Jumping the Shark: Metal Gear Solid 4

Video games are a medium filled with lousy stories, absurd scenarios and otherwise ridiculous plot points. That said, there are also some real gems out there. The sort that rise above the stupidity of their bretheren and prove that yes, gaming can be a real, honest-to-goodness medium for storytelling. Sadly, few can do this perfectly. Even in the best games there are those moments where you just have to sit back and wonder what they were thinking.

This week: Metal Gear Solid 4

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Darkstorn3016d ago

How is it jumping the shark to have a persona change for a sequel? I agree that Raiden's story is more than a little convoluted, but to criticize Kojima for making Raiden more to your liking in MGS4 just doesn't make sense.

SOAD3016d ago

That's exactly what "jumping the shark" is. When a character changes drastically either in appearance or personality, it is known as "jumping the shark."

MysticStrummer3016d ago

Jumping the shark has nothing to do with characters changing. It refers to crazy plots, such as the very plot to which "jumping the shark" refers. The Fonz literally jumped his motorcycle over a pool with sharks in it toward the end of the Happy Days series. This signaled the end of the series as far as many were concerned, and that's what the phrase refers to... a plot so ridiculous that it makes people not want to watch the show anymore. In that sense Raiden's transformation and everything that came after it were not "jumping the shark", because they didn't kill the series. Therefore... article fail.

SOAD3016d ago

I thought crazy plots were part of the "Nuking the Fridge" scenario.

Never mind, then.

ThatArtGuy3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Actually, the Fonz jumped over an area of water filled with sharks while on water skis (in a swimsuit and his leather jacket, no less). You can see it in the picture.

It was waaaaay more cheesy than just jumping a shark tank.

MysticStrummer3016d ago

[email protected]"Nuking the fridge" I'd never heard that one, but it fits perfectly. Funny stuff. Indy should have been dead several times before that even happened, and it's the start of the movie. I'm not sure I ever saw the Happy Days episode in question, but I used to hear the guy who came up with the Jump the Shark website on the Howard Stern show talking about when various TV shows jumped the shark. Maybe if Fonz had been on his bike it wouldn't have been so bad...? Ah well it was a bad show any damn way.

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stewie328873016d ago

It's not the personality change, it's the lengths they went to make him "cool."

Namely, the Arsenal Gear scene. It was atrocious.

George Sears3016d ago

Kojima did go a bit to overboard with Raiden. I guess he just took all those critic respose of his overall personailty in MGS2 and just made a steroid enduced Gray Fox wannabe out of him.

As for me, even if he was so emotional in MGS2, he still felt human. More human than Solid Snake since he has a I don't five a fuck personality compared to Raiden. Even the total opposite from Big Boss. He had lots of problems in his life which was understandable as to why he was who he was.

HowarthsNJ3016d ago

(the old Raiden) and his relationship with his wife was the same too.

sikbeta3016d ago

What do you expect Mr President?

Everyone was like WTH!? in a Massive Shock of not understanding why you suddenly stop playing with the Legend to end up saving the world with a disturbed boy with chromosomes issues, I didn't like Raiden of MGS4, too much of a ninja in steroids just to erase what he used to be, but it was far more enjoyable to see him that way...

Also, the final cut-scene of Riden story bring a more human/original Raiden kind of character with all the stuff Rosemary tells him...

corneliuscrust3016d ago

That due to his experiences and recent environment, Raiden wouldn't step up and behave the way he did in MGS4?

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