Kinect 'has huge core potential' says Rare

Though the first wave of Kinect titles have demonstrated Microsoft’s new focus on the casual market, UK studio Rare insists there's huge 'core-gamer' potential for the device.

Nick Burton, Kinect development director at Rare, said the current catalogue of Kinect titles are demonstrably "just the first wave" – and the potential for the device is huge.

And when asked if a game like, for example, GoldenEye could work well with Kinect, Burton replied "there are so many possibilities for games like that."

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Ilikegames763070d ago

start showing some if they don't want to loose these core gamers.

hatchimatchi3069d ago

Ha, This coming from Rare, a developer who is a prime example of a company who fell from grace and hasn't made anything worth playing in years.

gypsygib3069d ago

The core doesn't like to be stuck on rails with the game controlling everything - the core needs to be in control.

Smootherkuzz3069d ago

Kinect is like when most console came on the market there was hardly any games at launch that people wanted it took time for third party to show the type of games that everyone wanted.Kinect is in the same boat,on every game review web page you are hearing of third parties with something coming-right now they are exploring the possiblities of what can be done and what can not.we have came along way from the early years of video gaming and this technology I didn't think I would ever see at this stage. My worry is not will there be game content, it is the fact that at some point your camera may be jacked by the government, police, or even your cable company etc. without you knowing because everything is internet and wireless based. can pictures of you and your love ones suddenly appear on the web or some place else?.maybe it has happened already or not but the possiblity is always there as this technology starts to progress and that makes me uneasy about using this stuff. feed back.