DJ Hero 2 Artist List Revealed

So, you can't wait to get your Oakenfold or Moby on when DJ Hero 2 hits store shelves. Well, you can prepare yourself to mix it up since the entire list of artists coming to the music title has been released as of today for gamers to revel upon.

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T9X695124d ago (Edited 5124d ago )

Interesting.....Eminem...but no Jay-Z..

EDIT: I agree, but they really pushed the whole Eminem Jay-Z thing last year, plus their mixes was fun as hell. So I figured they would at least include Jay-Z somewhere, but I guess not.

Kinda worried though, they have people like New Boyz, Lady Gaga, Pussycat Dolls, I mean come on. They added Metallica though, that should be interesting. I really like how they did the Rap and Rock mixes last year as well.

kratos1235124d ago

yes yes yes
soulja boy is in there
now i can cranck that and tell em
first day buy
man and people say rapp is dead they clearlie never heard of soulja boy

CernaML5124d ago

No.... no! NOOOO!!!!!!!!

GiggMan5124d ago

Spunnups.... are you kidding?

Karl Marx5124d ago

GiggMan.... are YOU kidding?

Sheikh Yerbouti5124d ago (Edited 5124d ago )

Eminem has skills, but he's not Jay-Z. I know he's an easy draw for white kids, but his music isn't "mainstream" hip-hop for most. His lyrics are more akin to Marilyn Manson than Kool G Rap. As a result his music is often different...not something I'd care to have mixed in with other hip hop songs. Maybe for the batty boys who listen to trance and techno.

I'm old school...MC Serch > Eminem.

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MmaFanQc5124d ago

i was dying for more mix master mike and beastie boys stuff........dammit.

anyway.....i really enjoyed the first game so i guess i will also buy djhero2 too.

Sheikh Yerbouti5124d ago

Better than the first one, meh...

I want an exclusive hip hop album Kodick! No techno.

Ares84PS35124d ago

Just trance, house, techno.

That'll be much better.

Sheikh Yerbouti5124d ago

DLC for all ten of you. DJ'ing is hip hop not techno. Been that way for 35 years.

HydraxFFx5124d ago

Is it going to cost me monthly to play online?


I was hoping they included more European DJ's of Trance. Tiesto but no Armin Van Buuren =/.

iceman29295124d ago

Armand Van Helden

close enough right? :P

DarthBigE5124d ago

Deadmau5 ghost in stuff! yes! i can hear it in the trailer!

B_Rian895124d ago

you cansee him on the turntables to.
i wish Boys Noize & Bloody Beetroots were on it

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