NowGamer: Kinect Sports Preview

NowGamer: Hands-on. Is it all that Wii had hoped for?

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hardcorez3109d ago

Ummmmm. Kinect Sports is fail, just as this description is.

jimmins3109d ago

If you read the preview, you'd find that they agree with you totally.

R2D23109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

The Wii made a sport game and Sony and MS followed -if you told me back in 2008 that the Wii would be the trend setter, I would have called you mad.

Bigpappy3108d ago

He even stated that he was being bias because the game were not made with him in mind: "But, we must resign our argument as at least a little bias and probably skewed beyond sensible recognition. Because as far as we’re concerned, titles such as Kinect: Sports aren’t being developed with us in mind, so we’ll leave it there."

"Final Summary
Fun. If you like that sort of thing."

MrAwesome3109d ago

Just because its ugly it dosen't mean its original.

3109d ago
Dorfdad3109d ago

Guys I am 2x multi console owner meaning I have all three systems X2 (Yes I do!) so im not hating on any system however Kinect is looking more and more like its made for my grandmom...

While the graphics are better they have managed in this case to remove the fun from the game. Why on earth would a core player buy this crap?

Also about the SONY move time will tell it's an addon and I know how SONY supports add-ons they don't!

I still have the Eye toy bought day one but less than a handful of games were ever made for it. Move will have more but they don't support these things UNLESS it's built in!

I wish console makers would just build a damn box with a complete vision instead of half assing and changing directions mid console span..


HarryMonogenis3109d ago

"Our actions were simply not being mapped onto our athletic avatar; if you’re jogging, it ran, if you're jumping, it jumps, but waving your arms around or attempting to do anything creative with the Kinect technology will get you exactly nowhere."- I liked Now Gamer's honesty there.

Christopher3109d ago

Not sure that really matters. That's like complaining about kicks doing nothing in a boxing game, isn't it? The Hurdles game is all about running and jumping, nothing else. Why would it need to waste time tracking you waving your arms about?

NoBias3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I played Kinect Sports at E3 and I was actually shocked at how it mapped my movements (not EXACTLY on time obviously, but it did). If I waved my arms and clapped or jumped around pretending to warm up before the race started, my Avatar did those things.

That was one of the things I thought was pretty cool/fun.. Not sure why it didn't work for them (Though obviously Kinect or these games aren't finished yet).

**BTW - I played hurdles and it was hella fun because my buddy and I are both good runners and I'm telling you, the faster you run while playing actually translates. We had a few heated races! Am I sold on it? Meh, not sure. But I can't deny that we both had smiles on our faces after demoing a few of the Kinect games (River Rush, Bowling, Hurdles and some Racing Kart-ish game. And then there was this game where you were on a mine cart collecting coins... But that game wasn't responsive for s***).

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