem solved.

Brewski0073018d ago

Its true !!! A ninja with an apple logo on his mask tried sneaking into my room to steal mine!!. However I only own a 3GS. . . Once he checked it he apologised for the interruption and then told me not to download music for free as it makes his master angry and left in a puff of smoke.


Weird. I was trolling the PS3 yesterday and last night I saw a ninja outside my window staring at me for like 20 seconds then he disappeared.

Nasseh3018d ago

I imagine he must have been easy to spot though, right? Since he was probably all dressed in white? :P

Brewski0073018d ago

He had an app for that :)

Gago3018d ago

HTCs phone never have any problems like this

driod > iphone

SOAD3018d ago

Everyone says that now. And then one day the Droid will have a problem and people will start attacking.

I'm no fan of Apple but I observe these trends often. I think Apple makes solid hardware and software for the most part. The public irrationally hates successful companies. They want them to fail. One day Google will reach a greater level of success, and then people will want it to fail.

So, you guys go ahead with your Doid > Iphone. Next time it will be ??? > Droid.

BYE3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

The Droid is made of plastic, so of course they're no signal issues. Too bad plastic phones suck.

Have you tried the HTC Legend?

TheIneffableBob3018d ago

The Motorola Droid is made of metal. Get your facts straight.

Gago3018d ago

doesn't change the fact the HTC touch EVO 4 id the best smartphone ever made

Menech3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

At Gago the EVO 4G is completely destroyed in speed and screen tech by the Samsung Galaxy S try to keep up with current tech EVO 4G is yesterdays news.

Kingdom Come3018d ago

And it works fine, I've been a long time purchaser of he iPhones and they've never let me down...

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