Metacritic: Friend or Foe?

Review aggregation site Metacritic is a source of some contention in the video game world. What is it about a game's "Metascore" - an average score calculated from the combined opinions of the gaming press - that has reviewers up in arms and publisher big wigs huddled in meeting rooms for days at a time? For one thing, some reviewers object to their hard work being simplified to a number using an equation that they have no say over.

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darkcharizard3070d ago

Sometimes: Foe (example 1up's A/A+ is not 100/100)

joeyda3070d ago

Right. The notion that all grading scales can be slid to fit that of a % system is a little absurd. For some the transition is natural, others (like 1UP) can be problematic.

Aggregation is good in spirit. It provides a quick take of a generally trusted body of writers. My issue with Metacritic is based on the fact that the fate of games and the people behind them is typically derived from how well X or Y did on Metacritic.

piroh3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

for example: PS3 games are taken strictly for PS3 reviewers, in the other hand Wii reviewers have Wii standards. do you think Super Mario Galaxy for PS3 would score 98%? PS3 reviewer would say: "4.5 GB game on PS3 with SD resolution - 7/10"

metascore is quite important but you must take all the facts

hardcorez3070d ago

Foe, only because of all the lazy "reviewers" out there.

piroh3070d ago

Edge and Destructoid should be banned from Metacritic and Gamerankings

Groove3070d ago

One of the sad truths is that Metacritic is used as a metric for high level executives who have the power to green light projects but don't have the time to read anything but the executive summary of a post-release report.

For consumers, Metacritic is super helpful. However, the frustration of the gaming press is that the words and score can get misrepresented.

crunchychocobo3070d ago

I don't like number based scores, because sometimes the score doesn't always reflect well what the review itself says. And honestly, should an average of scores be used to determine how good a game is overall? A review is just one person's opinion, and plenty of reviewers will disagree how great a game is. This is where the actual writing in the review is the most important factor.

JeffGrubb3070d ago

... could be easily fixed if Metacritic simply asked the editors for all the scores what they think their scores should equal on a 100 point scale and entered that into their formula.

Metacritic should also maintain the original score when they present it from a website, and not change an A to a number or 4 stars out of 5 to a number. That confuses people and then they get yelled at for giving a game an 87, when they did no such thing.

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