7 Greatest Finishing Moves in Gaming History

Beer + Videogames... Signing a finished painting. Throwing a baby shower. Having a cigarette after sex. Teabagging an alien corpse. These are just some of the many ways people celebrate their achievements - the final cherries we place upon the hot fudge sundae called life.

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GWAVE3205d ago

Cerebral Bore was sweet. I wish they brought back Turok in a not-stupid way. The concept of fighting against both enemy soldiers and hostile natural environments is cool.

redDevil873205d ago

Friendships in MK9 would be great fan service

ExplosionSauce3205d ago

They need Friendships along with Brutalities as well

asgharagha3205d ago

cant wait to see mk9 finishings they will be brutall but its so bad that game visualls are not so good

SuperStrokey11233205d ago

I always throught the pit was the best finishing move ever myself from MK

pauwus3205d ago

this is by far the best article i've ever read on n4g. I know it's a list, but it's well written, and bang on the money. God I loved mortal kombat.

Slient Knight 93205d ago

friendship in mk was great, hopefully its in the new mk game.

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