Rare hints at hardcore Kinect titles

Rare's Nick Burton, Kinect Development Director, has said the studio believes there is a lot to get excited about regarding Kinect and there is a future for hardcore games on the platform.

Asked by during a keynote at the Develop Conference this morning if the Microsoft owned studio would go back to making hardcore games for Xbox 360 and Kinect, Burton said: "For us, until you start on that product, it's difficult to say what we're going to do."

He added: "We got so excited about Kinect … What we're seeing with Kinect is just the first wave"

Pushed for an answer on the subject of hardcore gaming, Burton added: "There are so many possibilities for those kind of things, but I'm not going to tell you what they are!

"When you've got so many inputs, why would you not use those for any experience?"

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jay23019d ago

Oh come on, this isn't going to happen, you guys couldn't even give us a good BK game on 360, your punishment, you've been reduced to showing a rip-off of Wii Sports so far, if you were making a hard core game you should have either not shown off 360 sports and shown that, shown both, or shown nothing at all until your hard core/next game's ready to show.......

brazilianbumpincher3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

microsoft should buy good first party studios instead of investing in this crap,what would create the biggest stir in the history of gaming is if they used their bottomless pit and bought insomniac and sucker punch, n4g would be a warzone,whilst microsoft would finally be getting some good exclusives which doesnt bare the name...halo or gears

Blacktric3019d ago

What kind of hardcore games are we talking about? Are they going to be like Kinectimals hardcore? Or that Harmonix 360 exclusive dance game hardcore?

GWAVE3019d ago

Rare should focus on making good non-Kinect games before they go on boasting that they can make hardcore Kinect games. Rare hasn't released a solid game yet this generation, I'm sorry to say.

Cenobia3019d ago

I think it would be better if MS created their own studios rather than steal the ones that have been successful on the Playstation.

Y'know, because it'd be cool if they contributed to gaming rather than shuffle ownership around.

captain-obvious3019d ago

oh rare
you'll be always remembered as the best N64 developer

nothing more .... nothing less

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TheSadTruth3019d ago

RARE forgot how to make good video games about 10 years ago.

GiggMan3019d ago

I blame Nintendo.... Correction, leaving Nintendo.

morventhus3019d ago

I blame MS giving Rare to much freedom....
Cause thats what Rares been talking about ever since MS bought them...
RARE GOES ON AND ON about how much freedom they have now... and how nintendo used to be like MAKE THESE GAMES WE WANT THESE kinda games...

Baka-akaB3019d ago

they did not forget , they are just not the same people despite some misguided notion :

founders of the company ? Gone

-Fps team behind goldeneye and perfect dark ? long gone , they went on to do timesplitters , then haze , and are now at crytek

-plaform gods ? quite a few gone too

And i'm talking about key staff departure in 97 , then 2000 , then the founders in 2007 .

Besides licenses , Rare doesnt look in any way like old Rare , and while they obviously got new talent , they aint near the level .

R2D23019d ago

I think Rare still have some majic in them and I think Kinect is the break they have been waiting for.

Wizziokid3019d ago

I'm interested to see how a hardcore title will work with Kinect

acky13019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Would be quite interesting but I'm not sure they could really implement a hardcore game centered around kinect.

And it seems neither does Burton when pushed for an answer on the subject of hardcore gaming - "There are so many possibilities for those kind of things, but I'm not going to tell you what they are!"
Does noone else find that quote hilarious...especially if you imagine a clueless cartoon character saying it. Simpson scene sums it up nice:
"It's the candy of a thouasand uses",
"Yeh, like what?"
"Well for one, a delicious treat"
"Two, a hilarious substitute for your own lips.."
"Go on..."
"Ermm, oops i'm needed in the basement :/"

Edit: For anyone who disagrees that kinect could not be used as the main focus to a hardcore title, please reply back giving any examples of games which could, and would also surpass the current control schemes seen in games.

Alos883019d ago

Killer Instinct 3.
Make it happen!

Alos883019d ago

As long as the regular controller is an option and using Kinnect doesn't somehow make the game much easier I'm happy.

BeaArthur3019d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

Studio-YaMi3019d ago

Rare need to earn back my respect as a gamer after the fail that is nuts & bolts!

FragMnTagM3019d ago

It was very much Banjo Kazooie, but it had vehicles. The graphics looked great, the gameplay was good. What is so bad about the game?

Hitman07693019d ago

Yeah exactly "there are many possibilities... that we aren't going to tell you". I'm falling asleep reading this RARE. You just announced nothing.

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