NowGamer Hands-On Preview: Kinect Adventures

NowGamer's hands-on preview of Kinect Adventures

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R2D23207d ago

Did MS hire the Pixar team to do this game?

ActionBastard3207d ago

Don't insult Pixar dude. Especially off bullshots.

zootang3207d ago

No tactile experience = Fail


MicroSony4Life3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

You have to admit that it looks a little like a pixar game.

For some reason I keep thinking the Incredibles when I see that shot - it could be because its in the jungle.

Fishy Fingers3207d ago

I guess they need to come up with a new term, hands-on doesnt cut it here. Hands-off Preview:... maybe.

trounbyfire3207d ago

what the heck is going on

MicroSony4Life3207d ago

I posted the following this morning after I saw about 7 Kinect articles:

Dear Mods
Can you please try to have one day with out a Kinect article. If not then can you please restrict the number of Kinect articles to 5 per day.

Gamer #1.6

I guess the mods did not read my request : )

trounbyfire3207d ago

i don't mind seeing kinect stuff but god its to much. i felt the same way with KZ3 articles. way to many with nothing to say.

fastrez3206d ago

So people should stop reporting the news then? Because like it or not, Kinect is big news right now.

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