Most annoying bugs in video games

Videogameszone is showing a collection of videos with some of the most annoying bugs in video games.

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lzim3205d ago

post your top 10

1. clipping, and collision of any kind or falling through the ground drives me up the wall
2. bad shadows or lack of important occlusion like in mouths and wheel wells
3. chatacters that can cast shadows on themselves
4. AI that ignores the player, or because of design AI characters that spawn in multiple locations
5. AI cars that don't know how to drive, or that don't have physics so you can even push them out of the way
6. invisible walls
7. crashes, for no reason on games without autosave
8. graphical corruption, bad cameras and
9. logic issues where design is such that stuff that should happen just doesn't, or stuff that makes no sense happens, example: characters that have certain animations but get interrupted and the behavior goes all apeshit.
10. AI that cheats. They are allowed to do stuff that that character isn't.

Blacktric3205d ago

My top ten

1- When I shoot someone in the head with my last bullet while in V.A.T.S. and it doesn't give any damage at all in Fallout 3.


GrieverSoul3205d ago

This bug:

The Midgar Serpent bug in Tomb Raider Underworld. I never check a faqs until I finish a game for the first time on my own! Never!!! EVER!!!

Until TRU! I caught this bug and it prevents you from continue the game. It doenst lower a bridge that you need to cross. I spent 8 hours across 7 days trying to figure it out a way to advance with no success. I rejected the idea of checkig a FAQ only to find out later that I were experiencing a glicht that prevent me to advance. I was so MAD!!

NecrumSlavery3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Lego Harry Potter has a game breaker glitch that keeps you stuck in a room with a dragon and makes the hogwarts areas unplayable. Fail

darkequitus3205d ago

Some of your list are not bugs but platform or engine limitations or design.
Invisible is one for design, A.I. cheats, bad shadows. Bad camera, Car A.I.

pixelsword3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

1. AI that ignores your AI buddies and goes straight for you. It feels like your allies conspired to cut a side-deal to wax your @$$ while the level was loading.

2. One-hit 100% kills with knives when you have things on like METAL ARMOR. Okay, it's not a bug, but it's dumb as all get-out. I can shoot someone in the head, but I have to do it like twice sometimes, but a knife to the shin is insta-death. Bite me.

3. Not so much falling through a world, but getting stuck somewhere where you look like you're falling, and then you die after so many seconds. You got invisible walls up for where I should be able to go, but not for that part where I shouldn't go? That ain't even a fail, that's like putting the soap on the ground in the showers of a maximum security prison.

4. Games that have vehicle "race times" and the control of the car sucks... like Red Faction: Guerrilla, GTA, or any game that seems to be a 3rd person running around in a city or several small towns.

5. My character has the ability to scale a building or fall from a builting, but for some reason a six-foot chain-link fence is F&#*$%G KRYPTONITE!

6. that every gun you pick-up from dead enemies that just shot at you are fully-reloaded

7. how allies say the same three things on every level when you do something (Rico: "whoa, headshot!" Me: [shoots rico])

8. when an ememy just stands there. I molest them and put a bullet in their head. Then I go to my room and cry for an hour.

9. bad lip-syncing; it reminds me of kung-fu movies from the, well, any decade when it's dubbed, I guess.

10. how the same three shots that wound you kills your enemy (Gears of War), or how your one hit doesn't do crap, but their single hit takes 1/4 of your energy. I'm still fighting Liquid Ocelot on Big Boss Extreme in MGS4, the monkey bastard.

11. I have an elegant reloading sequence for my gun, but for some reason I cannot open a door without bashing it down. You'd think they get the basics up first, eh?

12. having to eat in games, but not having to poop. If the deve didn't think anyone wanted to do one thing, why would you think I would want to do the other?

13. Batteries in games that last only five minutes, but no ability to loot a store for batteries or at least be able to buy some.

14. That's another thing: almost every character in every game has no bank account. WTF? half of the problem in games would be solvable if you could go to an ATM and pull out some cash instead of robbing people when you need cash.

Okay, stopping.

UP3205d ago

suckerpunch is fixing the chain link fence problem in 2

pixelsword3205d ago

That's good to know. I don't own the game yet, but I was piossed-off when I couldn't do anything on the demo (yes, piossed)

Buttons3205d ago

I have the normal Oblivion and Shivering Isles discs for PS3 and I encountered the vampire glitch where basically you can't complete the quest and are stuck as a vampire. The only way to fix this after playing Shivering Isles is to reinsert the normal Oblivion disc (and in the process lose all my Shivering Isles equipment without the ability to get it back). Got pissed.

Spenok3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Yea pretty much any one of those.

However invisible walls arent bugs...

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TheBuIIetSponge3205d ago

In every game I have ever played, I end up stuck inside of something or falling through the map.

DaReapa3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Freezing is by far the worst for me. Causes you to totally shut off your system. The others, albeit annoying, are tolerable to a degree compared to freezing.

BeaArthur3205d ago

I agree. The only thing worse than freezing is lag, but lag isn't really a bug.

kneon3205d ago

I know one that is even worse, how about game breaking bugs that prevent you from finishing the game.

The most recent I've encountered is in Lego Harry Potter. Yes I know most people on here won't play it but there is a room that leaves you trapped if you enter it. After that you can't get 100% completion because you can no longer visit any other part of Hogwarts

Baka-akaB3205d ago

I dont see how freezes and being stuck in a room no matter what , not the absolute worst .

There are gamebreaking bugs , but those two dont even allow you to play

Independent_Charles3205d ago

2) grainy shadows that do not look like shadows
3) poor frame rates
4) sound glitches
6) freezes
7) random disconetes
8) people who are able to glitch out of maps
9) poor Ai
10) fail to laod map

TheBuIIetSponge3205d ago

You forgot Gears of War 2 before 6 title updates, that should be # 1.

Independent_Charles3205d ago

lol thats why i put bad network coding at number 5

ECM0NEY3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I was going to say u just described Gears 2 lol and i still play that game every day.

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