Why Alan Wake Needs a Sequel

Hardly anyone bought it, but we’re desperate for another chapter of this writer’s tale

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greenisgood3017d ago ShowReplies(6)
MariaHelFutura3017d ago

Alan Wake needed to be a PS3/PC exclusive so it could have been the game they "tech demo`d" a few years ago. It was still cool but it definitely was a downgrade, which was disappointing.

greenisgood3017d ago

psshh noo not even
ps3 and 360 is even in power.
gtfo troll

jjesso19933017d ago

pmsl uncharted 1-2 and killzone 2-3 god war 3 and wait for it 1080p 60fps GT5 ( 1080p gaming impossible on 360) is that what you call even ?

Cevapi883017d ago

there is no reason to blame the 360 for the sales of Alan look at other 360 exclusives and they are some of the best selling games this gen....what most forget is that Alan Wake has no MP...this is why i feel like the game has sold less than expected....360 gamers like their MP games...*looks at Halo, GeoW, CoD*

hybridtheory123016d ago

they are not Equal in power? someone is mad

cooperdnizzle3016d ago

Hahahah. Someone needs to get their eyes checked. You have got to be joking right? Or you're an xbox fanboy. I like my 360, but it is know where near the ps3 in visuals. Own all three next gen console.. So yea i am not a fanboy i just don't lie to my self

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MariaHelFutura3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

I don`t see any evidence of that.

I`d say it`s......


Prove me wrong....

TheTeam063017d ago

Don't worry about xboxalldayeveryday. He just made that account so he could have more bubbles to speak. He's been signing in to all his accounts and disagreeing with people all day.

Elven63017d ago

Where's your proof that it was the 360 that stopped the open world game from happening and not simply Remedy wanting to take a different approach to the title (which is what they have publicly stated, long before the game went 360 exclusive).

Also, you do realize there are very big and complex (on a technical level) open world games on both the Xbox 360 and PC...right?

dizzleK3016d ago

i've read a few articles that said they tried open world and it simply didn't fit in the context of what they wanted to accomplish with the story. only an utter fanboy can translate that to "derp derp 360 held it back".

it's gone from fanboyism on this site to outright mental illness. some people should seriously seek help.

Fishy Fingers3017d ago

A sequel would be good for everyone, those that enjoyed the first and also give Remedy a chance to get it to live up to the early promise/expectations.

Still hanging out for a PC version :(

Natsu X FairyTail3017d ago

Alan wake is still 69.99 at my local ebgame. I wont buy that. The game is too short. If they fix that on the 2nd IP then I'll be buying.

ClownBelt3017d ago

Dude Modern Warfare 1 is still 69.99 here in the nearest Best Buy...Go figure. lol

BX813017d ago

You hear this kid "The game is too short". Have you even played it. Alan Wake is not a game for children with A.D.D! You have to walk around enjoy what was created. Try finding all the secrets or all the achievements. Not all games are meant to be played the same way. Just because you have a gun in your hand doesn't mean you should run from point A to point B just shooting! This game imo is going to be a classic over time.

cooperdnizzle3016d ago

What? Beat the game like 4 days ago and all it was, was running from point a to point be. And listing to crappy dialogue at the beginning of the chapter.. Tell me what else was in that game?

hikayu3016d ago

the game stretched way too much with the alone-in-a-dark-forest-shootin g bad guys . i love all the plot lines , the cinematic , the narrate , the pages u collect ( and u have to read it to apreciate it ) . but in between that is a long ass walk from place A to place B . it discouraging so much when point B is too DAM far away . i know it's to create an authentic feeling of a small town in the middle of nowhere , but it's no fun and by the 4th hour , the creepy feeling of the forest wear off and battling become a strain .
wat's up with the thermos . couldnt they have come up with something better ? something makes sense and give a deeper meaning to the game/story . they have an amazing team of writer , i dont believe that they couldnt come up with anything better . it felt like they added it last minute to encourage people walking around and slowing the pace of the game down . that way the game feel a bit longer than it actually is .
and the graphic , man . the cinematic looks amazing . the game looks at max good . the lighting effect looks awesome , but the details is just meh . uncover the shadow , you'll see how bland they are . games like BC2 , GTA 4 and RDR beat alan by a long shot .
and the ads , jesus ! it's everywhere . the ford sync ( by microsoft , understandable ) . energizer , verizon , lincoln cars ... etc . half a decade with one product , that's wat happen .
classic ? i beg to differ .

Game-ur3016d ago

I backed away from getting the game after I read it had a cliffhanger ending, I just can't handle indefinite suspense, I will get it if they bring closure with the DLC.

Inside_out3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Alan Wake is an incredible game. First and foremost the game IS selling well, just not Halo well. The game has sold 540,000 copies in 7 weeks. How is that a failure. Remedy is releasing a free dlc pack on July 27 to first time buyers. The people that are complaining haven't played AW and are CLUELESS to how fun the game is.

The game engine is one of the best this gen. Lets take a look...

The gameplay is terrific with incredible atmosphere and's a peak...

The story is great and will keep you on your toes. In this clip, it's the begging of chapter 4. Alan WAKEs up to see Dr Hartman standing in front of him trying to convince Alan it's all a dream. That the last 3 chapters didn't happen. Of course the doctor has a bandage on his nose where Alan punched him in a previous chapter. While searching the lodge, Alan listens to his wife Alice on the answering machine discuss his situation with the doctor. The story is so rich and deep, it's impossible to describe in one paragraph or ten for that matter...Pay attention to the begging of the clip for an update on what has happen so far.

Alan Wake is a classic game in may ways. I think they need a demo on XBL to show everyone that it's more than just a story but features great game play. Also, Remedy needs to incorporate a multi-player element of some kind. This game is a great candidate for a co-op campaign.

Here's the same clip that they showed last E3 on PC, except this is the 360 version. Yep, it looks that good.

I really hope M$ doesn't give up on Alan Wake. Not every game is gonna sell 10+ million. Artsy games like AW are different beasts and need to be approached that way. I hope they look at it as an investment.

For a small investment of $150 ( arcade ) or $300 ( 360 250GB ) you can play a game like AW. How much would it cost to by a PC capable of these graphics...exactly.

Seijoru3016d ago

Wake is average, in visuals and gameplay. Only thing I really liked was story and even then it wasn't too original.

cooperdnizzle3016d ago

Hahah. It was like one of the most repetitive games i have ever played. The game was udder crap. 4 Weapons, and you do the same thing through the hole game. No up grading except you get a bigger flash like. Waoo hold the phone that is the greatest thing ever. Game sucked end of story. "Its a lake no an ocean" Crap

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