Frogster Brings TERA to Europe

Frogster has announced they will be publishing Bluehole Studios' MMORPG TERA here in Europe. A new website has just gone live for European players and the game is expected to hit European shores next year. Andreas Weidenhaupt, CEO of Frogster Online Gaming added: “TERA will set completely new standards".

No subscription model for the game has been announced as yet, but so far the game has been well received and looks absolutely stunning, and with its dynamic real-time combat, offers something a little different from other MMOs on the market.

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Gun_Senshi3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Dear En Masse

Recently, it has been announced that the European Version of TERA is being Published by Frogster. The European community feels that this has been a horrible desision on your behalf, due to Frogsters Portfolio.

The European community would like you to reconsider this desicsion. Having Frogster as Publishers in Europe will also lead to loss of sales in their Region.

Issues of Frogster Publishing the game in Europe will have, but not limited to the following Issue:

-Censoring due to German Publishers
-More Censoring to push game to 13+
-Laggy Servers which Frogster Use
-Horrible if any Customer Support and Service
-Delayed Patches
-Lack of GMs which don't speak English
-Unsecure Company for Payment Transactions

To further show that choosing Frogster as Publishing Company, I urge you to look at how the announcement was posted on
As you can see, the company is already showing that it does not meet professional standards. We also urge you to try The Chronicles of Spellborn, by Frogster, to see that they are not fit to be publishers for any game.

Having Frogster as Publishing Company will lead TERA to do poorly in European Region, due to players will just skip the game knowing it will have poor support.

We would like you to reconsider having Frogster as Publishers in Europe. Please note that current Polls on Forums show that European Community is greater then NA Community.

European Community