DC Universe Online VIP BETA Keys Inbound at Comic-Con 2010

DCUO Official Facebook Page: All attendees at the DC Universe Online: 'The Next Legend Is You' San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Panel at 3:30-4:30 in Room 5AB will be receiving a DCUO VIP Beta Key

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rebirthofcaos3108d ago

I hope they release a beta for psn+ subcribers, since im one of them.

Montrealien3108d ago

If they do, it would probably convince me to grab PSN plus, I am very excited about this game I really want to try it.

Brewski0073108d ago

I agree. i'd probably get psn + for this. I also think psn + members should get 1 month free or something.

BiggCMan3108d ago

its ps+ by the way guys, for playstation plus. but i agree, that would be great. i still need to get a subscription though man, gotta do it before august 3rd or i dont get that 3 months D:

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rebirthofcaos3108d ago

are you trying to say headsets? Idi*t

Pennywise3108d ago

He is trying to say something... I wish he could say it "more better"[sic]

AenthonyDa1nOnli3108d ago

funny thing is that xbox had there chance at having a superhero mmo... remember a lil game called marvel online and microsoft said NO! Can't be mad at sony for trying to open a new player base for console users... i am not a pc fan so i welcome this a hell of alot and we play cross platform against pc users as well

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