E4G: Alan Wake Interpretation

E4G: Alan Wake is a game that not only is fun to play, but fun to discuss. It is short, yes, but I have spent more time talking and discussing the meaning of this game more than I have played other games. It is not an easy story to wrap one’s mind around. There are plot twist, character developments, massive lore and homage to various pieces of work and people. But the story is different than that of, let’s say, Mass Effect. With Mass Effect, what you see is what you get. There is little to, almost, no room for interpretations and just plain guess work. With Alan Wake, the player has to decide what things mean.

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dkblackhawk503022d ago

I just love the story in this game :D

mmoracerules3022d ago

Yep, definitly had a great story.

dkblackhawk503022d ago

Yet people with agree but this game was not meant for everyone.

jazzking20013022d ago

same here, thought it was great

mmoracerules3022d ago

I loved the video series that they made for this game, Bright Falls I think it was called.

dkblackhawk503022d ago

Yep, it was Bright Falls. A great (short, sadly) video series.

mmoracerules3022d ago

Yay got it right for once lol, I am very forgetfull >.> great article/opinion peice by the way.

wiggles3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

What is your opinion on Alan Wake's dream in the beginning when he is being chased in Chapter 1?

Edit: Damn lol you used all of your bubbles....

Fail! =P