Deadliest Warrior Avatar Gear

Ex: With the release of Deadliest Warrior:The Game today, Spike is letting players gear up their avatars as well. Check out the full price listing for all avatar gear and some screens.

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Queasy3202d ago

If you dress your avatar up with ninja AND pirate gear, will the universe explode?

Neco5123202d ago

The world as we know it could very well end tonight. Damn you pirates and ninjas

bgrundman3202d ago

That is the end of the world as we know it.

CrAppleton3202d ago

I like the fact that there are avatar achievements

greenisgood3202d ago

thats why i like xboxlive better.
it has better features and item.

Neco5123202d ago

I wouldn't say that this is the reason XBL is better, but it doesn't hurt

TheTeam063202d ago

You sure about that? Because PlayStation Home has had this gear for over a year now and they actually do things with it (plan parties and competitions).

Pick something else.

DaRockSays3202d ago

PSHome also sucks big floppy donkey d*ck

TheTeam063202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )


That's your reply?

.....Xbox Live must be looking strong right now.

You can disagree with me all you want. It won't make my post any less true. Home has had it for a very long time, whether it "sucks" or not (which definitely could also be said about these avatars).

BeaArthur3202d ago

It's the same type of stuff the PSN has for HOME, it's just displayed differently.

pauwus3202d ago

but is the game any good, that's the question?

AliTheBrit193201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I love games with Avatar Awards

My dude is currently kitted with the Samurai outfit :D

Bought this game today, at first I almost regretted it, but now I really love it, great fun

Got some friends coming over later in the week, its the kind of game that would be great to play.

Viking FTW.